What I Learned From My First Cupping For Herniated Disc Session

I was lying face down on this massage table, regretting that I ever decided to try cupping. My best friend told me a couple of days before: “Go for it, and you will love it.” So, I did. I’ve been thinking of trying cupping for the herniated disc but never had the guts to do it.

As the appointment got closer, I couldn’t help but feel skeptical. I’ve had this back pain for years now. Every time I tried to do anything around the house, the pain radiated from the lower back to my legs and feet. Every other day, I would feel muscle spasms, and I hated it. As I got older, the pain got worse, and now with two kids, it was just too much.

I did try yoga, but it was slow. It took a while before I noticed just a slight change. I also tried to rest more, but it didn’t do much. Then I got the Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager to try it at home. While it did help a lot with the pain, it didn’t remove it altogether. So, I decided a cupping treatment wouldn’t hurt.

My First Experience With Cupping for Herniated Disc

Since I never booked a Chinese treatment before, I had no clue what to do, so I asked my friend to find me someone experienced, someone licensed, and before I knew it, the appointment was booked. I finally gathered the courage and went for it.

Before the treatment began, the therapist showed me a needle. “I will poke some of the points in your back to help get rid of the bad blood.” – he said as he held the needle close to my eyes.

I was terrified.

I hate needles. In fact, there is nothing more horrifying then needles, at least for me. But, to ease the tension, the therapist explained.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used throughout the ages. Its primary purpose is to soothe the pain in the joints, shoulders, neck, and especially the back. Plenty of different methods for cupping exist; some include needles, while others rely on wet and dry methods.


Depending on the severity of the health problem, a different method should be used. The cup will go over the skin. Once the cup is placed, it will create a vacuum on the skin and suck all the air out, lifting it and breaking the capillaries in the process. As the capillaries are now free from the “bad blood,” new blood will start to circulate and ease the pain.

How Does cupping for herniated disc Help?

This ancient technique treats the herniated disk by boosting circulation and reducing inflammation. Research shows that this type of treatment can help relieve pressure and promote health.

In the long run, it is said to improve the immune system and help the entire body function a lot better than before. The reason my therapist had to open up the capillaries was to remove some of the toxins in the tissue that had been affecting my regeneration process.

Once the needle is inserted into the affected area that surrounds the herniated disk, it will become inflamed and register it as a foreign invader. As a result, the muscle will go into a state of tension. It will send an agent with potent anti-inflammatory properties to accelerate the regeneration process.

In time, the injured tissue will repair itself, naturally, since there will be a better flow of blood through the system. Plus, it will reduce the pain even the one I had been dealing with for such a long time.

What Happened After?

I agreed to get the treatment. I felt the tiny needles pricking through my skin, and I must say it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. It felt like little ant bites, just a sting. The therapist only used the needles when it was necessary.

The cup that latched onto me did feel uncomfortable. I’ve never felt anything like that. But, after five minutes, the therapist removed the cups and wiped the blood off. So, I didn’t have to bear with it for too long. As he applied some medicinal herbs and bandages over the area, I felt immediate relief.

In about 6 hours or so, I removed the bandages, and in the following days, the bruises were utterly gone. And no, they didn’t feel painful to touch as I thought they would.

Also, the more treatments I got, the more my back started to feel looser and less painful. My posture was now better, and I no longer got the cramps I did before. Since then, I’ve decided to use cupping at home. I got myself a robust cupping therapy set; I picked the Lure Essentials Advanced Cups and learned the tricks to use them.

To make sure I keep the skin hydrated with every treatment, I’ve picked up a HoneyDew Intense Massage Oil, but you can go for whatever you please. As long as you love the smell and the effect of the oil, you can use any you oil you fancy.


I decided to get my own set because it was cheaper. I didn’t have to book an appointment that often. So, having my set of cups made the whole ordeal a lot easier to deal with.

What Did I Learn From My Experience?

I didn’t think that cupping for herniated disc would show such effective results. It goes without saying that I underestimated the treatment, but now I feel a million times better. It helped me deal with the pain and live a happy life. I will keep using this treatment as regularly as I can to help keep my immune system up and running. So far, I’m pleased with the results.

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