Acupuncture Points in Hand vs Ear

The ear is so much more than a hearing organ. It’s a sophisticated system of parts, which not only allows us to hear but also perform other body functions. In a nutshell, the hearing mechanism represents everything else that’s going on in our bodies.

Acupuncture masters understood the value of these precious points in the ear as well as in the hands and how they can be triggered to re-channel the energy flow in our bodies. By doing so, people can overcome chronic pain, promote well-being, and stimulate healing.

This is why using our Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit has been found to be so effective in treating nearly every condition. In fact, most people now prefer it to other types of acupuncture because it’s equally capable of addressing the health concerns that normal acupuncture helps with.

The only difference is that ear seeds don’t involve piercing your skin with tiny needles- an act that some patients are worried about. To better understand the significance of auricular therapy (using ear seeds for stimulation), we’ll compare it to hand acupuncture, and explain the specific conditions each treatment addresses.

Acupuncture and Acupressure Points in the Hand

Lung meridian

This is the section located towards the end of the palm, starting from the tip of the thumb all the way down to the area past the groove in the wrist.

Based on numerous research studies, massaging any region along this line aids in relieving symptoms linked to cold. This includes issues such as sneezing, chills and a sore throat.

Heart 7

This acupressure point is located on the wrist, on the outer part of a tiny bone that’s aligned with the little finger. Originally, this point was referred to as “Spirit Gate”. Massaging this point helps to prevent anxiety, depression, insomnia and heart disease.

Inner gate point

Unfortunately, this acupressure point is not located directly on the hand. Instead, you’ll have to rest your hand with your palm facing up.

Next, measure about an inch of a distance from your wrist. You can estimate this by placing three fingers from your wrist. This is where the inner gate point is located.

According to experts, massaging the inner gate point is good for relieving nausea and stomach pain. It’s also good for treating other digestive issues.

Hand valley point

This point is located between the first finger and the thumb. Practitioners allege that massaging the hand valley point aids in stress reduction as well as preventing migraines and pain in the shoulders and teeth.

Acupressure Points in the Ear

At the tip

The first pressure point is located at the tip, which is the uppermost section of the ear.

Massaging this area helps to treat any pain you feel on your back or shoulders. The reason for this is that pain usually spreads from these parts through nerve branches, which have a common central origin within the segments of the ear.

So when you massage this area using ear seeds, you’re able to relieve pain from your shoulders and back.

Below the tip

Placing our ear seeds below the tip of your ears helps to treat body aches. More specifically, this is the part where the bridge of the ear joins the external section.

Body aches, which can be caused by a variety of factors including flu and chronic fatigue, make it difficult to take part in any activity. Whether you’re trying to sleep at night or go for your usual morning run, these pains can be quite disruptive and irritating. Thankfully, they can also be cured using auricular therapy.

The ear seeds will help resolve any internal discomfort you’re experiencing. However, if the pain is too severe, you should consult your general physician.

The upper middle

Joints have nerve branches that end in the upper-middle part of the ear. So if you have any joint pains, this is the section you should focus your auriculotherapy treatment on.

And the good thing is that it doesn’t matter what’s causing your joint pain; be it a viral infection or chronic fatigue, you can treat it by applying pressure on the upper-middle region of your ear.

Eargate and Daith

If you’re experiencing headaches and migraines, there are two ear pressure points that you should focus the auricular therapy on: the eargate and daith. This is better than opting for pain-relieving medications that often cause severe side effects.

  • Eargate- this pressure point is situated directly in front of where the earlobe starts. Stimulating this part relieves pressure, which might have accumulated around your jaw and in your ears.

As such, it’s a good treatment for tinnitus, ear infections, tension headache and migraine.

  • Daith- this point is located on the top part of the innermost cartilage fold of your ear. Rubbing this part gently can help to treat migraine, tension and cluster headache.

Inferior side of the ear

This pressure point is found at the middle and deepest section of your ear. This interior part is known as the concha cavum or inferior concha.

Placing ear seeds on this part has a dual effect. One, it helps treat problems directly related to the heart such as chest pain, palpitations and abnormal fluctuations in blood pressure.

Two, it helps with those illnesses based on traditional Chinese medicine but ones that are associated with the heart. These include: insomnia, memory loss and anxiety.

The Verdict

While both hand acupuncture and auricular therapy are excellent alternatives for conventional medications, ear acupuncture is the better option. The fact that it does not involve any use of needles means that it’s a noninvasive approach; hence preferred by many.

Another benefit of auricular therapy is that it’s very easy to perform. All you need to do is insert the ear seeds in your preferred acupressure points and you’ll start reaping the benefits. In fact, you can even perform this treatment from the comfort of your home or office.

The same cannot be said of the traditional acupuncture technique, which requires patients to wear loose clothing so as to make it easy for acupuncturists to access the targeted areas.

That said, there are a couple of points you should keep in mind when using ear seeds. For one, you’ll need to change them on a regular basis. Ideally, you shouldn’t wear them for longer than five days. Also, you should give your skin ample time to rest between placements.

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