How To Relieve Tension Between Shoulder Blades With Acupressure

Modern life is full of long workdays in front of computer screens, and even our time off can be full of experiences that lead to muscle strain. This is especially true when it comes to the strain that is placed on the muscles in your back. Shoulder blade pain can be experienced by anyone at any age, especially those with poor posture. I remember being surprised by discomfort between my shoulder blades in my twenties and how much it restricted my range of motion. I lived with this discomfort until I learned how to relieve tension between shoulder blades through acupressure.

I was never a fan of classic treatment options because chiropractors cost too much, and over-the-counter medications only seemed to mask the problem instead of healing it. That is when I decided to take my back health into my own hands with acupressure. I tried multiple acupressure points before finding this potent combination for how to relieve muscle tension between shoulder blades.

What Causes Muscle Tightness Between The Shoulder Blades?

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If you have felt pain or discomfort between your shoulder blades then you are not alone. Many people will experience shoulder blade pain at some point in their lives, and it is so common that physical therapists generally refer to it as interscapular pain. This pain can range from dull to sore or even shooting pain, depending on the intensity of damage done to the area.

There are a number of ways that interscapular pain can originate. The most common ways are heavy lifting, poor posture, which is all too common in front of computers, exercise, and other strenuous movements. In some cases, this pain can come on gradually and stay dull, or it can intensify over time, resulting in a decreased range of motion.

There are many tendons and ligaments in this area of the back, but the specific muscle that is commonly damaged, leading to interscapular pain, is the rhomboid muscle. When damaged, this muscle can cause tenderness, tightness, or swelling of the upper back. Neck pain may also be felt. In some cases, a grinding noise may be heard, and in extreme cases, motion can be limited, and chest pain can cause difficulty breathing. Now that we know why we can get tight muscles between the shoulder blades, we can start to look into how to get rid of pain between shoulder blades.

Why Is It Important To Relieve Tension Between Your Shoulder Blades?

It is important to relieve tension between your shoulder blades because that area has a serious impact on many major aspects of your daily life and general functions. The muscles between your shoulderblades connect your shoulders to your spine and ribcage. In doing so, they effectively support good posture, aid with neck movements, and allow you to fully control your arms, especially when exerting force.

Since these shoulder muscles are connected to so many actions, a simple injury can intensify rapidly if left uncared for over long periods of time. Acupressure is exactly how to relieve muscle tension between shoulder blades as it is an easy and accessible option for treatment and preventative measures concerning upper back pain.

Acupoint: Bl-43 (Other Names: Urinary Bladder-43/Gao Huang Shu/Vital Region Shu)

This bladder channel point falls right near the area where most people feel shoulder pain. It is commonly included in any back pressure points massage because it helps to relax stiff muscles in the upper back by increasing blood flow, especially near the scapula. Bl-43 is so effective at relaxing the muscles in this area of the back that it is also known to help ease shortness of breath that can be strained due to muscle tightness.

Activating the Bl-43 points on your back may be difficult to do alone. A heating pad, a tennis ball, and other pressure-applying tools can help you activate this spot if no one is around to help you. This point is in line with the fourth thoracic vertebra, so you can start by locating that section of your spine. Once you locate your fourth thoracic vertebra, you should measure four finger widths out from this point and towards the shoulder blades. Activate this point on both sides of your spine with firm pressure and light massaging motions if it feels comfortable.

Acupoint: SI-11 (Other Names: Small Intestine-11/Tian Zong/Heavenly Gathering)

Acupressure points for back pain can also be acupressure points for fibromyalgia. This is best displayed by Sl-11, which works wonders for relieving shoulder pain in the upper back. This point is key when it comes to how to relieve tension between shoulder blades because it helps relieve interscapular pain and simultaneously relaxes tense muscles of the upper back, neck, and upper arms.

Sl-11 is located in line with Bl-43 and can also be found starting with the identification of the fourth thoracic vertebrae. The major difference with this point is that it falls in the center of each shoulder blade. Pressure applied to these areas should be firm but be mindful that the scapula is bone, and too much pressure could be painful.

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