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Ear Seeds Acupuncture

Anxiety, headaches, weight problems, and menstrual cramps can affect the quality of your life. Living with a chronic physical or psychological pain affects your productivity and overall well-being. But what if the answer lies in alternative medicine? Wouldn’t it be great if you can realign the energy paths in your body to overcome all these issues? The Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit allows you to benefit from the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine without going to a specialist or suffering from any pain. The seeds are easy to use, yet scientific research proves that they’re very potent at relieving several types of emotional and physical stress. The road to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle begins with the Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit.

What are Ear Seeds?

Ear seeds are small seeds that target the pressure points used in acupressure. However, there’s no use of needles or pins so they’re pain-free. They restore balance to the “qi” or energy in your body so they can relieve pain, anxiety, stress, and help you quit smoking and lose weight. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, energy passes through invisible paths throughout our bodies. These paths or meridian lines are sometimes blocked, causing a disturbance to the energy flow. Using ear seeds will relieve the blockages and allow the energy to flow smoothly.

What are the Benefits of Ear Acupressure?

Improving the health of your heart and other body organs lies in re-adjusting the energy flow through various points in your ear. Here are some health benefits of acupressure.
  • Acupressure can help with several allergies. If you’re tired of taking medications and dealing with their annoying side effects, then you might want to try acupressure.
  • Fibromyalgia is a condition that is characterized by suffering from unexplained pain. It also affects your mood and sleep pattern. Taking painkillers is associated with several side effects, especially that they can harm your kidneys in the long run. Practicing acupressure will help your brain process the pain signals and decrease the painful sensation.
  • Depression is a serious disorder that can cause physical as well as emotional pain. Antidepressants don’t work for everyone and have some side effects as they make some people feel numb. Triggering the energy points using acupressure will help restore balance to your body and heal emotional well-being.
I have CRPS – chronic regional pain syndrome. One of the most painful issues one can have. I also have 6 herniated discs and L5 is crushing S1. Because of my CRPS I can’t have the surgery needed to fix my back as it may cause the CRPS to spread there. I purchased these seeds with little hope of them doing anything but for $20 I thought I didn’t have much to lose. I used the ebook and found where I needed to place the seeds for low back pain. That was yesterday. When I got up this morning I noticed I wasn’t as stiff & bent over like usual. While at work I noticed that I wasn’t having as much trouble getting out of my chair. This afternoon I noticed my lower back wasn’t hurting at all! It’s the first pain relief I’ve had in over 10 years. I have a spinal cord stimulater, & I’m on the absolute strongest pain meds one can take and nothing has helped my back pain until I tried these little seeds! Who would have thought that after all this time of suffering, all the money I’ve spent on prescriptions that haven’t helped, $20 in seeds would stop my pain! I’ve been telling everyone I know to order them! – Debbie Westerman

Explore the Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit

You’ll receive
  • 600 ear seeds.
  • An ear probe.
  • Tweezers.
  • A chart
  • An e-book.
This kit is made up of 600 natural 2mm Vaccaria seeds. They’re applied to the pressure points in your ear without any needles that might cause pain or discomfort. The seeds come with an ear probe that allows you to explore different pressure points in your ear, even if you’re not a professional. There’s also a pair of tweezers that you can use to pick the patches and place the seeds exactly where you want them. This kit is designed for beginners. It comes with a comprehensive e-book that teaches you all about how to use the seeds and where to place them. The guide explains 19 common conditions that people use the ear seeds for, so you can easily start transforming your life and getting rid of crippling pain. Once you make a purchase and buy your kit, the book will be emailed to you so you can do a little reading until your ear seeds arrive. You don’t have to be an expert acupressure therapist to use the kit successfully. It comes with all the tools that will allow you to place and remove the seeds to relieve pain. To make things easier, there’s a clear chart of the ear and energy paths. It highlights the various acupressure points and the different body parts they correspond to so you can get started. The chart is explained in English and Chinese.
After using the ear seeds, I noticed I’m not as stiff and bent over like usual. They helped with my chronic regional pain syndrome. – Alan A.

How Does the Kit Work?

Once you’ve received your ear seeds, you can immediately use them to promote wellness and relieve pressure and pain. Check the chart and the e-book to find the exact point and use your tweezers to place the seeds where they should be. You can easily do this by yourself, even if this is the first time using ear seeds. The ear seeds produce continuous but mild pressure that targets the pressure points in your ear, stimulating the energy flow and resolving any blockage that might result in pain or discomfort. They will stay in place as you go to work, sleep, work out or watch TV. Don’t worry about sweating or having a shower because these ear seeds will stay stuck. You won’t even feel that they are stuck to your ears, but you’ll start to experience a noticeable improvement. Massage your seeds for 60 seconds three to five times a day to achieve maximum results. The seeds will stay in place for about three days (or more) every time you decide to use them. They’re pain-free because they feature no needles. They’re suitable for people who want to experience acupressure but don’t want to get pierced by needles.
The kit has been a huge help for me with my IBS. -Loretta.

Why Should You Buy the Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit?

With so many products on the market, the Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit is an exceptional set of ear seeds that you shouldn’t miss.
  • These seeds are made of the Vaccaria plants. Unlike other seeds that are made of metal, these ones don’t cause any allergies.
  • The seeds are tan color, so they’re not noticeable and you can wear them all day.
  • They’re pain-free.
  • The ear probe doesn’t cause any discomfort and will allow you to locate the pressure points easily.

