Watch Your Acne Roll Away Jade Roller Benefits Acne

Watch Your Acne Roll Away: Jade Roller Benefits Acne

Jade rollers are the natural acne cure that you have been looking for!

Waking up to a new pimple and breathing a sigh of disappointment was a regular part of my morning routine for years. When I first started getting acne at the age of 16, over-the-counter treatments and washes were my first attempt at finding a cure, but nothing ever worked. After endless failed treatment recommendations from friends and family, I decided to consult a dermatologist. A few medications, painful topical treatments, and undesirable side effects later, I was still suffering from weekly breakouts. Even worse, the side effects made my skin more sensitive and painful. That’s when I gave up the modern western medicine route for something more natural and discovered that jade rollers benefit acne.

That’s right. Years and years of acne scars and painful skin all came to a screeching halt when I learned to embrace jade rollers as a treatment option. At first, I knew nothing about the benefits of jade rollers. Questions like “Can you put a jade roller in the freezer?” and “Is a rose quartz or jade roller better?” filled my mind at the start of my jade roller journey to clear skin. My answers came with research, but I want your experience to be much simpler.

This article consists of the answers to questions I had, as well as questions I have been asked about using a jade roller for treating acne.

“Is a jade roller good for acne?”

Yes! Acne comes in many different forms and may require a combination of treatments for completely clear skin. However, a jade roller benefits acne in most forms. These rollers work by providing gentle stimulation to the face. As the roller glides across the skin, it intensifies blood flow and improves lymph movement. Since blood carries nutrients and healing elements, the increased flow helps heal damage to the skin’s surface, like acne marks.

Lymph is the fluid in our bodies that is responsible for removing toxins and excess fluid. Unlike blood, it does not flow via a pump. Instead, lymph’s movement is facilitated by the body’s movement and pressure associated with lymph pathways. The face and neck alone have over 300 small lymph nodes. These points concentrate toxins gathered by lymph fluid as it moves through the body. This system’s stimulation promotes the removal of acne-causing toxins both beneath and on the skin’s surface.

With an increased healing capacity and reduced toxin levels, jade rolling makes facial skin more capable of beating acne breakouts.

How to use a jade roller for acne:

The face is delicate, and acne-prone skin is often sensitive, so it is vital to take a few precautions in your jade rolling practice. To gain the most jade roller benefits for acne, you will want to start by cleaning your face to remove any excess oil, makeup, and debris. Then you will want to clean your jade roller. Maintaining sanitation during jade rolling for acne is key to ensuring that any open marks do not become infected.

Once everything is clean and ready, you can apply your favorite serum or oil to your jade roller or your face. You always want to use oil or serum to prevent damaging or excessive abrasion to the skin’s top layer.

When rolling your face, apply gentle pressure. You only want to stimulate the skin’s natural functions. Excessive pressure can cause further irritation.

Think of your face like a circle with your nose as the center. With that image in mind, you want to roll your face from the center to the outer edges in all directions. Repeat the movement in each area a few times before moving to the next section of your face. Curved motions can be made to accommodate gentle areas like under-eye bags. Maintain an outward rolling motion to support lymph flow from the face for improved toxin removal. If you are confused at any point in the massage, you can address a jade roller facial diagram for assistance.

Jade rolling is commonly recommended as a twice-daily treatment to maximize toxin removal and healing while providing an easy way to apply daily skin treatments.

“Does jade rolling help with acne scars?”

Jade roller benefits for acne include improving the appearance of acne scars. However, it is unlikely to remove the scars entirely. Acne scars are the result of scar tissue, and this is the material that replaces healthy tissue that is damaged from long-term acne. I have a few of these scars, and although I have noticed a reduction in their color and appearance after jade rolling, they have not wholly disappeared.

To remove any type of scar tissue, light and repetitive exfoliation treatments are often needed. These treatments can be irritating to the skin, so following them with a cooling and gentle jade roller massage can reduce irritation and improve healing time.

“How will I know what oil to use with a jade roller?”

If you want to receive jade roller benefits for your acne, the roller must always be used with a form of lubrication. However, this lubrication does not always have to be oil. Serums work as well, and for oil-sensitive skin, they can be a better choice. When you determine what oil to use for gua sha face or jade roller, keep in mind your skin type and its needs. Oily skin may be overwhelmed by the addition of more oil, while dry skin may improve through oil.

