Try SI3 Acupuncture Point And This Special Acupoint If You Wake Up With A Stiff Neck

Neck pain is one of the leading causes of disability in all the world. According to the Statista report, about 53 percent of people who visited healthcare facilities in 2018 reported back or neck pain. That’s a huge number and alarming at the same time. You would already know how hard it is to stay functional if you have ever experienced chronic neck pain. If you haven’t, then pray to God that you never have to.

Neck pain can cause sleep deprivation, stress, depression, anxiety; you name it. I’m so touchy about it because I woke up with a stiff neck just not too long ago. I felt horrible until I found an acupuncture point for neck pain. That’s why I want to share it with you guys today so that you get your healthy, lively, and active life back again.

Most Effective Acupuncture Point Points For Neck Pain

If you haven’t already known, acupuncture is an alternative medicine technique that has been serving people since ancient times. It’s the traditional Chinese way of treating almost all the disease and health problems. Because of the benefits it brings to the table, more and more people are utilizing acupuncture and acupressure techniques. As I mentioned, it could treat almost all the disease and health issues, and a stiff neck is no exception. You just need to know the right acupoints to get rid of chronic neck pain within a matter of a few minutes.

Grab your seat belts because I am about to take you for a ride where you’ll see how the following acupuncture points can change your life. So let’s dive right in.

Shall We?

Acupoint: SI-3 (Other Names: Small Intestine-3/Hou Xi/Back Stream)

SI3 acupuncture point is considered as the gateway acupoint. That’s because it directly leads to your spinal cord through your shoulders, scapula, and neck. It means that SI3 acupuncture point, shoulder pain, neck pain, and headache, especially migraine, are directly related. This acupoint is very often used with bladder acupoints such as bladder 10 and bladder 62. It allows your body to open your spine from the lumbar spine and coccyx direction. The small intestinal and bladder acupoints make a beautiful and impactful team that can undoubtedly help you with your neck pain, shoulder pain, migraines, and more.

An NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) Study shows that SI-3 acupoint can significantly reduce and treat neck pain caused by stiff neck based on clinical trials. Additionally, its benefits other than scientific research and studies have no proof more reliable than my personal experience.

You only need to stimulate and activate this acupoint by massaging it with the tip of your thumbs. Consider rotating your thumbs firmly for about three to five minutes on this acupoint. Let’s find out where this acupoint is located and how you can use it to cure your neck pain.

SI3 Acupuncture Point Location

Si3 acupuncture point is located on your hand. You just need to find the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint of your hand’s little finger on the palm side.

Still not sure? Well, worry not. Here’s a picture that explains even better.

SI3 Acupuncture Point Benefits

The list of benefits of this acupoint is long and never-ending. From relieving chronic neck pain and migraine to preventing heart diseases and healthy blood circulation, SI3 acupoint has everything covered. Here are some of the most significant ones that I can easily recall at the moment:

  • Relieves neck and back pain
  • Activates your meridians
  • Regulates your Du meridian
  • Clams the Shen
  • Expels exterior wind
  • Prevents heart diseases
  • Cure Migraines
  • Treats Malaria
  • Treats depression and anxiety
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Treats constipation and diarrhea
  • Helpful against bloating and gas
  • Together with bl 40 acupuncture point, experts use them to maintain good health

Acupoint: Bl-10 (Other Names: Urinary Bladder-10/Tian Zhu/Celestial Pillar)

Bl-10 is also regarded as a celestial pillar that helps treat neck pain, specifically the upper neck. It is mostly used when you have difficulty moving your neck. Activating this acupoint brings harmony between your lower and upper body. It’s also used to treat the issues with orifices of your head by directly affecting your eyes and relieving pain.

According to NCBI Study, Bl10 helps neck pain and reduces vomiting, and clears the stomach. You can gently massage this acupoint for about one to two minutes with your thumbs to activate it.

Bl10 Acupuncture Point Location

Bl-10 Urinary Bladder-10 Tian Zhu Celestial Pillar

You can find these acupoints at the back of your neck at the same level as your hairline. There is a protruding muscle at the center of your neck, and the acupoints rest in the depression on both sides of the muscle.

Bl10 Acupuncture Point Benefits

The list of benefits of this acupoint is also very long, and some of the most significant ones are as follows:

  • Helpful for nasal congestion
  • Treats sore throat
  • Regulates smell sense
  • Eliminates dizziness
  • Relieves neck pain, headache, back pain, and shoulder pain
  • Expel wind
  • Soothes sinews
  • Opens the sense orifices
  • Dispatches cold and open the connecting vessels
  • Brightens the eyes
  • This is also one of the acupressure points for tired eyes

Luo Zhen Point: Special Acupoint For Neck Pain

Consider this acupoint as a bonus because it can work wonders according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. You will only feel pain at this acupoint if you have a stiff neck. Otherwise, you will feel nothing when you touch it. Massage this acupoint by making small circles with your index finger or thumb in one direction. If the stiffness occurs on the left side, massage the acupoint on your left hand and vice versa. As you massage the acupoint, rotate your head very gently and avoid hurting yourself. Keep doing this for 3 – 5 minutes, and the stiffness will be gone!


It is located between the third and second metacarpal bones on the dorsum of your hand, around .5 cun at the rear end of the metacarpophalangeal joint. If you can’t find it, just look for the pain that hurts most in this region when you experience stiffness in your neck.


  • Best to relieve neck pain, cold neck, stiff neck
  • Relief muscle tension
  • Helps with Nasal congestion


These are some of the most impactful acupoints, and activating them can work wonders by relieving you from neck pain. With a single message, you’ll feel an immediate difference. As far as my advice is concerned, consider doing it regularly, and you’ll see how these acupoints can transform your whole body.

Photo by Keenan Constance, Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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