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4 Best Acupuncture Places In Greenville (North Carolina)

4 Best Acupuncture Places In Greenville (North Carolina)

Acupuncture – it’s the alternative form of treatment deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine that is a huge benefit to so many people.

Many who have tried this form of medicine have claimed that it has helped them with so many ailments like stress, anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, fatigue, high blood pressure, and so many more!

Because of its versatility, many people have turned to acupuncture for symptom alleviation, but finding a good acupuncture service near you can be a hassle.

If you live in the Greenville area of North Carolina, then stick around because we are about to give you our recommendations for the best places that provide acupuncture services.

This way, you don’t have to stress or waste lots of your precious time researching – just check out our recommendations below and find the best acupuncture place for you!

Go Beyond Relief Wellness Center

Go Beyond Relief Wellness Center

  • 3100 South Memorial Drive, Greenville, North Carolina, 27834

The Go Beyond Relief Wellness Center can be found on Memorial Drive and is definitely one of the most used wellness centers in Greenville due to the range of services on offer here.

Run by Doctor Cohen, one of the best chiropractors in the state who has studied and practiced a range of medicines for over 40 years.

He is a licensed acupuncturist whose experience means that you are sure to enjoy a relaxing and highly effective session if you choose to sign up.

By putting his years of research into practice, Doctor Cohen has managed to change the lives of many of his patients.

Not only does this wellness center offer acupuncture services, but there is also a range of other services, including chiropractic therapy and natural pain management.

Because of how knowledgeable Doctor Cohen is when it comes to the human body, he is also qualified enough to recommend to you other programs and forms of therapy that could further help your situation.

Consultations are also available online, so check out their website and contact them through the chat option.

This means that you will be receiving the highest quality of care and the best advice from a well-practiced professional!

If you don’t believe us, then just check out the reviews on Yelp. There, many past patients of Go Beyond Relief Wellness Center praise the flexibility of the services on offer and how much of a positive impact the treatment here has made on their lives.

So, for life-changing treatment, check out Go Beyond Relief Wellness Center!

Greenville Medical Care

Greenville Medical Care

  • 216 East Arlington Boulevard, Greenville, North Carolina 27858

For effective pain relief through acupuncture treatment, then you will want to check out the Greenville Medical Care center.

This place is very professional, and from the moment you step inside, you are sure to be impressed with the place.

It is very clean, and the staff are super friendly and accommodating, so no matter your ailment, this is the place to check into.

Greenville Medical Care aims to treat and cure all things related to pain, whether it’s something small like a sore throat or something much more prevalent and painful like chronic pain.

The team on hand is very attentive to your ailments and is sure to recommend the best form of treatment available.

They may even offer you to try out some treatments that go well alongside acupuncture for more effective results.

Overall, patients at Greenville Medical Care are super friendly and are willing to help you out in any way they can.

This has allowed Greenville Medical Care to build up a solid reputation for itself as one of the most popular acupuncture places in Greenville.

To see this for yourself, head over to the Greenville Medical Care Yelp page, where they are praised for their helpfulness and friendly customer care.

User JE in particular praised the welcoming environment and spacious rooms where you can experience some great treatment.

Each patient is treated as an individual, and each member of staff is attentive and caring – everything you would want in an acupuncture service!

Paulette Hoggard Acupuncture

Paulette Hoggard Acupuncture

  • 106 East Victoria Court in Suite A, Greenville, North Carolina 27858

Another great licensed acupuncturist in Greenville is Paulette Hoggard.

Armed with her Masters Diploma in Classical Chinese Medicine, Paulette Hoggard is more than qualified to give you the effective, professional acupuncture services you desire and need.

Not only that but her services also work great with veterans as she qualified in acupuncture techniques used by the US armed forces to help troops deal with pain management.

This means that if you are a veteran seeking an alternative form of medicine to help you cope, Paulette Hoggard is more than qualified to help you out in your specific case.

This means that she will easily adapt her treatments and service to suit you in the best possible way.

Paulette Hoggard’s clinic can be easily found in East Victoria Court, and her rooms there are always kept clean and feel very welcoming.

Because she is a one-woman show, her services are in high demand, so contact her now to book an appointment!

Youngs Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Youngs Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

  • 1301 East Arlington Boulevard, Greenville, North Carolina 27858

Acupuncture and its related therapies are not just used for healing and alleviating symptoms related to ailments.

Those who engage in lots of physical fitness and sport can also benefit from certain forms of acupuncture-like dry needling.

Dry needling is closely associated with acupuncture but works to stimulate muscle points to help encourage your body to heal and recover more quickly from strenuous activity.

So, dry needling may be the best form of acupuncture for you – and it is available here at Youngs Physical Therapy & Sports Performance.

Youngs Physical Therapy & Sports Performance is a center open to everyone who wants to better themselves physically and uses a wide range of therapies and services to help you out with whatever is holding you back.

Not only is there dry needling available here but other important medicines like cupping, cryotherapy, kinesiotaping, and much more physical therapy.

This makes this center the ideal place for young, athletic people who deserve access to this form of stimulation and therapy even if they don’t have a chronic ailment.

The center is also very modern and finely furnished which makes it a very welcoming environment for young people.

So, if you want to try out dry needling or want physical therapy more suited for rehabilitating athletes and sports enthusiasts, then Youngs Physical Therapy & Sports Performance center is the place for you.


As you can see, there is a lot of choice on offer when it comes to acupuncture services in Greenville.

Here you have the ability to choose a service that best speaks to you and your needs. Whether it is a more muscle-orientated acupuncture therapy or a session with an acupuncturist who is trained to help veterans, there is plenty on offer at Greenville.

So, check out our recommendations above and contact the service that best fits your needs to book an appointment today!



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