Acupressure For Eyes: The Most Effective Tool

Do you always feel dizzy after working for a long time on the laptop? Does reading or studying make your eyes hurt? Over straining the eye muscle is very common, especially nowadays. Watching TV, playing games, doing computer work, finishing academic assignments, and not sleeping very well are all reasons why you might feel that your eyesight is deteriorating.

If you feel that your eyes hurt, you might think that you need to get eyeglasses or perhaps take some medications. However, acupressure for eyes could be the right answer. Massaging certain points will make your eyes healthy, relieve muscle tension, and help improve your vision.

What Are The Telltale Signs That You Have Strained Eyes?

Many people prefer self-treatments because they can handle problems at their own pace. Acupressure is a fool-proof treatment that has no side effects, unlike medications.

All you need to do is to identify the right pressure points and apply adequate pressure to help improve your eyesight and relieve tension. Here are some signs that you have strained eyes and should consider acupressure for eyes.

  • You suffer from neck tension. In most cases, problems related to eyesight are actually related to pressure on your neck tendons and muscles. This happens when you sit or sleep uncomfortably.
  • You’re always squinting. Your eyes can’t see clearly so you feel the need to squint every time you’re reading or watching TV. Squinting will not only hurt your eyes, but it will also cause wrinkles around the eyes in the long run.
  • You’re always blinking. If you always feel the need to blink, then your eyes might be too tired. They’re trying to take a break so you have to close them every few minutes.
  • You suffer from headaches. Headaches and migraines might be caused by excessive eye strain.

If you suffer from these symptoms, then you should consider acupressure for eyes. It’s easier and more affordable than going to the doctor. It involves no medications or chemicals that come with several side effects. Our ancestors have used this technique for hundreds of years and it’s time you start using it too.

How Does Acupressure For Eyes Work?

Acupressure is the technique of applying adequate pressure and massaging certain points or Meridians. These are paths where the energy flows in our bodies. Following an unhealthy lifestyle can cause a blockage that later strains the muscles and causes pain.

Triggering certain points will remove this blockage and allow the energy to flow back smoothly. This will restore the health of muscles and eliminate tension. As a result, you’ll feel that your eyes aren’t always tired or strained and that your vision is improving.

Acupressure for eyes can be done if you use the right tools. These tools will allow you to focus on certain points to help restore the healthy energy flow in the body.

Using the Right Tools: Our Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions

Although acupressure is an ancient technique, using modern tools will help you do it right. This is why you should use a potent and fool-proof tool like our Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions to trigger these pressure points and massage them for a few minutes every single day to help improve your eyesight and eliminate any pain or discomfort.

Our Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions is an innovative and new tool that can help you master the art of this ancient practice. It’s quite easy to use and comes with helpful instructions. This is why it’s useful for first-time as well as experienced users because you’ll be able to use it on your own.

All you have to do is to use the tweezers to pick the seed, place it at the right point, and then massage it gently for a few minutes. You’ll immediately feel the improvement.

Some people try other tools for acupressure for eyes like the Thera Cane Massager. This is a massaging tool that can be used for acupressure but it comes with a few cons.

  • While there are certain acupressure points in your body that are related to your eyes, the product does not come with any instructions.
  • The product is designed to relieve aches and pains in the body only.
  • It’s quite difficult to direct the heads towards the pressure points.
Other people might consider using the Anti-Aging Facial Gua Sha Scraping Tool Acupressure Massage. Nevertheless, this tool too isn’t the best one to use to apply adequate pressure around the eyes for the following reasons.
  • The tip of the tool is rather big so it will not target a specific area. Instead, the pressure will be applied to the surrounding area.
  • The tool is more appropriate for beauty purposes.

For these reasons, you should choose the Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions as your potent acupressure for eyes tool. It has lots of benefits that made hundreds of people depend on it for relieving their eye pain and improving their eyesight.

Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions with Clear Placement Instructions

  • Anyone can use the kit because it comes with an ebook that illustrates the acupressure point for 19 common conditions such as myopia, weight loss, anxiety and lower back pain etc.
  • You’ll receive 600 seeds so you can use your kit for a very long time.
  • Seeds are small and will stick where you want them to. This means that you can target the exact points that will stimulate your eyesight and nothing else.
  • Applying targeted pressure is easy.
  • A seed can be stuck for a few days.
  • Using it won’t strain your hands as you’ll leave the seed where it should be and use your fingers to apply pressure as needed.
  • No need to clean a tool or disinfect it after it’s used. You’ll discard the seed after a few days.

First of all, it came right on time. The e-book has everything you need to know. Easy to understand and the seeds are easy to put on. Acupressure really works. I love this kit.

~ Karla Alanis

In most cases, you won’t even have to use another seed to alleviate the pain. One seed is all you need to target the pressure points that affect your eye muscles and make you feel uncomfortable.

With the help of our Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions, you can become a master of acupressure for eyes because anyone can use it. One kit is enough for the whole family because you use the tweezers to pick a seed when needed to guarantee that your seeds are always clean.

Other Method: Identifying Points for Acupressure for Eyes On the Face

There are a few points on the face that can be targeted to relieve eye strain and improve your vision.

Nostril Points

These points are found near the nostrils on both sides of your face. You should apply mild pressure to both points simultaneously to massage them and clear any blockage. Five minutes per day are enough because these points help clear sinus congestion, eliminate headaches, and improve your vision in the long run.

Edge for Eyes Points

Targeting these points helps relax tensed eyes that have been overly strained with work. They’re located at the inner corner of the eyes near the bridge of the nose. Very gentle pressure should be applied for three to five minutes to remove any muscle tension and help your eyes feel fresher and stronger.

Bridge of Nose Points

You can find these points on both sides at the outer corner of the bridge of your nose. These points are located just below the eyebrows and should be massaged simultaneously.

Applying very light pressure while massaging these points helps in improving eyesight by eliminating fatigue and eyestrain. You should avoid applying excessive pressure to these points because this is a very delicate area.

Third Eye Point

This point is located in the middle of the T-zone between your eyebrows. This is a very popular pressure point that can be targeted to eliminate fatigue and help with headaches.

Moreover, it will help improve your vision if you massage it every day. You need to apply gentle but continuous pressure to this point. This might take as long as five or six minutes but you’ll feel a big improvement.

Thumb Tips

If your eye issues are related to neck problems, then you should target these points. They’re found at the tips of the thumbs on both hands and should be massaged for a few minutes to relieve pressure off your neck muscles. This also improves your eyesight by eliminating the tension of the eye muscles.

First Toe

Massaging the first toe improves the blood circulation, driving more nutrients and oxygen towards your eyes. This will help your eye muscles heal and recover if they’re overly strained. Applying pressure to the first toe on each foot for a few minutes will help improve your vision and eyesight.


Find the right acupressure point on the face may not be an easy task for untrained personnel. Also, you may want to keep your hands free while you are working, exercising or cooking. Using a potent tool like our Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions, you can deal with and eliminate lots of painful conditions without the side effects of medications. This kit is your way to master the technique of acupressure for eyes so you can restore your vision, get rid of pain and discomfort and improve the health of your eye muscles.

Our eyes are the windows to our souls and the outside world. Taking care of them is extremely important. This is why you should always choose the best and most potent tools to help you do that.

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Author: P. Sze

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