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Best Tip Ever: Acupuncture For Alopecia Areata

Full luscious hair is seen as a sign of youth and health, but this appearance is not easily obtainable to all. With advanced age, genetic factors, and specific conditions come hair loss or thinning. For those with an advanced form of hair loss resulting in balding areas, it is generally referred to as alopecia areata. This condition may be stressful, but it can be helped in a number of ways, one of which is acupuncture for alopecia areata.

This form of treatment provides an easily accessible hands-on approach to improving your condition and keeps you in control, unlike certain types of Western medicine. If you are looking to stimulate new and healthy hair growth, then you will need to know exactly which acupuncture for alopecia areata points are best.

Does Acupuncture Work For Alopecia Areata?

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Acupuncture has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat alopecia areata. According to a Twitter post, one woman treated her hair loss and saw visible improvement in hair growth after less than 20 acupuncture sessions. This method of treatment is so popular because it is both effective and accessible to anyone afflicted with hair loss.

To practice acupuncture at home you can use acupressure, a popular form of alternative medicine. The only tools you will need are your hands unless a thin blunt tool, like a pencil eraser or the thicker end of a chopstick, is more comfortable for you. You need not combine this with other forms of treatment, like topicals, herbal medicine, or oral medications, but you certainly can if you prefer to do so. This is a very flexible method of treatment that can be customized to suit your needs.

The efficacy of acupuncture for alopecia areata is seen in many recent studies, many of which suggest a high success rate for this treatment. Observation on acupuncture treatment suggests that there is plenty more research to be done. However, acupuncture for alopecia areata has worked better than medication in clinical studies. There are also plenty of concepts concerning how acupuncture techniques support hair regrowth in a scientific sense, but we will discuss that more in the next section.

Can Acupuncture Restore Hair Follicles?

Acupuncture for alopecia areata can restore hair follicles. When you look into acupressure points for hair growth, it becomes obvious that most of these points have a direct relation to the scalp, improving blood flow, and reducing autoimmune diseases that can affect hair bulb function.

It is suspected that this type of acupuncture alopecia areata treatment works by stimulating dormant or damaged hair follicles and enhancing their supply of fresh blood. This increase in blood flow allows the follicles to secure the nutrients and energy required to increase or restart hair production. In contrast, traditional therapy only treats the surface of the scalp and does not benefit the hair bulbs.

In other cases, the body may be attacking the follicles through stress-related autoimmune disorders. In such cases, it was also found that acupuncture for alopecia areata resulted in significant hair growth both with or without the assistance of complementary medicine.

Can Acupressure Points For Alopecia Areata Make The Condition Worse?

Acupuncture is a generally safe and notably effective form of Eastern Medicine without adverse events, but there are some important factors to keep in mind while practicing this treatment. If the efficacy of acupuncture is to be maintained when needle treatments are being performed, a professional is required to ensure the proper insertion of needles. This will help prevent accidental damage or infection that could worsen the condition.

It is also important to be firm while not overstimulating points on the scalp. If you find that stimulating a certain point creates too much pain, friction, or hair loss, then lighter stimulation is suggested.

Acupoint: EM-1 (Other Names: Si Shen Cong)

EM-1 is more than a single acupressure point, and it is a powerful cluster of points. EM-1, also known as Si Shen Cong, is a powerful point when considering acupressure points for blood circulation in the brain, which is why it is also perfect for treating alopecia areata. This point focuses on drawing blood flow to the brain and scalp so it may heal damaged hair follicles and promote future hair growth.

You can locate this powerhouse acupressure point by finding the central point at the top of your head. It will likely also be your tallest point. This point is the center of EM-1. To find the other four points, you will need to measure one finger width outwards towards either ear, your forehead, and the back of your head. This should result in a diamond formation of points, and you can apply gentle pressure to each one to reap the benefits of EM-1.

Acupoint: GV-12 (Other Names: The Governing Vessel-12/Shen Zhu/Body Pillar)

You may be surprised to find an acupoint on this list that is not located on or closely related to the scalp, but GV-12 is here for a good reason. The activation of this point supports a calm mind and works wonders against anxiety. A reduction of stress is crucial for putting an end to hair loss and promoting new growth, so this point is worth taking seriously.

GV-12, or the Body Pillar point, is found on the spine. It lays right below the spinal protrusion of the 3rd thoracic vertebrae, and assistance may be required for proper stimulation. Take deep breaths as you stimulate this point and focus on releasing any stress you may be feeling.

Acupoint: GV-21 (Other Names: The Governing Vessel-21/Qian Ding/Front Vertex)

The governing vessel channel appears again on this list with point GV-21. This channel is important because many of its points have the capability to relax the mind and reduce stress. GV-21 shares this power and has the added perk of enhancing blood flow and lymphatic system drainage around the scalp. These impacts are important for supporting new and continuous hair growth in balding areas.

GV-21 can be located along the midline of the scalp. It is approximately 3.5 cun back from the start of your hairline on your forehead. If your hairline is receding, its starting point may not be accurate, in which case it is best to locate the GV-20 point at the center of your scalp and measure 1.5 cun forward.

Acupoint: GV-19 (Other Names: The Governing Vessel-19/Hou Ding/Back Vertex)

The last governing vessel channel point on our list is GV-19. This point also works to relieve alopecia areata inducing emotions like stress and anxiety. Beyond its emotional benefits, this point acts to stimulate nerves and blood flow around the skull and especially the scalp. Activating GV-19 supports hair follicle growth and suppresses immune complications that may be working against hair growth.

GV-20 is an important point when referencing many other points on the governing vessel channel, including GV-19. To locate this point you will need to start from the center of the midline on your scalp, known as GV-20, and measure 1.5 cun towards the bask of your head. This is the area on your scalp’s midline where you should apply gentle pressure to activate the benefits of GV-19.

Acupoint: Bl-17 (Other Names: Urinary Bladder-17/Ge Shu/Diaphragm Transporter)

Creating the calm mind needed to regrow hair requires more than deep breathing. It also requires balance amongst your autonomic nerves. Bl-17, also known as Geshu, is a powerful point for stimulating proper nervous system functions and blood circulation. When you stimulate this point, you help your body shift into a relaxed state to match your mind. This helps reduce stress-related hair loss on a deeper level and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Bl-17 runs along either side of the spine. It can be found below the spinal protrusion of the 7th thoracic vertebrae, and 1.5 cun to the left or right. When you apply pressure to this point, a sense of relaxation should be felt.

Acupoint: Bl-13 (Other Names: Urinary Bladder-13/Fei Shu/Lung Transporter)

Bl-13 can be found on the same channel as Bl-17, but it has a surprising and different property. This point is commonly noted in acupressure points for eczema because it has a healing effect in relation to skin disorders, hair, nose, and immune system health. When you activate Bl-13 it relaxes the lungs and therefore indirectly improves the health of your hair. You will be surprised to see what an impact supporting your lung health can have on hair growth.

To locate this point, you will first need to find the spinal protrusion of the third thoracic vertebrae. Then you can follow the lowest point of that vertebrae 1.5 cun to either side of the spine, which is where you will find Bl-13. Apply pressure to this point for a few seconds at a time to activate it and reap its rewards.

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