Are you looking for a way to keep your skin healthy and your face wrinkles-free? The gua sha facial might be the answer. This natural yet potent practice will help improve the way your skin looks by turning back the clock.

This is not a new practice. However, it has recently gained a lot of popularity across the globe due to its amazing benefits. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this anti-aging technique, how it works, and what the best gua sha facial tool is.

What is a Gua Sha Facial?

This is an anti-aging technique that works by moving or scraping a healing crystal or ceramic tool across the skin in an upward motion. The massaging action helps release stiff muscles that cause wrinkles, so this technique can smooth out expression lines that make us look older than we are.

Just like lots of ancient practices, this technique redirects our internal energy to heal various skin problems. It relies on the power of internal energy or qi and is meant to restore balance. By targeting multiple acupuncture points in the face, you’ll start to see a noticeable improvement in the way your face looks and feels.

As we age, a lot of things happen to our skin. The skin starts to lose its elasticity because the collagen in our bodies starts to break down. When we talk, smile, frown or laugh, the skin moves and then bounces back to its original state. However, as we grow older, things start to change.

As you grow older, you will start to see some annoying lines around your eyes, even if you have stopped smiling. You can also notice some expressive lines around the mouth, above the lips, and between the eyebrows.

There are lots of ways that can help you restore the youthfulness of your skin by smoothing out the wrinkles and keeping the skin taut. However, these methods involve injecting fillers, Botox, and other chemicals into the body.

This facial is a natural remedy that promotes youthful skin by sculpting the face. The massaging motion provides the muscles and skin layers with more blood and nutrients. As a result, you’ll have clear skin, fewer wrinkles, and a sculpted look.

What Does Gua Sha Facial Do to Your Face?

Massaging different muscles in your body is an ancient practice that helps promote health. Using a unique tool, you can do this to your skin, too. Here is what the gua sha does to your face.

  • As we age, gravity tends to show its effect on your face. This is why we start to experience sagging as the skin loses its elasticity. The skin no longer feels taut, and the muscles don’t do their job of keeping the skin tight.
  • Doing a regular facial massage is a known practice that can help you feel more energetic as you enjoy better-looking skin. However, some people can be too harsh when they’re massaging their faces, thus causing bruising that can leave annoying marks.
  • Unlike other massaging techniques, this technique is extremely gentle and easy to master. Even if you have never done one before, you can still do it to yourself so that you can enjoy flawless skin.
  • Doing a gua sha facial in an upward motion reverses the effects of gravity, thus keeping your muscles healthy and your skin tight. The tool also presses on the muscles to release the lymphatic fluid that causes puffiness.
  • As we grow older, we start to lose volume in our upper face. Doing a facial using a unique gua sha tool will help restore the volume and decrease the laxity in the lower face.
  • If you suffer from occasional breakouts, it will also help you manage and overcome this problem. It’s an excellent way to help release the toxins from your muscles to decrease breakouts by controlling the oil level.

What are the Benefits of the Gua Sha Facial?

Although there are lots of options that can help you restore the youthfulness of your skin, this facial excels as it delivers excellent benefits.

  • It’s gentle and easy to learn. Using an appropriate massaging tool, you can promote youthful skin by massaging the muscles. This motion helps release the lymphatic fluid that causes puffiness and affects the beauty of your skin.
  • It doesn’t cause any bruising or leave any marks. It’s a suitable technique for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
  • It sculpts the face because it keeps the muscles strong and toned. It’s an excellent way to restore the volume in your upper face and get rid of the sagginess that causes jowls.
  • If you have bags under your eyes, you can use this massaging technique to keep your skin tight. It’s not harsh and helps drain the fluid that causes puffy eyes, thus giving you an awake look.
  • By releasing the toxins under the skin, you’re likely to suffer from fewer breakouts. Combining this massage with your proper acne medication will help you achieve flawless skin that has no acne or spots.
  • It’s incredibly relaxing. While delivering beauty benefits, it also helps you get rid of stress and tension, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle.
  • Unlike professional facials, this massaging facial can be done at home. You’ll be saving your money and time in the long run, and it’s also more convenient because you can do it whenever you want to.
  • There’s no limit to how many times you can do this facial because your skin doesn’t feel irritated. You can do it once a week or even every day because it’s gentle on the skin.
  • These facials are incredibly versatile because they can be customized to suit your needs. You can use the tool on its own or pair it with your favorite serum. It’s like having a customized facial every single day without enduring any extra costs.
  • This massaging technique helps your serums absorb better. If you’re using a special treatment to target a specific skin concern, you’re likely to see better and faster results while using the unique tool. It adds more value to your facial treatments so you can use less of them for better results.

