14 Pressure Points In Buttocks Guaranteed To Make Your Daily Life Easier

In today’s article, I would like to talk about the pressure points in the buttocks. There are quite a few pressure points in this area that I think it is essential to know about, especially if you experience stiffness and pain in the lower back and buttocks. I will also talk about some of my […]

10 Eustachian Tube Pressure Points For Congested Ear I Wish I Knew About

As you probably know, I love using reflexology and acupressure to soothe just about any health issue that I face on a day-to-day basis. It is not so different when speaking of my blocked sinuses and painful eustachian tube. These two issues have been giving me quite a headache, pressure, and pain around my eyes. […]

Learn The Big Toe Meridian That Fixed My Fatigue

Reflexology is becoming more popular recently, with many people experiencing the benefits of the technique. Scientific studies have also started to look at how reflexology could be useful in various conditions and scenarios. The big toe meridian may be especially helpful for issues surrounding the liver.  A few months ago, I started to notice my […]

What Experts Are Saying About Foot Massage and Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the major public health concerns in the world. Millions are affected, and complications can sometimes be life-threatening. While it can be challenging to manage this disease, there are ways to help you cope. Foot massage and diabetes might be a great combination, helping to ease symptoms and offer additional benefits.  It […]

10 Acupuncture Points for Snoring That You Can Use at Home Easily

Snoring refers to noisy breathing during sleep. It can be loud and boisterous enough so much so that it wakes up the individual and those around them. Both men and women struggle with snoring. However, statistics show that snoring affects more men as compared to women. In the majority of cases, the patients are overweight/obese. […]

How To Unblock The Bladder Meridian To Detox Your Body Naturally

The bladder meridian is the longest meridian and the largest detoxification channel, which starts from the eye and extends down the head to the back, legs, and ends at the small toe. It helps eliminate phlegm and harmful toxins from the body. If the bladder meridian is blocked, moisture and toxins cannot be excreted from […]

Learn Baby’s Reflexology For Sleep To Save Parent Lots Of Time

Finding the time to sleep with a newborn is a real challenge. But, when there is a tummy ache, it gets a million times worse. The baby will wake up with just an hour of sleep, all cranky and moody. What if I told you baby reflexology for sleep could help? That’s right; a simple […]