10 Free Health Tips From Traditional Chinese Medicine

Persistently catching a flu or feeling under the weather? It may be a sign of your body being out of balance. Here are 10 tips from TCM experts that’ll help to solve your ailments.

  1. Repay sleep debts
    If you’re always feeling lethargic and cranky, chances are that you lack sleep and are running on overdrive. Not only should you snooze for at least 7 hours, TCM experts advise that you should go to bed at 10.30pm.This is because the period from 11pm to 1am. is when your body (especially your liver) recalibrates and repairs itself, and it can only happen when you’re in deep sleep.
  2. Ditch the ice
    While cooling down with a chilled drink is a reflex action in the unrelenting Singapore weather, it can have devastating consequences, according to TCM.When your body temperature is suddenly lowered, a signal is sent to block your pores, hence trapping heat within. Which means your body will not cool down appropriately. Try drinking warm or room-temperature water instead to prevent drastic changes in body temperature.
  3. Give it sunshine
    Bought too many clothes at a sale and ended up stashing them into the deep recesses of your cupboard? Well, you might want to bring them out for some sun soon.Not only does that kill the bacteria growing on the fabric, it also prevents mould from forming and keeps your frocks warm and fresh so that you won’t fall sick after wearing them.
  4. Trust your teas
    The TCM experts love their teas, and it is with good reason. Not only do they restore balance in your body, it also detoxifys and boosts your immune system.Different types of tea have varying purposes, and we
    recommend chrysanthemum to release body heat, protect your liver, and improve vision. Ginger teas are also great for relieving anxiety and improving digestive function!
  5. Ask for acupuncture
    If you have a persistent ailment, why not give acupuncture a go? It may seem painful to have all those needles poking into your skin, but trust us when we say it doesn’t hurt one bit.There are approximately 350 acupuncture points all over your body, and each serves a different regulatory function. When done right, acupuncture can do wonders in treating illnesses like depression, high blood pressure, and nausea while boosting immunity.
  6. Honey
    Honey is almost venerated in TCM, and it is no surprise, considering the plethora of benefits it provides. Besides not spoiling for years, this golden goodness also kills germs and improves digestive functions. Doesn’t hurt that it’s tasty as well. Honey is usually consumed in small quantities, pure or mixed with a hot liquid. However, you can even rub a spoonful onto a wound to reduce blood flow and pain while preventing infections.
  7. Breakfast is a must
    Running late on a busy morning so you’re skipping breakfast? A TCM expert will stop you at the door. In fact, it is so crucial to have breakfast that there’s even a Chinese adage that advises us to ‘eat a full breakfast, a nutritious lunch, and a small dinner.’Not eating your breakfast will severely damage your digestive system, age you quickly, and even shorten your lifespan by 2.5 years, so start digging in.
  8. Barefoot dangers
    We love to walk around barefooted when we’re at home, and why not? It’s cooling, convenient, and those slippers always seem to be disappearing.But TCM experts say otherwise. According to them, going around barefooted causes your body to be ‘colder’ than necessary and weakens your immune system. This is especially so if you’re a woman on your period or have kidney problems, so keep your feet warm!
  9. Keep it cool
    If you love your steamboats, we have bad news for you. TCM practitioners advise against eating food that is too hot, as it can scald your throat. Usually, the temperature of our digestive system is between 36.5℃ to 37.2℃, while that of hot food can go up to 60℃ to 70℃. This means that consuming it can scald your mouth and esophagus, hurt the layer of protective membrane, and cause ulcers, resulting in many diseases and even cancers.
  10. Taking to tangerines
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Why not add a tangerine to the mix as well. According to TCM, the fruit is great for treating various ailments.The flesh helps to balance stomach acids and lower cancer risk, the preserved skin can cure coughs and bloating, the seeds reduce breast and back pain, and the pith helps to improve digestion and stop colds. So what are you waiting for?





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