Does Gua Sha Help Cellulite?

Gua Sha for Cellulite: Does It Really Work?

Gua Sha is all over social media right now, and many influencers are giving it a try. One of its most popular uses is for decreasing the appearance of cellulite. The question is, does Gua Sha help cellulite reduction? Can it make a useful anti-cellulite treatment?

Here, we will answer all your questions for you. We will take a more detailed look into this holistic approach, including whether or not you can trust it to get firm skin. Here is everything you need to know about this treatment before you give it a try.

What Is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an entirely natural scraping technique that relies on a massage tool to boost blood flow and detoxify the system. This ancient healing therapy originated in East Asia. It has many uses, particularly for health and chronic pain, but it is also healthy for the skin.

Based on reports, the primary goal of the treatment is to restore Qi or stagnant energy. That way, it decreases the inflammation, manages the skin discomfort, and promotes a normal rejuvenation process.

While it involves massaging, it’s completely different from regular massaging techniques. It’s mostly tailored towards applying moderate and mild pressure with a massage tool and scraping the surface of the skin.

The tool is soft and doesn’t require too much force to get the desired effect. For more comfortable movements, massage oil is applied to the skin before massaging the area. The treatment is performed on the legs, arms, back, face, neck, and backside.

Does Gua Sha Help Cellulite?

This holistic therapy has plenty of therapeutic effects. That’s why people use it to treat various ailments. The key to its effectiveness lies in one of its primary features – blood flow stimulation.

According to the Journal of Science and Healing, Gua Sha massages can boost micro-circulation in healthy individuals by up to 400%. It can also improve the immune system and clear out the skin inflammation.

If you pair it with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, there is very little this treatment can’t do. In other words, it is possible to rely on Gua Sha for decreasing body fat and reducing cellulite lines.

How Can Gua Sha Help With Cellulite?

Most massages work their way into the skin by breaking down the fat deposits and reducing the cellulite. But, Gua Sha is different.

This ancient treatment works by elevating the blood supply across the entire body. With the help of the Gua Sha tool, you can apply gentle pressure to any area on the skin and scrape that area. You need to scrub it gently until you see some slight redness.

With the aid of proper blood flow, the body naturally disperses the toxins and assist the immune and lymphatic system to stay on track. The better the blood flow, the easier it is for the system to flush out the toxins.

As a result, the skin will become firmer, and all the built-up fluid will leave the body. The excess fluid and fats can be replaced with nutrients from the food you eat.

Even in stubborn places, this treatment can still work. Since it doesn’t just break down the fats, Gua Sha can help with stretching and tightening the skin and connective tissue.

You are also getting better immunity, gallbladder, and liver functions. So, it’s not just a tactic to lessen the cellulite lines.

However, do have in mind that without healthy food and physical activity, you shouldn’t expect some fantastic results. Removing cellulite is already a difficult feat; Gua Sha can only help you speed up the process. You still have to eat healthily and be active to get the results you are craving for.

What Kind of Tool Can I Use for Cellulite?

When it comes to picking out the ideal Gua Sha tool for cellulite, there are two things you should think about its length and material. If you need to massage larger areas, you will need a bigger tool. But, if you don’t want to hurt the skin, you need to make sure it is of top quality.

You can try all kinds of tools. However, not every single one will make for an excellent cellulite reduction option. What you need is a gentle and soft scrapper that can cover more ground, like the CUTEMEDI Gua Sha Scraping Tool, for example.

This one features an exceedingly soft surface and not a blunt edge. It’s a medical-grade tool to make sure it will last longer and get the job done. You can also use it as a physical therapy scrapper to massage the scar tissue, reduce muscle tension, and break down adhesions. Overall, it’s a good option for getting rid of cellulite.

How Do I Use Gua Sha for Cellulite?

The treatment is pretty straightforward. First, feel the skin where you want to apply pressure. Go with your fingers over the area and assess the spot where you are going to use the treatment. Then apply some of your favorite massage oil on the skin and rub it gently across the affected area.

Make sure the oil gets everywhere on the skin where you can see the cellulite lines. After that, take the tool and gently scrape the surface. You should scrape in up and down motions to boost blood flow, promote lymph drainage, tone the skin, and get rid of any adhesions.

Cover as much area as you need to get that blood flow going. With regular scraping, the fat cells will eventually dissolve, giving your skin a smooth-like look.

The coolest thing about this scraping method is that you can do it anywhere on the skin. With scraping, the skin will relax and boost natural collagen production. That’s why many people claim they have fewer wrinkles and more radiant skin.

For cellulite, you may also give dry brushing a try. This can trigger the skin tissue to speed up the blood supply by itself and dispose of the fat.

What to Do After Gua Sha Treatment?

After the treatment, there is not much you should do except drinking lots of water. Since the massage will remove the fluid retention, you will be flushing out all the excess fluids from your body. So you might want to drink plenty of water and keep the body hydrated. This will keep the system working at full speed even after a while.

Another thing you can try is an Epsom salt bath. Now, this is an optional choice, but it can do wonders for your health. It can help repair everything that is happening in the system and encourage the venting process.

According to reports, the Epsom salt can speed up the detoxification process, soften the skin, and relax the muscles. If you take this bath after a Gua Sha session, you can sleep better and feel less stressed. So, it’s a cool thing to think about if you are planning to do Gua Sha for cellulite.


If you are feeling super uncomfortable with the lumpy skin all around the body, you may want to try Gua Sha. While it isn’t a miracle treatment, it can help with the trouble areas and make the skin all nice and smooth. If you mix it with a nutritious regimen and exercise, you are in for a treat.

Its natural circulation-boosting properties can make the skin look tightened and radiant. All in all, it has the potential to reduce the look of cellulite lines all across the body. So, it’s definitely worth the try. Have you tried Gua Sha for cellulite before? Let us know in the comments below.

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