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5 Facts About Cupping For Weight Loss You Should Know

Cupping weight loss therapy has been around for a while, but not many people use it, especially in the Western world. However, it has recently become more popular thanks to reports of celebrities using it to maintain their health and striking figures.

Weight loss has always been a trending topic; regardless of age, people are still trying to find new ways to drop those pounds and slim down. Obesity has become a staple in some cultures, owing in no small amount of fast-food consumption, paired with very little to no exercise.

Recent research shows that over 39% of adults across the world who were of 18 years and above qualified as overweight. As for obesity, approximately 13% of the world’s adult population qualified. So, it’s no surprise how dedicated researchers, healthcare experts, and the capitalist industry is when it comes to finding new ways for weight loss.

One such method is cupping; however, unlike other ways, including fad diets, cupping has been around for centuries. Despite this, it has only recently made its debut into the Western world.

What is Cupping?

Cupping is an alternative medicinal practice that is extensively used in Eastern cultures to heal several ailments. The practice originated in Ancient China, but bears great prominence in the medical cultures of the Islamic World, Central Asia, and Eastern Asia, too.

Cupping therapy exercises the use of suction cups; these cups are positioned across the body, and a partial vacuum is created inside of them.

Types of Cupping

There are two major branches of cupping:

  • Dry Cupping: Dry cupping involves the use of sanitary cups, a partial vacuum, and direct cup-to-skin contact
  • Blood (wet) Cupping: In this method, professionals create small cuts across the skin and place cups over them; a partial vacuum is generated inside the cup to help draw out the upper layers of blood tissue

In the past, leeches were used instead of cups; they helped draw out blood from the body from specific target locations. However, there were also reports of ancient cultures employing bamboo or ceramic cups. These cups were heated and cooled to create a partial vacuum.

Today, professionals use glass or sanitized plastic cups for cupping therapy. These cups double up as small vacuum pumps to facilitate in blood or skin suction.

Qi Power

The Chinese believe that cupping can help regulate a person’s qi or energy balance. In instances where qi is left unregulated, the human body sees an excessive amount of weight gain and fat build-up. Cupping is one method that can help regulate a person’s qi energy and improve their metabolism, hence aiding in weight loss.

Cupping weight loss therapy can help restore qi by tugging at the body’s lymphatic system, which runs parallel to the blood circuit. The lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes and vessels and is in charge of depositing and metabolizing the body’s fat reserves. By tampering with the lymphatic system, cupping can help in weight loss.

Fact #1: Why is Cupping weight loss Beneficial?

Cupping is thought to improve blood circulation, release fatigue, and loosen tensed tissues. In Taoism and Chinese culture, it is believed that cupping can help regulate the positive and negative energies within the body, namely, yin and yang.

There are also many other benefits associated with cupping, whether dry or wet.

Fact #2:  Cupping has more than one benefits

In addition to weight loss, there are several other benefits of the suction method. Below is a list concerning these pros:

  • Pain relief
  • Relief from lung diseases
  • Digestion aid
  • Improved immunity
  • Combats chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Reduced back pain

Fact #3: Can Cupping Aid in Weight Loss?

With obesity running rampant amongst members of modern society, it’s no surprise how many people have chosen to turn to cupping for weight loss.

If you’re wondering whether cupping weight loss therapy is helpful or not, we’ve got answers.

The short answer: yes, cupping does aid in weight loss. The long answer is slightly more complicated but undoubtedly worth understanding.

Cupping has the power to loosen up the body’s connective tissue and improve capillary function; this restores a person’s qi and ultimately leads to weight loss.

Fact #4: How Does Cupping Aid in Weight Loss?

The human body is composed of a series of acupoints or target sites. The acupoints are stimulated during a cupping session; triggering them is what leads to increased metabolism and greater fat-burn over time.

In addition to this, cupping stimulates blood flow. The Chinese believe that, with age, our blood circulation “dampens” and becomes less active; hence, it is wise to take external help to aid in blood flow.

Cupping removes blood stagnation and improves blood flow. Once this stagnation in the blood is omitted, the body’s cells can grow, repair, and respire better. This increases their vitality and demand for nutrients, which, in turn, increases the body’s metabolism.

Our body begins to focus on the fat burn to provide energy to meet this new-found nutrient demand that our cells develop after cupping. All meals consumed after cupping are also broken down faster to cope with the nutrient demand; in other words, the body’s metabolism is significantly sped up.

As a result, the majority of the body’s unhealthy fat reserved burn away, and new, healthy tissue begins to form. As a bonus, any toxins and harmful elements found in the blood are also eliminated, leaving behind fresh, unpolluted blood.

Fact #5: Side Effects Associated with Cupping

Luckily, because cupping is essentially an organic, drug-free process, there are virtually zero side-effects associated with it. However, there are a few possible risks if the procedure is not carried out by a professional or trained hand.

During treatment, it is reasonable to feel slightly dizzy or lightheaded; this is because of the blood being removed, or the tight sensation your blood vessels have to bear for some time. Some people experience sweating and nausea, too, though this is rare.

There are also some post-treatment effects; the skin covered by the cup during therapy may appear slightly red and puffy. This is natural and will go back to normal within 24 hours. Some people also experience mild pain at the cupping site due to the effect of the vacuum pressing down upon the skin.

Blood cupping, naturally, has a few more risk factors; yet, these can easily be avoided with proper care. Infection is one potential risk; a sterilized or brand-new blade must be used, and the caregiver should wear clean gloves during the treatment. There should be no unhygienic or skin-to-skin contact with the incisions, or an infection may develop. The skin should also be prepped and primed before applying the blade, or else the skin tissue may experience damage.

As long as the cupping practitioner follows basic hygiene protocols, there should be no significant side-effects after cupping.

Cupping Weight Loss Products

If you are interested in practicing cupping on yourself or another, you must employ the correct tools and techniques. Below are some products you may find helpful if you are considering venturing into dry or blood cupping:


These are all excellent products that can be used for cupping weight loss therapy. You may use them on yourself or another person.

Cupping Procedure Overview

Before applying the cups, please look into the pain and pressure points that concern cupping weight loss. Unless the cups are located at the correct target sites, the suction method will fail.

According to Cleveland Clinic, cupping is practiced by placing a sanitized cup atop the skin, on the desired spot, and a vacuum is created by using a unique suction device. For those aiming for wet, or blood, cupping, small incisions are made first, using a sterilized blade, upon the skin. Then, a cup is placed, and a vacuum is created using the suction device.


Over the years, cupping has gained considerable popularity across the world. Now, it is being practiced not only by traditional Eastern cultures but also by the European and North American populations, in addition to others.

While newcomers to the therapy may experience mild discomfort the first time they try it, it does not take long to get used to it. Some people even admit that they find the procedure relaxing.

All in all, we can be sure that cupping does indeed aid in weight loss; not only this, but it also improves blood circulation, stabilizes a person’s qi energy, removes harmful toxins, and boosts metabolism.

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