Check the properties of oils you are looking to use to ensure they will not harm your skin. Oils that support the healing of wounds, calm the skin, don’t clog pores, and are unlikely to cause a reaction should be prioritized.

What serums to use with a jade roller:

If you are planning to use serums with a jade roller for benefiting acne, there are countless options. First, you will want to choose a serum that will not soak into your skin immediately since it needs to continue lubricating the roller. However, this does not mean thin or absorptive serums are out of the question. If you usually use various serums that mix well during your skincare routine, you can actually speed the process up and achieve better results by layering them on your roller.

To do this, you place a small amount of each serum that you plan to use on a smooth and clean surface. Organize them from thinnest to thickest, and then gently run the roller through each serum for even coating. When you roll your face, you will receive the benefits of each serum using only one motion. You will save time and obtain better serum coverage.

“Can my jade roller cause breakouts?”

Jade rollers benefit acne, but they can also worsen it. Like many other beauty treatments, jade rollers can make acne worse if they are improperly used. Inadequate oil or serum application can cause excessive abrasion, which irritates the skin and can result in acne. An unclean face and unclean roller can also cause breakouts resulting from the spread of bacteria and other acne-causing debris. If these two complications are avoided, you should not see a continuous increase in acne.

It may also be the case that acne increases at the very start of your jade rolling journey and diminishes as you continue the practice. This is thought to result from toxins being brought to the surface and expelled before the skin can begin to heal fully. Don’t let a few new pimples discourage you. Sometimes things have to get a little worse right before they get better!

“Can you keep a jade roller in the freezer?”

You can absolutely keep a jade roller in the freezer, and like most people, I actually recommend it. Jade is naturally cool, but the freezer’s added chill is refreshing and works to reduce the puffiness and redness associated with acne.

“Should you wash your jade roller?”

Washing your jade roller is a must unless you want your skin to get worse. Don’t worry, it is easy and well worth the effort.

How to wash a jade roller:

You should be washing your jade roller after each use. To do this, simply rise the roller and clean with a gentle face-safe wash or a baby soap. Then rinse the roller again and roll it dry on a clean towel. We have a more in-depth article on how to clean gua sha tools here.

How to store jade roller:

Jade is a delicate stone, and it can break if it is dropped. To protect your jade roller and keep it clean, you can wrap it in a fresh facecloth and leave it in a dry and safe place. Avoid areas where rapid and drastic temperature changes happen. If jade is exposed to quickly changing temperatures, it could crack.

“Should I get a jade or rose quartz roller?”

Although the stones are associated with different healing properties, there is no scientific evidence backing these legends. The most important thing about your roller is that it is a clean, smooth, and firm stone. Jade and rose quartz will both work well, although jade tends to maintain a slightly cooler natural temperature.

How to spot a fake jade roller:

Spotting fake jade is no easy task, but there are a few things you can look out for. First, feel the jade if possible. Genuine jade is dense and rather heavy for its size. Jade should have a green hue that looks natural, not overly vibrant or unnaturally even in color. Fake jade will also break or scratch easily in comparison to the real thing.

“Does jade roller help a slim face?”

Aside from jade roller benefits for acne, the action of rolling in combination with jade’s cool temperature also helps reduce inflammation and slim the face. Jade rolling helps remove excess fluid and improves elasticity within the skin. In combination, these two factors make the face appear slimmer and facial features appear more pronounced. The same results can be obtained concerning the neck as well!

How to jade roll under eyes:

When jade rolling under your eyes, a chilled roller works best. If your jade roller has two sides, you will want to use the smaller side. Place it under the inner corner of your eye and then, with minimal pressure, roll it out towards your temple in a small half-circle shape. A few repetitions under each eye and you should notice a reduction in eye bags.

How to jade roll your neck:

The neck should also be rolled in one direction, precisely a downward direction. This helps drain lymph and excess puffiness away from the face.

Jade rollers are one of the simplest treatment options for various skin health concerns, including acne. I hope I have been able to answer any questions you had relating to jade rolling for acne and that a jade roller benefits your acne as much as it has helped mine!

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