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Never Heard of Auricular Medicine? Find Out How It Helps To Relieve Any Pain In Your Body

Auricular Medicine

Auricular medicine has been taking the world by storm lately. It has been one of the most widely discussed medical trends across the globe, with many people praising the technique’s efficiency and capabilities to relieve pain and treat various medical conditions.

 With that said, today, we’ll be providing you with everything you need to know about auricular medicine as well as the types and the products used to utilize it.

A Brief Introduction To Auricular Medicine

Auricular medicine is the newest trend in alternative medicine universe. It’s a revolutionary procedure to treat illness related to any element of the human body simply by diagnosis and examination of the patient’s ears.

Many disorders, whether they’re related to your physical, emotional, and mental health, are believed to be treated through the manipulation of the external part of the ear.

The approach comes from the belief that the ear is a super-compact organ that’s related, directly or indirectly, to every inch of the human body.

Origin And History

Ear therapy dates back to the ancient Chinese empire (150 BC). It’s related to TCM’s explanation of acupuncture.

They concluded that the human body’s health is directly correlated to the flow of blood and inner energy (qi) through the body and that inefficient flow would lead to illness and pain.

Flashing forward thousands of years, auricular medicine was introduced to Europe in the late 20th century, by the French neurologist Paul Noiger, MD. Since then, it has been widely studied and researched as a new pathway to diagnose, relieve, and cure diseases.

The nomenclature of the technique has been diverse including names such as auriculotherapy, auricular therapy, ear acupuncture, auriculoacupuncture, and most commonly, auricular medicine.

They all depend on including “auricle”, which is the outer cartilaginous piece of the ear while projecting the resemblance between its shape and the form of a human fetus inside the womb.

These different points, grooves, and even the ear channel are interpreted by ear acupuncturists to specific points on the human body through a technique called “linear mobile detection”.

Auricular Medicine Advantages Over Other Forms Of Treatment

Auricular medicine depends on re-adjusting the flow of energy to a highly vital organ, which is the ear, to control and eradicate symptoms of various conditions. Among the greatest merits of this medicine are:

It’s extremely safe with absolutely no side effects, so it can be applied to almost all people, including little kids and older people.

Unlike acupuncture, auricular medicine is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that requires no needles to practice, ditching all the pain associated with acupuncture.

The fact that they’re highly enervated allows for human ears to be connected to almost everywhere in your body, so they have a great reach to your pain no matter how far it can be.

They’ve been widely studied and approved to be effective by medical practitioners and researchers worldwide.

Auricular medicine is one of the only alternative medicine methods that can also help you lose weight and stop smoking.

Auricular Medicine Diagnosis And Treatment

Saving the absolute best for the last, now you must be asking, how long does it take them to diagnose through the ears? And what medical benefits does an ear therapy exactly offer?

The diagnosis process is a very quick process that requires no medical history or using expensive medical devices.

Medical diagnosis in auricular medicine depends on checking multiple aspects including the shape, color, and change in the electrical field measurements of the ears.

Furthermore, auricular medicine can also predict some chronic health conditions even when they’re at early stages, such as diabetes and heart problems.

Not only that, but they can also teach you how to effectively self diagnose yourself at home, where you can use ear seeds pressure kits that work like a full auricular acupuncture session.

Such home kits are supplied with chart mappings that you can use to target the required zones for healing successfully, and they’re as effective as ear acupuncture sessions.

These mappings are of great significance, and they’re regarded as a crucial point for treatment success.

Speaking of the treatments, researchers have been discovering new treatments offered by auricular medicine on a daily basis, the astonishing list of conditions that ear therapy improves includes

  • Relieves insomnia and all kinds of pain 
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels, which helps in diabetes.
  • Aids in weight loss by blocking food cravings. 
  • Improves vision and focus.
  • Fights off physical and mental fatigue by regulating body energy
  • Helps to quit smoking
  • Relieves constipation and gastritis.

Auricular Medicine Types

Through the years, auricular medicine has developed into separate techniques and styles. Although they all give the same effect, they have slight variations in the practice itself.

Auricular Seed Therapy

The most widely used and studied method, seed therapy, involves applying pressure on specific points on the ear using a hard or smooth pellet that contains an herb or a seed.

These seeds offer more therapeutic effects than acupuncture without the need for painful needles all the while being portable, invisible, and easy to use.

Auricular Point Massage

As the name suggests, point massage involves applying pressure on specific points on the ear through pressing, kneading, and folding of the ears by a professional auricular acupuncturist.

This method not only provides the health benefits of auricular medicine but also drives a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Auricular Bleeding Therapy

The ancient method used by the Chinese, bleeding therapy, isn’t practiced as much nowadays due to the invasive nature of the technique.

It includes puncturing the ears at specific points and drawing out some blood, which was believed to enhance the body’s circulation and treat fever.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re a fan or a beginner, auricular medicine craze and the reports about its effectiveness has definitely reached you.

The powerful yet painless treatment gives you some unrivaled features with low cost and long-lasting effects.

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