Acupressure For High Blood Pressure

Suffering from high blood pressure has long been associated with old age. But recently, we’ve seen very young people who suffer from hypertension as well. There are several medications that can be taken to regulate high blood pressure. However, some of them have serious side effects.

Acupressure for high blood pressure is a potent way that can help you regulate your blood pressure and avoid the serious complications associated with this health condition. As a bonus, it has no side effects and takes a little time to master so you can always stay in great health.

What Are The Reasons For High Blood Pressure

The heart pumps the blood into your blood vessels. Hypertension happens when the heart works harder to push the blood powerfully. This is why it’s a dangerous condition as it puts a strain on the heart muscle.

Not dealing with this condition will have a negative impact on your arteries, kidneys, liver, and heart. Normal blood pressure reads 120/80. If it reads higher, then it’s either elevated or high.

There are so many reasons why people suffer from high blood pressure. Some of them are hereditary. This means that if both or one of your parents used to suffer from high blood pressure, you’re likely to experience it too. In this case, you might even start suffering from this condition at a younger age.

There are several reasons why high blood pressure is very common nowadays.

  • Smoking is one of the reasons why people suffer from high blood pressure. Smokers usually suffer from other health issues that affect their respiratory systems and quality of life.
  • Being obese or overweight is a reason why you might suffer from high blood pressure. Following an unhealthy lifestyle and eating fatty foods causes an increase in cholesterol levels and hypertension.
  • Eating too much salt in processed food causes water retention and increases your blood pressure.
  • Consuming too much alcohol will also make your blood pressure level rises above the normal level. Drinking more than one or two glasses per day puts you at risk.
  • Stress and anxiety are enough to increase your blood pressure beyond the normal range.
  • Suffering from chronic kidney disease means that your kidneys won’t be able to get rid of all the toxins. These toxins will accumulate in your body and increase your blood pressure.
  • As we grow older, we become more prone to suffering from hypertension.
  • Sleep apnea is a disorder which affects your breathing when you’re asleep. It also affects your blood pressure and makes it increase beyond the normal levels.
  • Glands disorders cause hypertension.

In spite of all these causes, 95% of hypertension cases have an unknown cause. Most people strongly believe that it’s a disease of the modern age due to everyday stress. This is called essential hypertension.

Most people suffer from hypertension in their 30s and 40s, although it’s common to suffer from this condition at a younger age. There are several ways to deal with hypertension and acupressure is definitely one of the best ones.

What Are The Risks of Hypertension?

Although acupressure has been practiced for a very long time by masters of alternative medicine, you can easily learn how to do it on your own to maintain your health. Using the right tool, you’ll be able to put your blood pressure under control and avoid the serious side effects that can harm your body organs in the long run.

High blood pressure is a silent killer because it can cause strokes. Ignoring this health condition will affect your quality of life and make you suffer from several health issues.

  • High blood pressure will affect your vision. It weakens the blood vessels in your eyes and can make your eyesight deteriorate over time.
  • Hypertension is the main cause of strokes. It damages the walls of the blood vessels in your brain so they might burst.
  • High blood pressure can also cause clots that will clog your bloodstream and deprive your body organs of oxygen and the needed nutrients.

For these reasons, you shouldn’t ignore this condition. Seeking professional help as soon as you experience any of the symptoms is necessary.

How Do I Know That I Suffer From High Blood Pressure?

Although some people suffer from hypertension for a very long period, it has some telltale signs. However, almost 30% of the patients don’t even know that they suffer from high blood pressure except then they start to suffer from very serious side effects.

If you suffer from one or some of the symptoms, you should try to pay more attention to what your body is trying to tell you. If the symptoms don’t resolve after you have a rest, then you should have your blood pressure measured so you can take adequate action. Regular medical checkups can help you detect any change before your condition gets worse.

Here are some signs that you should seek medical help.

