Acupressure Points For Knee Pain

Knee pain might be the result of an old injury or an extensive pressure on the ligaments. Using painkillers might alleviate the symptoms but the problem still persists. Acupressure points for knee pain target the painful points in your knee and eliminate the discomfort for good.

As we grow older, we’re likely to suffer from knee pain, especially if we work out hard, stand for a long time or go on long runs. After relaxing and resting the pain should resolve.

However, sometimes it doesn’t. Occasional knee pain can become prominent if it’s not addressed properly. Using the proper acupressure tool will help you get rid of this hindering pain so you can live your life comfortably.

What Causes Knee Pain?

Your knee pain might be caused by a few problems. Here are some of them.

  • An untreated injury to the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL might be the reason why you’re suffering from chronic pain. This is a common injury in athletes who play basketball and football, and suddenly change direction while playing.
  • A torn meniscus happens if you suddenly twist your knee. This is a tough piece of cartilage that absorbs the shocks while you’re moving and can get easily injured if you’re not careful.
  • The bursae are sacs filled with liquid that help the tendons and ligaments to move smoothly. If these sacs are inflamed, you’ll experience tremendous pain when you’re trying to move.
  • Tendinitis or inflammation of the tendons is one of the most common causes of knee pain. People who jump, run or go cycling usually suffer from this condition.
  • Iliotibial band syndrome is common in cyclists and runners when a band of tissue rubs against the femur causing lots of pain.
  • A dislocated or broken kneecap can occur if you go through a car accident or a powerful collision. This will cause mechanical problems and pain.
  • Arthritis is a painful condition that affects mobility and quality of life. It might come and go but will make your joints stiff and weak.

All these conditions are very common and will have a negative effect on your life. You might not be able to engage in as many activities as you want to. If you want to travel and explore, you’ll think a hundred times before taking this step.

This pain also has a negative effect on your emotional well-being. You’ll always feel too weak to move around. You’ll be deprived of participating in fun activities with friends and family. Does this sound familiar?

Painkillers might help you live with the pain. They will make your life easier. But depending on painkillers is not a healthy way to live.

These medications have an adverse effect on your kidneys and liver. They might also cause stomach pain and issues with digestion. Does this mean that you have to live with the pain forever?

Acupressure Points For Knee Pain

Masters of alternative medicine found ways to deal with chronic pain a long time ago. Without depending on painkillers and injections, you can enjoy a good quality of life and engage in fun activities with your friends and family.

Acupressure for knee pain works better and faster than lots of other treatments because it deals with the problem at the core. It also has no side effects like medications.

In the past, it was common to see old people suffering from knee pain. But nowadays, some teens also suffer from the same problem. There are a few reasons why knee pain is so common.

  • People rarely follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Most people don’t follow a healthy diet so they’re prone to weight gain. This puts extra pressure on the knees.
  • Athletes and those who practice sports regularly are also subject to knee pain if they’re not careful with their exercise regimen.

Acupressure for knee pain is a potent way to get rid of the pain. It’s simply done by massaging pressure points in the knee to relieve inflammation and swelling. Using the right technique and tool repeatedly will keep your knees in perfect health and will help you enjoy a pain-free life.

What Are the Acupressure Points for Knee Pain?

There are several acupressure points on the knees that can be tackled to relieve pain.

  • Shady Side of Mountain Point.
  • Sunny Side of Mountain Point.
  • Calf’s Nose Point.
  • Nourishing Valley Point.
  • Three Mile Point.
  • Crooked Spring Point.
  • Commanding Activity Point.
  • Commanding Middle Point.

All these points are located on both legs. In the next section, we’ll explain the position of each point and the benefits of applying pressure to this particular point.

Shady Side of Mountain Point

This is located on the inside of the knee, right above the shinbone. Massaging and applying pressure to this point can solve a lot of issues like edema, water retention, knee pain, leg pain, and varicose veins.

Sunny Side of Mountain Point

This pressure point can be found on the front side of the knee at the top of the shinbone. This is one of the most common pressure points as it can relieve extreme pain related to muscle tension and strain. Using acupressure seeds and applying pressure to this point a couple of minutes every day can help you move comfortably.

