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Can You Boost Your Sexual Health With Ginger? This Is What Research Has to Say

It’s proven that implementing supplements to any diet, whether it is in the form of capsules, powders, or gummies, is an excellent way of boosting your overall health. Ginger is one of the more popular choices. But, is ginger good for fertility?

Can you put your fate in the hands of this flowering plant? We compiled all the information you need on ginger and sexual health. Including is ginger good for conception? Stick with us to find out more.

Is Ginger Good for Fertility?

More than 6.1 million female Americans have trouble conceiving. That’s over 10% of the entire U.S. population.

Since conventional medicine often fails to produce any effective results, many people turn to folk medicine. That’s where ginger, one of the most well-known herbs in history, comes into play.

But, is ginger good when trying to conceive? Does it really produce the results you are hoping for?

A lot of people are wondering is ginger good for conception? Since it is just a plant, not many believe in its potency and effect. But people have been using this herbal medicine to boost fertility for thousands of years. In fact, its earliest use dated back to China 2,500 years ago.

It has taken such a predominant role in ancient Chinese practices that people have used it for a range of different ailments, including nausea, cramps, headaches, and more. Here is all the practical research we gathered that might have all the answers you are looking for.

Ginger and Male Fertility

Plenty of research shows this spice has the potency to elevate the testosterone levels in men and increase their fertility rates.

One particular clinical analysis showed that men who received ginger treatment managed to boost their sperm count by a staggering 16.2%. Many of the volunteers improved their sperm motility by 47.3% and volume by 36.1%.

These are all excellent results for men who are struggling to conceive. Not only can the ginger boost the testosterone, but the sperm count as well.

Is Ginger Good for a Woman Trying to Conceive?

According to the Journal of the Chinese Medical Association, ginger might have the antioxidant potency to improve ovarian folliculogenesis.

The results show that this ancient remedy could have the capacity to boost female fertility in a completely natural way. Its potent antioxidant and angiogenic properties can improve the health of the ovaries.

But that’s not all.

It’s true that many disorders can affect women’s fertility. However, there is nothing more prevalent and impactful than polycystic ovaries. This health disorder can cause severe complications for women and reduce their fertility rates.

Based on clinical records published by the National Institutes of Health, ginger extracts can prove effective for treating this problem. It can stimulate sex hormones without exposing the body to dangerous side effects.


Ginger has numerous perks, even for male and female fertility. If you want to boost your odds of getting pregnant or conceiving a child, you might want to consider adding ginger to your diet.

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