Reasons To Love Ginger Tea Intermittent Fasting

Ginger, tea, and intermittent fasting are three historically based ways to improve your health that have been joined in a modern formulation. I first heard of this trinity of health while researching my favorite natural supplement, ginger. Since I love everything and anything to do with this delicious root, I decided to give ginger tea intermittent fasting a try, and I was not disappointed by the results.

How Does Each Of These Factors Benefit My Health?

You may have long heard of the health benefits of ginger. I know I had. This simple root is an ancient remedy with a historical presence dating back 5000 years to medicinal uses in China and India. A slue of suspected health benefits related to ginger have been hypothesized over the years, and science has come to prove many of them right. Ginger has been proven as a powerful antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory agent, a solution to stomach upset, reduces cholesterol, and is undergoing further research as a possible cancer treatment.

The benefits of ginger are outstanding, so it is no wonder that they only improve with the addition of hot tea. I love to start and end each day with a hot cup of tea. It is a wonderful way to cultivate feelings of relaxation and refreshment, but it turns out it does as much for the body as it does for the heart. Hot tea improves circulation, aids in digestion, and works as a decongestant. These benefits, mixed with ginger’s power, make the consumption of ginger tea a no brainer. Now, the unique aroma and taste of ginger tea may take some getting used to if you have never experienced it before, but I guarantee you will fall in love with it in time.

Now let’s mix in the last factor of this health trio, intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a practice in which you switch between eating and intentionally fasting on a set schedule. This practice has been around for centuries in various forms, and even today, there are a variety of ways to use it. By avoiding snacks between meals, our bodies’ insulin level lowers, and fat stores are used for energy. This process promotes weight loss when properly maintained, and it links back to our ancestors, who would go extended periods without eating. The key here is to ensure you are still eating the necessary amount of calories you need every day to stay healthy without snacking in-between meals.

Why I Combine These Three Health Promoters

With a full understanding of how each of these healthy lifestyle choices works, it becomes easy to understand how they can all join together for the complimentary benefits of ginger tea intermittent fasting.

While practicing intermittent fasting, the fasting periods can be challenging to maintain, especially if you attempt fasting periods between two meals a day instead of three. I know there are times when I have wanted nothing more than a comforting snack during my fasting periods, and sometimes the thought of eating something becomes all you can focus on. The trick here is that you can’t eat anything, but you can drink things as long as they do not contain any sugars or carbs.

This is where the ginger tea comes in. I found myself wondering, “does ginger tea break intermittent fasting?” and the surprising answer is no! Ginger tea has been my savior when it comes to fasting period cravings. Not only have I found that its flavor satisfies my desire to eat, but it also helps fill me and settle my stomach. I always recommend this as a fasting snack, especially if you are just starting your ginger tea intermittent fasting journey. At times, intermittent fasting can leave your stomach unsettled, and the ginger serves to resolve that discomfort almost immediately. It is also a delicious way to maintain your hydration. I noticed that I often waited to drink water until I ate a meal, and while fasting, I would become dehydrated. I found that ginger tea became my motivation to drink more water throughout the day and maintain proper hydration.

The practice of intermittent fasting combined with ginger tea serves to balance the body overall, but it is the perfect recipe for comfortable and effective weight loss. I have maintained a healthy weight without excessive calorie counting through this method, and I find it easier to upkeep. I believe this is because, unlike other diets I have tried, I feel satisfied all day. I will admit that it was a bit difficult adjusting to the fasting periods for the first few days, but the addition of ginger tea and maintaining set times to eat it quickly began to feel natural.

Can I Have Ginger On Keto?

Intermittent fasting commonly correlates with a keto diet, and the wonderful thing about ginger tea is that it can be consumed while you are on keto. Ginger is absolutely keto-friendly as it has little to no carbohydrates and sugars. It is mostly a taste and micronutrient in tea form, making it an even more keto-friendly additive.

A keto diet for the sake of weight loss or muscle gain goes perfectly with ginger tea. The ginger provides an immunity boost that you would typically obtain from fruits that are too high in sugar to be consumed on keto. The heat of tea has also been known to speed up weight loss as it promotes a higher metabolism and sweating to release toxins from the body.

The next time you wonder, “can I have ginger on a keto diet?”, just go for it! Your food will be more flavorful, and your body will thank you.

Raw Ginger Vs Cooked Ginger

Raw and cooked foods often show a discrepancy in nutrients, and I have found that the same is true for ginger. Ginger tea is commonly considered a cooked form of ginger since the tea water is so hot. The nutritional content of ginger does change slightly when cooked, but it is still very nutritious and beneficial to your health, so that I wouldn’t worry about that too much.

Can I Drink Ginger And Lemon Water While Breastfeeding?

Since breastfeeding is an essential part of your child’s development, it is crucial to be sure what you consume is also safe for your baby. The body can concentrate some of the things we consume in our breastmilk, even harmful things. Luckily, ginger and lemon are both safe for consumption in water, especially while breastfeeding. During breastfeeding, babies grow their immunity through compounds in their mother’s breastmilk, and ginger serves to boost immunity, so it is actually beneficial for consumption during this stage of life. Some sources even claim that ginger consumption can increase breast milk supply.

Throughout my life, I have used ginger for everything from cooking additive to a supplement. I have experienced its health benefits firsthand. It’s the ability to increase the benefits of other healthy choices like drinking tea and intermittent fasting. Suppose you are looking to take your weight loss to the next level or even just maintain your health. In that case, I personally highly recommend ginger tea intermittent fasting as an impactful option.

Photo by Natasha Spencer, Zen Chung from Pexels, Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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