Why is Gua Sha Facial Becoming So Popular?

If you have been using Instagram lately, then you’ve probably seen several beauty gurus using a curved crystal to massage their faces. This is not a scam because beauty enthusiasts know the fantastic benefits of this technique that initially came from the Far East.

Women in the Far East have always been blessed with glass-like skin that usually glows and rarely shows any kind of breakouts. It’s often hard to tell how old a person is because they all have flawless skin.

There are several factors that help people in the Far East have better skin. These include depending on a healthy diet that contains more fish and less processed foods and the use of natural remedies to fix their skin problems.

For centuries, they knew that gua sha facials could deliver excellent benefits as the massaging motion releases the toxins that can make your skin look dull and unattractive. It also keeps the face looking young and wrinkle-free by keeping the muscles toned and healthy.

Doing this facial is possible because it’s not difficult to master. You can also customize it according to your needs by adding a different serum every single day. Unlike other facial treatments, there are no chemicals involved in this facial, so it doesn’t cause any random breakouts or rashes. You can do it any time of the day and as often as you need to.

Is the Gua Sha Facial Too Aggressive?

If you have previously googled gua sha massaging technique, you’ve probably seen a masseuse using a curved stone or crystal to massage different parts of the body. The motion has to be a little bit aggressive to help release the toxins from the body.

After finishing your massaging session, you’re likely to feel more energetic and active as it helps the body get rid of the toxins by draining the lymphatic fluid. However, the aggressive motion might seem intimidating.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t alarm you because this facial massage is different. It’s gentle and doesn’t cause any bruising because a smooth crystal is used to deliver light strokes to keep the muscles toned. Whether you do your facial with a professional or on your own, you will feel extremely relaxed and instantly see how youthful your face looks.

Why does the Gua Sha Facial Work?

This is an exercise-regimen for your face. Our bodies are made up of muscles and fats that are covered with skin. Doing sports keeps our bodies toned by stretching the muscles, so they stay healthy and tight.

While you can’t work out the muscles in your face, you can use a unique tool to keep them in excellent shape. By dragging the gua sha facial tool in an upward motion, you’re likely to see an instant change as your face looks more lifted, your eyes more awake, and your lines less prominent.

There’s nothing wrong about growing older; however, using this beauty technique, you will look good for your age so you can enjoy more self-confidence. Due to bad health habits like lack of sleep and following an unhealthy diet, people usually suffer from several skin problems that make them feel more conscious.

Sports can help you overcome stress factors and unhealthy habits that put their toll on your body, and this special massaging facial will do the same to your face. Using the tool in an upward motion will keep the skin tight and promote healthier muscles, thus improving the look of your skin without injecting any chemicals. It’s a pain-free risk-free technique that takes less than 5 minutes to deliver amazing benefits.

What is a Gua Sha Facial Tool?

You don’t need to use your fingers to press on your face to deliver anti-aging benefits. A gua sha facial tool will help you massage the muscles to tone them without being too harsh.

An excellent tool is usually made of healing crystal, stone, or ceramic that has soft edges to help you massage every part of your face and neck. It is easy to hold so you can target different areas in the face.

Since our faces are so delicate, we need a smooth material that gets in touch with the skin. This tool feels extremely cool to touch to help reduce the puffiness and swelling that you might be dealing with because of the lack of sleep or not drinking enough water.

How to Do the Gua Sha Facial?

Although this technique is straightforward, it should be appropriately done to deliver the best benefits. It depends mainly on the motion and pressure you apply to your facial contours to give you an uplifted look. You shouldn’t use too much pressure, so you don’t cause any bruising or damage to the skin.

This massaging technique can be done right before bed using your most favorite serum or after you wake up with the help of your morning treatment. It will also make your face ready for makeup application because it smoothes out all the lines.

This technique can be done in multiple ways because every time you hold the tool, you choose to drag it on your face in a certain way. Here is how to do it right.

