Questions and Answers for the first time Ear Seeds user (Lesson 3)

Question: Hi I ordered the ear seeds for weight loss and I'm worried that I won't place them in the right spots. It seems like the acupressure points are sort of close together. Should I be super concerned about this?

Answer: I understand your concern. It may seem daunting at the beginning.
First of all, let me assure you that there won’t be any adverse outcome should you place the ear seeds at the wrong points. The worst result is that you stimulate a different acu-point instead of the intended one and don’t get the full benefit of it.
To boost your confidence, I suggest
1. you have someone to place the ear seeds for you during the first few times,
2. use the probe to locate the point before placing ear seeds to familiarize with the points.
3. Take it slow. Maybe focus on 1-2 points at one time instead of the whole set of points and not to stress yourself
Moreover, you may snap a picture of your ear with the ear seeds. We can let you know if they are placed correctly.
For weight loss, most people find it difficult to locate “Subcortex”. Watch this video on our page:

Hope this helps!



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