What Does the Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit Help With?

The Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit is designed to overcome 19 conditions that affect the overall quality of your life. If you suffer from any of the above conditions and struggled hard to get your life back on track, then you should try the Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit.
I am SO happy with my purchase. Within the first day of the arrival I carefully placed a few on my ear for various ailments including my shoulder. I was blown away! The pain I’d experienced was gone. I traveled to visit family and used the product to help my sister and father. My sister was especially thankful with the pain relief she experienced from here severe tendinitis. I highly recommend this product. – Karen Pedri

Weight Loss and Ear Seeds

Lots of people struggle with losing weight, even though they try to maintain a healthy diet. If your metabolism rate is too low or if your body isn’t responding to your controlled diet plan, then it’s time to try the ear seeds. Using the ear seeds according to the chart will help you fight off cravings so you can lose weight safely.
With instructions and charts super easy to use. Very effective; I lost 5.5 lbs of weight my first week!! No hunger pangs!! It is staying off! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. Normally, nothing works on me. – A. Woolbright

Ear Seeds will Help you Overcome Migraines

Chronic migraine is paralyzing. It affects your productivity and your ability to function whether you’re working, studying, or spending time with your family and friends. Using painkillers doesn’t always work. Your body might start to become more tolerant towards them and you’ll end up using more of them to alleviate the pain. The Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit works quickly to alleviate pain and reduce all the symptoms of migraine. If you suffer from nausea or dizziness, you’ll immediately sense the improvement. Using the seeds regularly will prevent recurring migraines and eliminate aftershock symptoms.
I ordered these last week to assist with weight loss. I haven’t started using them for that yet. BUT, this morning, I got a migraine. A full blown “can’t think, move or function” kind of migraine. It took me 2 hours to remember I had them but when I did and followed the directions BOOM. Literally 20 minutes later and I am typing this review. I’m down to nausea and a mild aftershock headache. I can’t express enough how amazing that is. I will do my best to never be without these again. And I’m looking forward to seeing what all they are capable of. Also, an EXCELLENT ebook with detailed instructions. -Jessica

Quit Smoking Easily With the Help of Ear Seeds

Lots of people try to stop smoking with no luck whatsoever. No matter how hard they try, something triggers them so they get back to this nasty habit. If you use this kit, you’ll find that you’re dealing with fewer nicotine cravings and as a result will be able to stop smoking successfully. Once you try these ear seeds and after placing them in the right spot according to the chart, you’ll start to feel that you don’t want to smoke as much as you usually do. Use them every day and they’ll help you quit smoking faster.
I brought these to help me stop smoking. I used my first patch with the intent that they won’t work. But to my surprise, I cut down on my smoking with the first use. Very good investment. – beverly russell

FAQs About the Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit

  1. I received my ear seed kit, now what?
Using the kit is very easy even if you’re a beginner. Take a look at the e-book emailed to your mailbox and determine the points you want to use the seeds on depending on your condition. Read your ear as if you’re reading a map and follow the instructions. If you’re not comfortable placing them yourself, you can ask someone else to follow the map and place the seeds on your ear. It gets easier with practice.
  1. I suffer from knee pain and want to lose weight. How can I get the best results?
 It’s recommended that you tackle one problem at a time. This will give your body a chance to adjust and restore balance. Please check the chart because ear seeds might not be able to treat all the conditions you’re suffering from. Use the map as a guide.
  1. I’m not sure that I will place the ear seeds at the right spots. What if I make a mistake?
It’s quite normal to be confused and a bit worried because the pressure points might be located close to each other. However, there will be no adverse action that might harm you if you place the seeds in the wrong place. The worst thing that could happen is that you won’t benefit from the acupressure technique properly and might need further treatments. To make things easier, ask a friend or a family member for help until you get familiar with the process.
  1. How can the seeds be used to treat anxiety and depression?
Each condition is unique in nature. While sometimes you need to target a single point for your pain, when dealing with anxiety, you’ll have to use the seeds to target four acupressure points. Regular massaging of the seeds can help a lot.
  1. How long should I keep the seeds on?
You can keep the seeds for up to four or five days. After that, you’ll have to remove them and place a new fresh set.
I placed these ear seeds on my own ear – so it wasn’t really easy to do without a three-way mirror, but I managed and I must’ve gotten them in the right spot, or at least most of them made it okay because this is the only thing I’ve changed in my daily regiment and it has been a huge help for me with my various ailments (IBS-d being the worst of my issues! I’m attaching what I used which worked great for me – hope it helps!). Also I need to mention that this is an awesome kit for the money! I’ve tried ear seeds before and seemed to ruin as many as would get in there, and I never seemed to get any relief, but these ear seeds are great! When I pull it off the strip (using the tweezers of course), I expected to lose at least a few of the seeds, but they all stayed in the bandage area as they were supposed to. I had to remove one to re-position it, and thought for sure the seed wouldn’t stay in it yet it did and they lasted through showers without issue! I placed 10 ear seeds in to cover my various issues, and they’ve really out-performed my expectations! I’ll definitely be ordering my replacement strips from the same company! – Maureen R.
Are you suffering from chronic pain? Is migraine depriving you of enjoying life? The Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit is safe to try and there’s no risk of bleeding or infection. This kit is a cost-effective and potent alternative to acupuncture or acupressure in the comfort of your home. Try it today. BUY Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seed Kit for Multi-Conditions here.

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