  • First, wash your face and make sure that it’s dry before you start using the tool.
  • Your tool is easy to use and can be quickly disinfected if you feel that it’s not clean enough. If you use alcohol to wipe the tool before doing the facial, let it dry completely. You can also wash it off to make sure that alcohol doesn’t get in contact with your skin because it has a drying effect.
  • Some people keep the facial tool in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help to make your massage session more fun.
  • Hold the tool with the curved V-end facing the top of your face. Some people choose to hold the broader end of the tool to target more areas. Just try several methods until you find the one that works for you.
  • Divide your face into sections so you can follow the right motion in each part.
  • Apply your favorite nourishing serum to help the tool slide better and faster. The good thing is that crystals, stones, and ceramic don’t react to serums so you can use your favorite oil-based or water-based serum.
  • For the cheeks, start at your jawline towards the mouth and move the tool gently in an upward motion towards the hairline. Don’t drag the tool down in the direction of the gravity. Once you reach the hairline, start again from the mouth and towards the hairline.
  • Repeat the motion several times without being too harsh. Don’t pull the skin too hard to avoid broken capillaries that can leave marks.
  • Move slightly up towards the nose and drag the tool gently across the face towards the hairline.
  • For the eyes, hold the tool horizontally with the V-end facing the hairline.
  • Follow the contours of the eye to press gently against the skin. This motion is meant to release the fluid that accumulates under the eye to cause puffiness. Repeat this motion several times, focusing on the crow’s feet.
  • Be gentle when you’re using the tool, especially around the eye, because the skin is too sensitive.
  • Move to the forehead, divide it into 4 sections. Start from between the eyebrows. Move the tool upward in each section.
  • Don’t forget to massage your neck as well. Using the gua sha facial tool, you can also decrease the wrinkles on your neck so you’ll have youthful skin. Use the tool to massage your neck from the bottom up and along the sides. Don’t be too harsh to avoid bruising the skin.
  • Being too aggressive or dragging the tool too hard isn’t going to deliver faster or better results. Consistency is the key, just like all other skin treatments. You should use the tool gently.

What To Expect After Doing a Gua Sha Facial?

The first thing that you will notice after getting your facial done is that you will feel extremely relaxed. The gliding motion is soothing and comfortable, so you will feel a lot better after finishing your gua sha facial. Here is what to expect after you’re done.

  • Your face will look slightly red. If it feels too uncomfortable or you see irritated areas, then you’ve probably been too harsh. The reason your face looks flushed is that massaging boosts the blood circulation, thus driving more blood and nutrients to your face.
  • You’re going to feel that your face feels taut but not tight. This is a good feeling, so you will not feel uncomfortable because it promotes the production of collagen. These amazing facials are beneficial at helping sagging skin as they will eliminate laxity that we naturally experience as we get older.
  • If you have some puffiness under your eyes or prominent eye bags that make you look tired all the time, you’ll notice that they have significantly improved. These facials also help eliminate dark circles because they deliver more oxygen to the under-eye area.
  • If you have been using your favorite serum for so long, you’ll immediately notice that you can get better absorption when you’re using the massaging tool because it helps drive the product faster into your skin.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles will start to diminish. First, you’ll notice an immediate improvement, but following this technique regularly will help remove even the more prominent lines like the 11’s between your eyebrows, smile lines, and crow’s feet on the sides of your eyes.
  • Using the tool will help make your face look slimmer. The effects are not permanent, though, but it will help create a youthful contour when done regularly.
  • Regular massages are incredibly beneficial for people who suffer from repetitive migraines and headaches. It will help boost the blood flow so you can feel more active and healthier.
  • If you have a tight jaw or usually feel extremely stressed after a long day at work, you should use this tool to help you unwind. It releases the tension, thus helping you feel more relaxed.
  • Using this massage tool regularly can also help with discoloration. If you have stubborn freckles or melasma due to hormonal changes or exposure to the sun, you’ll notice a gradual improvement in the tone of your skin. This happens because the massage promotes internal healing, so your skin feels and looks fresher.
  • If you follow this technique regularly, you’ll notice that your skin is glowing from within. This glow happens because of the massaging motion, and the pressure helps the body get rid of the toxins that accumulate and make your face look dull and tired.

How Often Should You Do a Gua Sha Facial?

The good news is that you can do this facial whenever you like. It can be your weekly pampering time to help you unwind after a busy week as you indulge in the relaxing experience. If this is the case, you can try having the facial while you’re relaxing in a bubble bath on your day off.

For proper maintenance, you can do this facial every single day. Doing it at night will help your serums, and other products absorb better so you can enjoy maximum benefits. You can also do it in the morning after you wake up to help remove the eye bags and help your makeup glide smoothly.

When Should You Avoid Gua Sha Facial?

Although these facials are extremely fun and soothing, they’re not for everyone. Some people will not enjoy these facials, and they can harm them. Here are a few cases when you should better avoid this massaging technique.

  • If you have cystic acne, you should avoid using the massaging tool. Your acne will be inflamed, and you can infect other areas in your face.
  • If you have recently had broken or burnt skin, it’s best to avoid using the tool for a while. Your priority is to let your skin heal before you can do any anti-aging treatments.
  • If you have had a recent hormonal flare-up, you should wait until your skin heals before using the massage tool.

