Questions and Answers For First Time Ear Seeds Users (Lesson 7)

Question: Hi I have used the seed for my sciatica pain but it' doesn't work. Do you have a video to show how using this for this pain?

Answer: We have some videos showing how to place ear seeds on selected points, however, the videos are not specific for sciatic pain. But with video, you may gain some confidence in correctly placing the ear seeds.
I would like to point out that the ear seeds would not work like painkillers to give instant relief. By stimulating the acu-points, we increase blood flow to the corresponding organs and stimulate those nerve connections. It will take some time to gradually observe its positive effects. Results may vary from individuals. Moreover, an old condition that has persisted for some time often takes a longer time to heal. We usually recommend customers to apply to the set of points for one month and observe changes i.e. the frequency and magnitude of pain. To further stimulate acu-points, we recommend users to massage the ear seeds several times a day. You can find more details about these in the eBook.


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