Acupuncture Ear Seeds Points

Acupuncture ear seeds points

Ear seeds are the 2020 rebrand of acupuncture, designed to make the practice more accessible. They have the added bonus of looking stunning too, making them a new way to decorate your body. This practice is different from traditional acupuncture as no needles are used. Acupuncture works by applying intense and localized pressure to a […]

Hand Reflexology Chart

Hand reflexology

Hand reflexology is an ancient Chinese medical practice that is similar to Shiatsu massage. The idea behind reflexology stems from the sense of Qi, an unseen life force that flows through your body.  There are specific areas of the body that Qi travels through, and it is believed that pressure on certain points can help […]

Acupuncture For Stroke

Acupuncture For Stroke

A stroke is an issue with the blood and brain connection. There are 2 types of strokes, ischemic and hemorrhagic. An ischemic stroke is where the blood stops traveling into your brain. A hemorrhagic stroke is where one or more of the blood vessels in the brain leak, flooding the brain tissue with blood.  Strokes […]

6 Acupressure Points For Good Digestion During Menopause

Menopause is a time of many physical changes within the body. It can be exhausting to constantly feel at war with the symptoms of menopause, and some of its effects can alter your daily life. Many menopausal women experience digestion issues as their hormone levels fluctuate and alter body functions. A change in digestive abilities […]

5 Acupressure Points For Cervical Spondylitis

Cervical Spondylitis is a serious condition that revolves around the neck’s bones, discs, and joints. With age, spinal discs can break down slowly and result in chronic neck pain. Fortunately, some fantastic acupressure points for cervical Spondylitis can help improve your way of living.  Can Acupressure Cure Cervical Spondylosis?   During an evaluation of the […]

6 Easy Back Pressure Points Massage That Your Partner Will Enjoy

Spending time with your partner is a great way to strengthen your bond, but what exactly should you do to make the most of your time together? I found that after a long day, the thing we both wanted most was a chance to relax and be relieved of the day’s stress. While going out […]

5 Acupressure Points For Ovary Cyst 

Did you know there are acupressure points for ovary cyst? Well, up until the moment I was advised by a friend to look it up, I didn’t. And when I did, boy, did it change my life. Before I get into my story, let’s talk about ovarian cysts. Ovarian endometriosis cysts, also called ‘chocolate cysts,’ […]

Everything You Need To Know About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Everything You Need To Know About Traditional Chinese Medicine

A beginners guide to understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a term that is used to describe a wide variety of philosophies, medical treatments, and spiritual practices from China. It is one of the biggest and most widely practiced branches of traditional medicine. There are millions of people across the globe who […]

Use Acupressure For Seborrheic Dermatitis To Get Rid Of The Itchy Red Patches

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin disorder that primarily impacts the face and scalp, producing scaly patches, red itchy skin, and often dandruff. Fortunately, acupressure for seborrheic dermatitis is a promising treatment, and other skin disorders benefit from this traditional Chinese medicine practice.  Scientists have observed the effect acupuncture has on skin disorders. Recent studies […]

5 Acupressure Points For Swollen Lymph Nodes In The Neck

Acupressure is an ancient healing skill based on traditional Chinese medicine. You apply pressure on particular points on your body with acupressure. Acupoints are the names given to these points. These spots can be pressed to relieve:  Muscle tension Improve blood circulation Stimulate the lymphatic system Assist with lymphatic drainage Improve sleep And aid in […]