  • Severe headache that persists for a long period.
  • Fatigue or mental confusion. If you suffer from brain fog or lack of mental clarity this might affect your performance at work or the quality of your decisions.
  • Vision problems are very common among people who suffer from hypertension. This can affect your driving, the way you work, and study. It also causes a lot of pain.
  • Chest pain is another condition that you might suffer from if you have high blood pressure. It will also affect your breathing and can make it quite difficult.
  • Feeling an annoying pounding is another symptom that you might suffer from if you have hypertension. If you feel the pounding in your eyes, ears or neck, it could be related to your unregulated blood pressure.
  • If your heart isn’t beating regularly, it’s time to have your blood pressure checked.

What Are The Side Effects of Hypertension Medications?

There are several medications that your doctor might prescribe if you’re suffering from high blood pressure. However, these medications might contradict with each other and can have serious effects on your health. Here are some of the side effects of these medications.

  • Dizziness is a very common side effect. If you always feel that you’re not that balanced, your medication might be the culprit.
  • Some hypertension medications will cause a cough that doesn’t go away. This cough can deprive you of sitting or sleeping comfortably.
  • Erection problems are common among people who take medications to treat high blood pressure. They will keep your blood pressure in check but will have a huge negative impact on your emotional and mental well-being.
  • Nausea or vomiting can be caused by some medications.
  • Fatigue, drowsiness, or feeling weak is probably caused by your high blood pressure medication.

What Are The Benefits of Acupressure For High Blood Pressure?

Acupressure is a common and potent practice that can help hypersensitive patients. It can be practiced alone or combined with medications to stabilize the situation and make you feel better.

Here are some of the benefits of practicing acupressure for blood pressure.

  • This practice gives patients more control over their health situation. They feel that they can make themselves feel better by using this potent technique.
  • Acupressure works in as little as 6 weeks to help restore your blood pressure levels to the normal range.
  • Acupressure isn’t painful. All you need is to find the right points and apply adequate pressure while massaging them.
  • This practice doesn’t cost much. Medications cost a lot more in the long run but this practice will help you lower your medical bills while keeping your body organs extremely healthy.
  • Acupressure helps decrease the level of norepinephrine in your blood. This hormone increases blood sugar levels as well.
  • It also decreases the level of renin released by your kidneys.
  • Acupressure doesn’t cause any of the side effects that you might suffer from if you take another medication.

Most Important Acupressure Points For High Blood Pressure

There are several trigger points in oriental medicine that can be massaged to regulate blood pressure. Here are some of them.

Gall Bladder 20

This point is also called the wind pool and is located at the back of your neck. While breathing deeply, you should apply medium but continuous pressure to help regulate your blood pressure.

Gall Bladder 34

You can find this point on the lateral side of your lower leg below the head of the fibula. It’s also called the Yang Hill Spring and will help your high blood pressure. It can also improve your shoulder pain and knee pain.

Governing Vessel 20

If you draw a line from ear to ear, you can find this point at the top of your head. Applying pressure will regulate your blood pressure, improve your memory, and eliminate depression.

Stomach 36

This is also called the Leg Three Miles point and is located below the kneecap. Applying firm pressure to this point helps blood pressure and general weakness. It can also be triggered to improve the symptoms of depression and insomnia.

Heart 7

Massaging this point will regulate your heartbeats, improve your high blood pressure, and eliminate the symptoms of insomnia and depression. It’s found on the wrist crease between the ulna and the pisiform bones.

Liver 3

This point is responsible for removing the blockage in your liver meridian. It’s found on the front of the foot between the big toe and the second one. In addition to lowering your blood pressure, this point also helps with fertility issues and relieves menstrual pain.

Kidney 1

You can find this point in the middle of the sole of the foot between your second and third toes. It’s directly related to several health problems including tinnitus, headaches, epilepsy, post-menopausal symptoms, and sleeping problems in addition to high blood pressure.

Large Intestine 11

Located in the elbow crease on the outside of the elbow, this point can be triggered to solve blood circulation issues, menstrual cramps, arm stiffness, tennis elbow, and several skin diseases.

Large Intestine 4

You can find this point in the webbing between your forefinger and thumb. In addition to regulating your blood pressure, it will also help toothache, eyesight issues, and menstrual pain. This point shouldn’t be stimulated by pregnant women.

