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What Everybody Ought To Know About Cupping And Scraping | And The 5 Best Tools 2020

Cupping and scraping are all the rage right now, with celebrities like Jenifer Aniston and the Bing Band Theory superstar Kaley Cuoco showing their round cupping marks on their backs. But, the red carpet is not the only place where these techniques are talked about. A lot more people have been turning their attention to these new holistic approaches.

Fans can’t stop but wonder what is that all about and whether or not these techniques serve any purpose. So, the real question is, are they really worth it? Let’s take a closer look at both methods, what they are all about, and what their benefits are.

What Is Cupping and Scraping All About?

From 1.5 to 2.7 million people in the U.S. are hospitalized from medication side effects. No wonder why so many people are more interested in holistic treatments now more than ever.

Cupping and scraping are part of ancient Chinese medicine. Even though they have only recently been spotted in the West, they’ve been used for more than 2000 years in China. Both of these methods remove toxins from the system, but they use very different ways to achieve that.

Cupping uses glass or bamboo cups to create a vacuum to reduce the pressure on the skin by holding it inside the cup for a set amount of time. Once it breaks the capillaries on the affected area, it will boost the blood flow and release all the blocked qi that stops the body from removing the toxins on its own. It leaves a mark on the skin for a couple of days or until the skin completely regenerates.

Scrapping, on the other hand, uses a tool with a very smooth and soft surface. This method is known as Gua Sha massage technique that doesn’t leave any marks on the skin and has the potential to obtain the same effects. The process starts with pressured and gentle strokes on the skin and moves down towards the affected area of the body.

The Advantages of Cupping and Scraping

Because of its relatively new nature, many people are skeptical of what these techniques can do for their bodies. Besides, plenty of other massage therapies promise excellent results. This makes it incredibly difficult to trust in something that has just surfaced.

But, according to research, these two techniques, “Cupping and Scraping,” have a lot more to offer then you realize. Here is why.

1.   Promotes a Healthy Weight Loss Process

Based on Japanese research, cupping showed some excellent results for losing weight. The long-term effects of this technique showed excellent results that volunteers in the study managed to reduce the size of their thighs, waist, and arms from 10% to up to 11.5%. All with the help of cupping treatments.

When combined, both of these treatments can use heat treatment to help metabolism and shed excess pounds. By suppressing the appetite and helping the body remove all the excess toxins, they allow the system to function at its best, making the weight loss process a lot easier to achieve.

2.   Keeps the Cholesterol Levels in Check

More than 71 million people in the U.S. have trouble with their cholesterol levels. That is 33.5% of the entire population. However, only one in every three people knows how to keep their condition in check. This makes it one of the most challenging and potentially life-threatening health problems to deal with.

With either scrapping or cupping, you might be able to put an end to these problems and manage your cholesterol much more comfortable then you could before. According to research, a therapy like this can suppress the LDL or bad cholesterol, and boost the HDL or the good one.

This will help avoid any buildup manifesting in the veins or arteries, which could help you prevent stroke or heart problems.

3.   Helps With the Headaches

Studies show that these holistic approaches can lighten up headache pain and chronic migraines by a staggering 66%. These results indicate that techniques such as these could prove immensely helpful for anyone who has to deal with terrible headaches daily. While they can’t replace conventional medicine, they still have great potential.

4.   Good for the Skin

Scrapping is all about the skin. This technique massages the surface of the skin by buffing it up and supplying it with a firm and lifting effect. The whole process is about stimulating the blood flow to move more naturally and effectively. In the long run, it can be immensely useful for promoting the skin’s regeneration process and clearing out any complexions that might ruin your skin.

5.   Eases the Pain

Pain can be a huge issue for anyone, no matter how young or old. The moment it starts hampering your daily activities, you know you have to deal with it immediately. According to research, these techniques can help you achieve precisely that. They can help with shoulder, back, or neck pain.

Based on a different study, cupping might even be more useful than any meds, activities, or analgesics. Plus, it has no severe side effects like these medications do. When paired with acupuncture, cupping can have some exponential pain-soothing properties.

6.   Boosts Mobility

Scrapping allows the body to regenerate by itself. By promoting the normal blood flow and eliminating toxins from the system, it becomes much easier for people to start moving on their own. Once the pain has been removed, people can bend, extend, and stretch with ease. Plus, it has some excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which could be super helpful in the long run.

Handy Tools for Cupping and Scraping At Home

It doesn’t matter if you choose to do either of these methods; you need the right equipment. Without it, it’s almost impossible to get the right results you need.

With all the different products out there, it is a little tricky to find the perfect one. That’s why we have decided to list a couple of products that can come in handy for those looking to try the techniques at home.

1. K.S. Choi Corp Cupping Set

To give the technique a try, you need to make sure you are safe. Cupping therapy is best performed with a premium quality set, and what better way to do it then with the K.S. Choi set? As long as you know the ropes, these cups can prove useful.

2. Hansol Cupping Therapy Set

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go simple. A good quality cup set that’s easy to use and quick to get used to can make all the difference. Depending on what you are looking for, this set could be a good pick, especially if you’ve recently decided to start cupping.

3. Kangzhu Cupping Set

For cupping, you need a durable and robust set. The Kangzhu is built to last, so if you are looking for age and break-resistant plastic, this may be the ideal pick. With proper use, cups such as these can help restore the Yin and Yang balance in the system and bring back the body to its former glory. This is the kind of biological magnetic therapy that can come in handy.

4. HeartCanFeel Scraping Tool

No matter what kind of pain you are dealing with, this smooth-surfaced tool can help you alleviate and soothe the tension with regular use. It’s a static-free, strong, and durable set that you can use whenever you like. If you don’t know which scraping tool design to go for, this set can help solve that dilemma. It comes with four different shaped scraping tools to fit anyone’s needs.

5. Stickon Stainless Steel Scraping Tool

Very few people trust the strength and durability of a jade stone, which is why it could be a good idea to try stainless steel instead. This scraping tool is smooth enough to prevent any injuries or scarring on the skin if used properly. It’s a medical-grade tool with excellent quality covered with a mirror surface to give it sensitive but durable support. If you want to try something you can trust, this could be the ideal option.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Cupping and Scraping techniques have a lot to offer. They could prove useful for treating a wide range of problems, including pain and illnesses. All of their advantages are supported by research, but with more studies and a lot more statistics, all of their effects would be a lot more substantial.

So far, these techniques show significant promise, and no wonder why celebrities have been turning their attention to them.


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