How to Choose the Best Gua Sha Facial Tool?

There are hundreds of tools on the market, and finding the best one might be a little bit challenging. Here are some things to take into consideration when you’re shopping for the best massage tool.

  • Make sure that your tool is made of durable material. It shouldn’t react with various anti-aging serums and creams.
  • Your tool shouldn’t be too heavy. This will give you more control while you’re using it to target different parts of your face.
  • A tool should have a slightly curved end and a more pointed end. This will give you multiple options while you’re massaging different parts of your face and neck. For example, you can use the round end to massage your cheeks and the V-end to target your under-eye area.

What is the Best Gua Sha Facial Tool?

As we said, you might spend some time finding the right tool. But your research is totally worth it. Nevertheless, your journey is over because right now, you can order and use the best gua sha facial tool on the market.

Our tool is designed to help you do your gua sha facial whenever you like. You can keep it in your purse for a quick relaxing massage in the office or follow your beauty routine by applying anti-aging serums at home.

This all-in-1 tool is way better than a roller that simply presses the surface of the skin because it has a curved end and a V-end so you can target different parts of the face. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a more customized massage session where you can focus your main concerns for the best result.

If you’re still a beginner, this tool will help you master the art of gua sha facials. It comes with a free e-book that enables you to fight off different signs of aging that make your skin look dull and tired. Once you make your purchase, you’ll have the book emailed to your mailbox so you can start doing your customized facial right away.

This 36-page e-book is what you need to start your journey with a relaxing massage. It walks you through the whole process so you won’t face any issues even if you have never used a similar tool before.

Moreover, there’s a special 5-minute routine that is made of 7 steps. The routine targets all the areas of concern in your face so you can enjoy flawless and clear skin. You can customize your routine by adding your favorite serums.

Once you do the facial using our well-made tool, you’ll start to feel that your skin looks more youthful and healthier. Here are some of the things that this incredible tool can help you with.

  • Forehead wrinkles.
  • Crow’s feet.
  • 11’s between the eyebrows.
  • Nasolabial folds.
  • Smokers’ lines.
  • Marionette lines.
  • Eye bags.
  • Sagging.
  • Lack of laxity around the jawline.
  • Dark circles.
  • Discoloration.

It will help give your face a slimmer look. As we age, our faces start to sag, so we see our jowls becoming more prominent and our faces becoming less contoured. Using this tool will restore the contoured look to your chin and jawline so you can look your best with and without makeup.

How to Use the Best Gua Sha Facial Tool?

Unlike professional facial massages, this tool will help you master the art of gua sha facials in the comfort of your home. You’ll receive an easy-to-follow 7-steps tutorial that guides through every step of the massaging session. The exercise lasts for 5 minutes, but you can extend it according to your needs, as long as you’re not too harsh with the tool.

This tutorial will help you learn how to address the acupressure points in your skin for lifting and improving the tone of your skin. It teaches you how to hold and use the tool in an upward motion to lift the skin, give it a slimmer look, and decrease laxity.

As soon as you’re done with your facial, you’re going to see immediate results as the tool helps improve the blood circulation. You’ll start to see that your skin feels smoother and shows less visible signs of dullness and tiredness. The fine lines on your skin will begin to diminish due to the massaging effect.

You’ll also start to feel that you’re more refreshed and awake thanks to the upward-lifting motion that channels your inner energy to restore balance.

Why Choose the Best Gua Sha Facial Tool?

Our tool is made of microcrystalline ceramic, so it’s more resilient and safer to carry around. It’s excellent value for money because you can use it every single day to deliver benefits that will help you feel more refreshed. Moreover, you’ll receive an easy-to-follow tutorial and an exclusive e-book with your purchase that will help you master the art of gua sha facials in no time.

This tool is divided into six different parts that you can use to deliver the benefits of the gua sha facial massage.

  • Part 1 is designed to reach acupuncture points and hard to reach areas because it’s pointed.
  • Part 2 is forked so you can massage your jawline and restore elasticity.
  • Part 3 features a flat edge that you can use in an upward sweeping motion at high pressure to drain the lymphatic fluid and eliminate puffiness.
  • Part 4 is specially designed for the forehead. It features a curved end that you can use easily.
  • Part 5 is round and pointed at the same time so you can massage acupuncture points as required.
  • Part 6 is long and curved for larger areas like the cheeks and the neck.

With the help of the e-book and tutorial, you’ll understand precisely how to use the tool. It’s portable and easy to use, so you will start noticing the results. Be prepared to hear compliments from people who have known you all your life, and don’t hesitate to share your secret.

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