Calf’s Nose Point

This point can be found on the outer part and top of the knee cap. Applying pressure and massaging this point with the help of the seeds will help relieve tremendous knee pain and stiffness. It’s also very helpful for people who suffer from rheumatism.

Nourishing Valley Point

Unlike the previous points, this one is located on the backside of the knee cap, right at the inner corner of the knee crease. Acupressure techniques applied to this point will not only help with knee pain, but it will also help you overcome abdominal pain and several genital disorders.

Three Mile Point

This is a popular pressure point located a couple of inches below the kneecap. Repeated pressure can be applied to this point every day to tone the muscles of the whole body and help with chronic knee pain. The ear seed kit will help you do that.

Crooked Spring Point

If you suffer from knee swelling, then this is the point you should target. This point is located on the inside of the knee, where the crease ends when you bend your knee. Acupressure to this point helps to treat fibroids that affect mobility.

Commanding Activity Point

At the back of the kneecap and right at the center of the knee crease, you can find this point. Applying mild pressure and massaging this point is very potent at relieving knee stiffness and swelling.

Commanding Middle Point

This point is located near the commanding activity point at the back of the knee in the crease. Massaging these pressure points helps people who suffer from arthritis, sciatica, and back pain.

Alternative Solutions

Using special tools, you can apply pressure to massage pressure points in the knee. Doing so for a few minutes every day will help you overcome the pain. There are tools that some people use to apply acupressure.

An acupressure massager like the Jade Trigger Point Acupressure Gua Sha Massage Acupuncture Pen can be used to target the target points and relieve pain. However, it comes with a few disadvantages.

  • If you suffer from mobility problems, you won’t be able to reach the points at the back of the kneecap or in the middle of the crease.
  • Holding the pen for a long period of time isn’t easy whether you’re standing or sitting.
  • As you hold the pen, it might accidentally slip and you might place it at the wrong point.
  • You can’t hold or use this tool unless you’re home.

Another acupressure tool that some people consider is a massage tool like Dr. Berg’s Self Massage Tool. This can be used to massage several pressure points but it comes with several issues.
  • It’s difficult to target the exact pressure point when you’re suffering from pain.
  • Holding the tool and applying pressure isn’t as easy as it might slip.
  • This tool is quite expensive.

Auricular Medicine

Auricular medicine is the newest trend in alternative medicine universe. Many disorders, whether they’re related to your physical, emotional, and mental health, are believed to be treated through the manipulation of the external part of the ear. It was introduced to Europe in the late 20th century, by the French neurologist Paul Noiger, MD. Since then, it has been widely studied and researched as a new pathway to diagnose, relief, and cure diseases.

The most widely used and studied method, seed therapy, involves applying pressure on specific points on the ear using a hard or smooth pellet that contains an herb or a seed.

These seeds offer more therapeutic effects than acupuncture without the need for painful needles all the while being portable, invisible, and easy to use.

For this reason, choosing the Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions is the best thing you can do because it can help you alleviate knee pain by applying mild pressure to several points in your knees. Here are some advantages of using this ear seed kit.

  • It’s quite easy to use because you simply stick the seed where you need to.
  • The kit comes with a free electronic copy of the book “The Beginner’s Guide to Auricular Therapy” (ISBN-13: 978-1520451398). It is a great starting point for beginners on auriculotherapy using ear seeds and it includes placement charts for 19 common conditions including knee pain.
  • The seed remains stuck and won’t move so you can focus on applying pressure.
  • You can use the same seed for a few days to apply pressure on a daily basis.
  • Every seed is small so you can target the exact pressure point.
  • The seeds won’t cause any skin irritation.

I am SO happy with my purchase. Within the first day of the arrival I carefully placed a few on my ear for various ailments including my shoulder. I was blown away! The pain I’d experienced was gone. I traveled to visit family and used the product to help my sister and father. My sister was especially thankful with the pain relief she experienced from here severe tendinitis. I highly recommend this product.

From Karen Pedri


If you suffer from knee pain, you can use our Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions. It has no side effects unlike pain killers and will help you overcome your chronic knee pain fast.

The kit is easy to use and can be used for a few months so you can enjoy a pain-free life. Knee pain can be alleviated with acupressure if you’re using the right tools.