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The Pressure Point On Thumb For Heart Attack

Are you wondering about trying a pressure point on the thumb for a heart attack? I did, I never thought I would read about Chinese medicine, but I only started looking into it when I felt a weird pain in my middle finger. Also, I tried applying firm pressure to it, but nothing helped. I heard about a pressure point on the thumb for heart attack but didn’t take it seriously.

Let me discuss some of the best acupressure points on hand for the heart that I read about soon after my research on pain signals. I never knew the benefits of acupressure until I tried it.

I also read that acupressure practitioners focus on removing the pain rather than trying to manage it. These therapies can help reduce heart palpitations, pressure on the heart, and much more.

A large number of people felt much better with a single acupressure session. Thus, I decided to ditch traditional medicine and try the following acupuncture techniques for better healing effects.

Does The Left Thumb Pain Cause A Heart Attack?

Heart attacks can have a wide variety of reasons, depending on the severity of the problem.
However, not all heart pains are connected to heart attacks directly. People may also experience chest pains for various reasons. Nonetheless, left thumb pain does not always indicate a heart attack. Fortunately, understanding the right pressure point on the thumb for heart attack can help you.

It would be best to get a screening or talk to a health professional to get more information before opting for treatment by yourself.

The doctors may suggest healthcare and lifestyle changes because cardiovascular diseases are more about management and not treatment alone.

Is Thumb Pain Connected To A Heart Attack?

People often think that having thumb pain indicates a possible chance of heart attack. However, this is not true for everyone.

Thumb pain can occur because of various reasons. These include physical injury, inflammation, accidents, or others. Thus, it is best to consult with a professional if you fear having a heart attack. Moreover, Acupuncture is gaining international recognition mainly because it considers consistent patient feedback as a major guideline.

A good indicator of cardiovascular diseases is the “Thenar Point” which indicates three highs, fatty liver, and even the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases if it is red.

In addition, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners said that the “Thenar Point” belongs to the hand Taiyin Lung Meridian.

Redness in the “Thenar Point” can also indicate heart hotness often manifested as upset mood, mouth ulcers, irritability, insomnia, high blood lipids, elevated blood pressure, etc.

Patients are likely to develop cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases if the whole palm shows red color instead of a specific region. Thus, emergency medical attention is the a must if a patient exhibits these signs.

Does Acupressure Help Against Heart Attacks?

Acupressure is a non-traditional treatment option with promising results against several health diseases. These include all sorts of physical issues, including heart attacks.

Many friends suggested medical treatment, but I was a little scared. The pain started to grow as it moved from my hands to the rest of my body, causing extreme neck pain.

I experienced lower energy flow, sore throat, and other health complications.

I noticed applying gentle pressure to the area helped me temporarily, but the chronic pains always came back. It was quite similar to menstrual pain, making it harder for me to manage.

That is when I started learning about the human body and its treatment options. However, I experienced other health issues like increased heart rate, tension headaches, etc. Thus, I thought about pain medications.
I came across a study that explained that acupuncture is an alternative treatment for cardiovascular disease and started looking into it further.  I was amazed because the left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) percentage was measured at baseline and detected a big difference in the 6-minute walk distance between participants.

After that, I started considering acupressure as a must for better cardiac health and heart attack resistance, and it has helped me ever since. But remember, acupressure focuses primarily on minimizing the heart attack warning signs and similar issues.

Acupoint: LU-10 (Other Names: Lung-10/Yu Ji/Fish Border)

Finding a thumb pressure point for heart attack is one of the first recommendations that you will find in alternative medicine such as acupuncture. This simple method will help you restore your energy levels and increase the flow of energy through your body.

The LU-10 acupuncture point is a popular method that helps ensure better blood circulation.
You can find the point on the radial aspect of the midpoint of your first metacarpal bone. Try to locate it on the junction of your red and white skin.

People with heart attack sore thumb can feel muscle tension and several other issues. These include the following:

  • Cough
  • Hemoptysis
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of voice
  • Fever, feverish sensation on the palms

Treatment Effect:

Acupressure via the LU-10 point clears lung heat and reduces throat issues. It is a helpful pressure point on thumb for heart attack.

Reading about acupressure points on hand for shoulder pain also helped me a great deal. I started having improved health once I tried incorporating this acupuncture point in my hand.

I understood that acupressure could help relieve other issues, so I continued studying.

Where to find it:

You can find the LU-10 point on the first metacarpal bone radial aspect’s midpoint. It is on the junction of the white and red skin and quite easy to locate.  Besides, you can place the LU-10 point on both hands against one another and rub them together to create heat. Focusing on the pressure point helps improve food digestion, reduces gaseous issues, etc.

Acupoint: PC-6 (Other Names: Pericardium-6/Nei Guan/Inner Pass)

Acupoint: PC-6 (Other Names: Pericardium-6/Nei Guan/Inner Pass)

Nausea and vomiting may not be clear heart attack symptoms thumb, but focusing on acupressure points on hand for the heart works for most patients.

The pressure point mainly improves discomforting feelings of vomiting and nausea, which people with possible heart disease can also experience.

Most experts count it as a four-star acupuncture point because of its powerful effects.
It also helps individuals against insomnia, discomfort, and more by calming the Shen. The PC-6 point helps against other chest diseases as well.

Where to find it: You can find the PC-6 point between two vertical muscles on the arm. Perform it by placing three fingers on the area and pressing your thumb for a few seconds (5 seconds).

Perform the technique about ten times on each hand. Learning more about the inner gate acupuncture point is a great way to promote better nerve health in your body.

While these two acupressure points are famous, let us look at some other acupressure points you can choose.

Acupoint: HT-7 (Other Names: Heart-7/Shen Men/Spirit Gate)

In recent years, there have been reports that acupoints are effective in suppressing atrial fibrillation.
The biggest merit of acupoint stimulation is that it can be done easily at any time. Although it is simple, it has the effect of suppressing the excitement of the heart by adjusting the balance of the autonomic nerves.

The HT-7 or Heart 7 pressure point present on the crease of your wrist lies on the line between the pinkie finger and ring finger. Look for a bone as it is next to the pressure point. Applying gentle pressure to the area helps against several health issues, including anxiety, heart palpitations, depression, heart attack, etc. It is a major reason why many people look for pressure points on the thumb for heart attacks.

Try this pressure point the next time you fear having a heart attack.

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