5 Acupressure Points For Back Pain In Hands That You Can Use Any Time

Back pain is so much more than uncomfortable, and in chronic cases, it can reduce your quality of life. Sometimes it comes on suddenly, resulting from an accident or poor posture. Other times, it is something that develops as we age. The back holds a lot of pressure every day, and regardless of age and […]

Stop Hand Tremors? Try Acupressure For Shaky Hands

The day I tried to pick a cup from the table, and I found my hand shaking, I was alarmed. I tried to steady it, but it wouldn’t. I didn’t know what it was, but I was scared it was a serious problem that would need me to visit the doctor. Fortunately, a friend of […]

How To Use Acupressure For Headaches During Pregnancy The Right Way

Bringing a little life into the world is a beautiful thing to behold and an experience that should be comfortable for both Mom and baby. If you’re experiencing severe headaches during pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place. This article will highlight how to use acupressure for headaches during pregnancy the right way.  Acupressure is […]

Cold Hands? Try Acupressure For Circulation In The Hands

I’ve had situations where I got cold hands, and I didn’t have to bother about it. Such situations include when I remove an item from the refrigerator and when I stay out too long without hand gloves in cold weather. However, if your hands get cold ordinarily in warm weather, you may be suffering from […]

Try These 4 Nausea And Headache Acupressure Points For Effective Relief

If you have ever experienced migraine attacks, then you know how horribly debilitating they can be. I used to get migraines quite frequently, and the pain was unbearable. To make matters worse, this condition often prevented me from attending work and important life events. The sad thing is, many doctors will tell you that some […]

8 Potent Pressure Points For Migraines Relief

Do you suffer from chronic or occasional migraine headaches? If so, what do you know about acupressure? Have you ever tried acupressure yourself? Maybe you have tried or heard of acupuncture, a more common term (and practice) that’s thrown around. While acupuncture is the use of needles to target pressure points located throughout the body, […]

5 Simple Acupressure Points For Fever And Headache You Can Learn In 5 minutes

We have all suffered from migraines and fevers – it’s a part of being human! They are incredibly inconvenient and can drastically inhibit us from partaking in our day-to-day activities. Thankfully, acupressure can help relieve the symptoms and cure them immediately. Acupressure is a practice from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that’s closely related to acupuncture. […]

4 Best Acupressure Points For Arthritis In Fingers

Some time ago, I had a friend who came to me complaining of pains and stiffness in her fingers. I looked at the fingers and saw how misshapen and swollen they were, and I knew immediately that she had arthritis of the finger. I then proceeded to introduce her to the acupressure points for arthritis […]

5 Easy Acupressure Points For Neck And Shoulder Tension

Neck and shoulder pain can be debilitating, but acupressure can bring pain relief. This list details the location, indication, and functioning of 5 acupressure points for neck and shoulder tension. Acupressure provides a great way to relax your neck muscles naturally and is one of the fastest ways to relieve neck pain. Can Acupuncture Help […]