Best Acupuncture Places In Charlottesville

If you suffer from aches and pains, then one effective form of treatment you may have been recommended to try out is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a type of alternative medicine that originates from Chinese traditions. It uses very thin needles to help stimulate the nerves under your skin and in your muscles, and this can help benefit you if you suffer from a range of ailments, including migraines, headaches, chronic pain, and high stress.

Despite the fact that acupuncture involves needles, it is very relaxing and a great form of natural treatment.

So, if you live in the Charlottesville area of Virginia, then here are some great places to get an acupuncture if you are considering undergoing this kind of treatment. Check out our recommendations below and pick out a few places you want to visit!

Ten Stones Acupuncture

Ten Stones Acupuncture

  • Wellness Center in Suite 202 on 901 Preston Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

If it is a relaxing, relieving acupuncture session of therapy you are after, then Ten Stones Acupuncture is one of the best clinics to visit in Charlottesville.

This clinic can be found at the Wellness Center on Preston Avenue and the team here are dedicated to providing you with a calm and uplifting environment for you to enjoy while you undergo the acupuncture process.

Not only that, but Ten Stones also offers a range of other Chinese medicine traditions for you to try including herbal remedies, cupping, Qi Gong, and a whole range of other holistic techniques.

Each session here is a great experience, and many of the regular patients here at Ten Stones are quick to say their praise about the business, and how caring the staff here are.

So, if you want to alleviate your pain through a wonderful and relaxing experience, Ten Stones Acupuncture should be at the top of your list!

Tae Pyung Acupuncture PC

Tae Pyung Acupuncture PC

  • 1100 Pen Park Lane, Charlottesville, Virginia, 22901

Over on Pen Park Lane, you will find the Tae Pyung Acupuncture clinic. Here is a team of very qualified (and very welcoming) doctors, all of whom are well experienced with a range of Chinese practices, including acupuncture.

The main draw of this clinic is the staff and how welcoming and open they are.

Of course, the range of services and advice given with each consultation is very high-quality and effective, but if you were to ask patients from this clinic what is the stand-out thing to note about Tae Pyung Acupuncture, it is the doctors and how they can turn the whole consultation in a truly positive experience.

Not only do they listen very carefully to your ailments, but they know exactly what to do to help improve your situation and are very upfront about whether acupuncture is or is not the best form of treatment for you.

By the end of your consultation, you will have a range of paths that you can take towards a happier and healthier you.

The praise for Tae Pyung Acupuncture continues online, with Yelp reviews praising the staff as honest, expert healers. Laura even called Dr. Chang ‘the bomb’ – there’s no higher praise than that!

So, for professional care, you cannot get any better than the care found at Tae Pyung Acupuncture.

Good Nature Health Clinic

  • 1739 Allied Lane, Charlottesville, Virginia, 22903

The Good Nature Health Clinic is a place that puts many years of experience and learning to good use in order to help many people who suffer from a range of problems, including pain, trauma, stress, and obesity.

The clinic is run by husband and wife Robert and Joan Clickner, both of whom have dedicated their lives to helping others through fitness and wellness.

Robert Clickner is a licensed acupuncturist with a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, so you know that every service you experience here (for the clinic offers more treatments than just acupuncture) is high-quality and done by a professional.

On Yelp, there are plenty of positive reviews for Clickner’s work that all praise how fantastic and effective the treatments here are. So, you know that you are sure to experience some really effective treatment for all of your ailments right here at the Good Nature Health Clinic.

The clinic is cool and clean, and the perfect place to unwind and begin your recovery process from whatever ailment you are suffering from. So, if this sounds like the place for you, book an appointment online with them today.

Common Ground Healing Arts

Common Ground Healing Arts

  • The second floor of the Jefferson School City Center, 233 4th Street, Suite 219, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

Sometimes, healing can bring a lot of people together. If you want to share your journey with others who can empathize with your struggles, then Common Ground Healing Arts is a place that offers a wonderful community acupuncture service.

Here you will undergo acupuncture while in the same room as several other people. Not only does this help drive the cost of your treatment down, so it is more affordable, but you could also potentially make new friends with like-minded people.

Not only that, but the Common Ground Healing Arts are also a place for further health and healing through other forms and methods, including yoga, massage, and Tai Chi. This means that this clinic is a hub for good socialization and a place where you can find peace of mind.

So, if you prefer low-cost treatment and the ability to connect with new people, Common Grounds Healing Arts is the ideal place for you to go for your acupuncture treatment.

Sara on Yelp said that Common Ground was an ‘amazing space’ for acupuncture, and as a non-profit organization, they are dedicated to helping every person out.

Wu’s Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Wu’s Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • 2114 Angus Road, Number 213, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

And our final recommendation is Wu’s Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic found on Angus Road. Here you will find the licensed acupuncturists and qualified Doctor Bei Wu!

Doctor Wu aims to help her patients heal and overcome unresolved problems that can cause serious stress and unhappiness. No matter your ailment – whether it is general unwellness, allergies, migraines, nausea, hypertension, and general pain.

Not only will Doctor Wu use acupuncture to help alleviate your symptoms of these conditions (and more!), but she will also support you on your journey towards wellness over time.

There is counseling and consultations available that can help you find the right path towards happiness and recovery. Doctor Du will also discuss the root cause of your conditions and help you not only address the symptoms but tackling the issue at its root.

So, for high levels of professionalism and experience, go to Doctor Wu as she is extremely educated and well qualified in lots of fields, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and clinical research.


So, those are our recommendations for the best acupuncture places in Charlottesville. Take a look at our recommendations above, pick out the ones you like the most and give them a call to book an appointment. As you can see, there are plenty of clinics to choose from! Good luck!

Author: P. Sze

P. Sze P. Sze is the founder of TCM Tips and Dragon Acupuncture®. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a first-class honor in Civil Engineering. S he also holds a master’s degree in Engineering and is the brain behind the innovative TCM products of Dragon Acupuncture®. She is the author of The Beginner's Guide to Auricular Therapy: Application of Ear Seeds (ISBN 978-1520451398) and Facial Gua Sha - Fight the Signs of Aging Naturally and Inexpensively (ISBN 978-1980678922). She has dedicated her life to ensuring that the complex theories behind oriental medicine and the seemingly dangerous techniques that involve needles and fire do not scare you from trying oriental medicine. This is why she writes endlessly about acupressure and its countless health and wellness benefits.

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