Pericardium 6

Also known as the Inner Gate, this point improves the function of your circulatory system when massaged. It’s located about three fingers away from the wrist crease on the inner side of your forearm. It can also relieve anxiety, motion sickness, asthma, cough, and headaches.

The Best Tool For Acupressure For High Blood Pressure: Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions

With the help of the right tool, you can put your blood pressure under control. There are several tools that can help you lower your blood pressure and avoid serious side effects.

Some people choose the Aculief- Award-Winning Natural Headache and Tension Relief – Wearable Acupressure. This tool can be used to regulate your blood pressure but it has a few disadvantages.

  • It can’t be used to apply pressure to all the pressure points.
  • This can be worn on the hand, but can’t be used on the neck or other areas.
  • Even if you use it on your hands, it will be difficult to do your daily chores while wearing it.
  • It doesn’t allow you to regulate the amount of pressure applied to several points.

Other people also consider the Health And Yoga Trigger Point Pressure, Acupressure, Deep Tissue Massage Tool. Although it will help put your blood pressure in check, it’s not the best tool to lower your blood pressure because of the following reasons.
  • The tool is bulky and can’t be used to apply pressure to specific points.
  • Holding the tool while massaging the pressure points isn’t easy.
  • You might accidentally apply pressure to a wrong point.
  • You’ll need help to use this tool, unlike ear seeds.
  • It’s quite difficult to use the tool to apply pressure to all the trigger points that can fix your high blood pressure.

The best tool that you can use to fix your high blood pressure is the Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions. This kit is suitable for beginners and experienced users who suffer from hypertension because it’s very easy to use.

Auricular medicine is the newest trend in the alternative medicine universe. Many disorders, whether they’re related to your physical, emotional, and mental health, are believed to be treated through the manipulation of the external part of the ear. It was introduced to Europe in the late 20th century, by the French neurologist Paul Noiger, MD. Since then, it has been widely studied and researched as a new pathway to diagnose, relief, and cure diseases.

All you need is to find the trigger points, use the tweezers to pick a seed, and stick it where you need to. This kit is one of the best on the market because it comes with clear and useful instructions. They will help you overcome pain and discomfort that people usually experience when they suffer from hypertension without the side effects of the medications.

The Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions is designed to help you have more control over your health because you can target the pressure points every day and apply gentle massage until you feel better. Here are some of the benefits of this kit.

  • The kit comes with a free electronic copy of the book “The Beginner’s Guide to Auricular Therapy” (ISBN-13: 978-1520451398). It is a great starting point for beginners on auriculotherapy using ear seeds and it includes placement charts for 19 common conditions including quit smoking and obese which leads to high blood pressure.
  • The kit comes with 600 seeds so it’s an excellent value for the money. You can use it alone or with members of your family.
  • The size of the seed is small enough to target the specific acupressure point.
  • You can use the seed as guidance to massage trigger points.
  • The seed will stay stuck for a few days so you can do your acupressure sessions over a few days.
  • You won’t have to tilt your hand in weird angles to reach several pressure points.

Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seeds

For these reasons, the Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions is the smart solution that will help you control your blood pressure and help you overcome the annoying symptoms without the side effects of medications.

I have been wearing ear seeds for past two weeks for cravings and adrenal. Now my energy is quadrupled and I am 100% off of sugar. These acupressure points work. MAKE sure you clean your ear off with alcohol or witch hazel first. Add seed, press hard on clean dry skin. Also they will.stay on for over a week if you put satin first aid fabric tape over them to hold in place for serious issue support. They work best if you stimulate point by gently or firmly pressing seed repeatedly at least 3 x’s a day. Or when cravings present. Also have cut back on smoking by 60% with these techniques. I tried forever on my own to quit, could not do it until I started using the ear seeds everyday for several days. Not placebo. Also reduces my spine pain when it acts up.

By Roman A.


Suffering from blood pressure might not be easy to avoid. However, there are a lot of potent ways that can help you overcome the difficult symptoms.

Acupressure for high blood pressure is a fool-proof way that can help you get rid of this annoying problem and the associated risks. The Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions is the best tool that you can use to improve your symptoms and live a healthy life.

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