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By P. Sze | Last updated: February 9, 2023

Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seeds: The Natural Solution for Pain Relief

If you’re familiar with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or acupuncture, you’ve probably already heard of acupuncture ear seeds. Even if you’re not familiar with the two, you may have still heard of these seeds, simply because they’re everywhere nowadays!

Acupuncture ear seeds are an auriculotherapy tool rooted in TCM. These seeds, which are actually just fingernail-sized latex stickers containing a ripe seed, are placed carefully on the acupressure points in your ear related to your ailment in order to stimulate the relevant body part.

Ear seeds can cure or relieve the symptoms of various conditions, from seemingly minor issues like fatigue and dizziness to more serious problems like diabetes, insomnia, and cervical spondylosis.

Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seeds are a natural, quality solution for your pain and are a testimony to our expertise in TCM. Our ear seeds have been helping customers around the world overcome their ailments with the help of principles honed through centuries of practice and study enhanced by our expert team’s valuable inputs.

How Do Ear Seeds Work?

Ear seeds stem from auriculotherapy, a TCM method that uses acupressure points in the ear to impact other body parts. The method is commonly used to prevent and treat issues such as chronic pain, digestive disorders, vomiting, gynecological issues, and even substance abuse.

TCM practitioners use the ear as an indicator of the health of internal organs. The human ear has over 120 acupressure points and depending on the ailment, the relevant points may change shape, size, and color or become tender.

Doctors use these changes to figure out what the issue is and where exactly the seed needs to be placed. Once placed, the seed applies pressure on the spot to stimulate the relevant channel and ease symptoms without the need to puncture the skin.

Most acupuncture ear seeds, ours included, feature Vaccaria seeds attached to an adhesive sticker. Unlike seeds with magnets, steel, iron pellets, ceramic, titanium, etc., which may cause allergies, natural seeds are compatible with everyone as they’re organic.

Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seeds: A Detailed Review

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Focused on the needs of our customers, our brand has been instrumental in bringing the wonders of acupuncture to the Western world and, more importantly, making them accessible to everyone, with the firm belief that general wellness and good health are everyone’s birthright.

Our Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seeds are another step in this direction. Formulated and carefully tested by our team of TCM experts and specialists, this kit of ear seeds comes with everything a customer could need to use them and relieve their pain effectively. All these happen from the comfort of home and with none of the expensive medical visits and treatments that modern medicine entails.

The Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit features the following:

  • 600 skin-colored, self-adhesive, long-lasting tapes with natural Vaccaria seeds measuring no more than 2 millimeters
  • A pair of tweezers to carefully pick up the patches
  • An ear probe to locate the relevant acupressure points in your ear, with a comfortable, small ball tip that also provides stimulation
  • A large, multi-lingual ear chart (English, Spanish, German, French and Italian) mapping the different acupressure points and the corresponding parts of the body
  • An e-book, The Beginner’s Guide to Auricular Therapy, covers 19 common ailments and their placement charts (emailed to you upon purchasing the kit)
  • Bonus placement charts via email, periodically post-purchase

Along with all of these, you also receive excellent customer support. Our representatives will get back to any queries you may have as soon as possible via Facebook or email.

Why Choose Us

Ear seeds are increasing in popularity, which means that you’ll find many brands selling you this. Not all that glitters is gold, though. The products of many brands are rarely backed by solid knowledge in TCM, nor do they focus on what the customer wants or the issues they face.

With our brand, not only will you receive a high-quality, efficient product, but you’ll also receive high-quality service that’s tailored to your needs. Here’s what you can expect from us when you buy our product:

  • A high-quality product that stays on your ear for days, even through showers.
  • Unsure if you are placing the ear seeds correctly? Email us with a picture of your placement, and we will be happy to guide you through. 
  • Personal and direct support through our communication channels—no matter how many questions you have and how many times you reach out to us, our team of professionals, available Monday through Friday, is happy to connect with you and help you with product-related queries.
  • Our product comes with step-by-step instructions that make it easy even for complete beginners to use our product and reap its benefits efficiently.
  • A 30-day free refund when you buy the product from our site (, should you face any issues or find our product not up to the mark.
  • We know that you want to treat various conditions, such as headaches and digestive issues due to food allergies, knee pain, back pain, PMS, seasickness, IBS, constipation, arthritis, chronic regional pain syndrome, food cravings, tinnitus, weight loss, smoking cessation, shoulder pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, jaw pain, tendinitis and many more. As our free e-book may not cover everything, you can check out our free ear seeds placement chart here or ask us if we have one!

As stated by one of our very satisfied customers said, “The ear seeds are fantastic – they stick well, and even when worn in bed, they do not fall off neither on my feet/legs nor on my face. I can feel the energy streams in my legs being activated overnight.

“I learned about the effectiveness of TCM Acupressure when using it on my better half. He loves facial acupressure and we take the little book even with us on holidays as we can treat so many things simply through facial acupressure massages, from an upset stomach to fever to a hangover to headaches. Thank you for making this available in the west!”

Order your Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seeds from our store now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Dragon Acupuncture Founded?

Dragon Acupuncture was founded in 2016 by author and TCM expert P. Sze, with a focus on spreading awareness about simple, accessible, non-intrusive techniques rooted in oriental medicine that don’t involve needling. It’s one of two brands founded by the author—the other is TCM Tips, a blog that offers practical, research-backed, and expert-reviewed insights on TCM for the everyday reader.

How Should I Use Ear Seeds Together With My Acupuncture Treatment?

Ear seeds are often combined with traditional acupuncture to enhance and extend its benefits. At home, between acupuncture sessions, ear seeds can be placed on specific acupoints in the ear. The pressure from the ear seeds can stimulate the acupoints for several days, providing ongoing treatment. The ear seeds can also be gently massaged a few times daily to further stimulate the points. It is recommended to consult with a licensed acupuncturist to determine the most appropriate acupoints and usage for your specific needs.

How Should I Store The Ear Seeds?

You should keep them in cool places, so the patches do not dry up easily. And you should keep it away from children’s reach because the ear seeds are tiny. Once opened, please use them within 12 months. 

Do You Put Ear Seeds On Both Ears Or Just One? How Long Do You Leave Ear Seeds In The Ears?

We recommend applying the ear seeds on ONE ear at a time. After 2-4 days, remove the ear seed stickers and place fresh stickers on the other ear. By rotating the ear you apply the ear seeds, it allows the ear acupressure points to “rest” and remain sensitive to acupressure.

How Can You Contact Dragon Acupuncture?

You can get in touch with us via email at or via Facebook.

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P. Sze

P. Sze

P. Sze is the founder of TCM Tips and Dragon Acupuncture®. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a first-class honor in Civil Engineering. She also holds a master’s degree in Engineering and is the brain behind the innovative TCM products of Dragon Acupuncture®. She is the author of The Beginner's Guide to Auricular Therapy: Application of Ear Seeds (ISBN 978-1520451398) and Facial Gua Sha - Fight the Signs of Aging Naturally and Inexpensively (ISBN 978-1980678922). She has dedicated her life to ensuring that the complex theories behind oriental medicine and the seemingly dangerous techniques that involve needles and fire do not scare you from trying oriental medicine. This is why she writes endlessly about acupressure and its countless health and wellness benefits.

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