What Is Green Moxa Punk?

Herbal therapies and Chinese treatments are a popular choice for many health problems. As long as it works with acupoints, people are eager to give it a try. No wonder why moxibustion, a unique heat treatment meant to stimulate the acupoints, is getting so much attention these days. There are a lot of Moxa sticks for sale too. But, not everyone fully understands all the different types of moxa. Here, we will talk about what is green moxa punk?

Have you ever heard of it? We will cover all you need to know about the green moxa punk, its application, and uses. So, let’s get right to it.

What Is Green Moxa Punk?

Not many people fully understand what moxa punk is. When you think of burning herbs, the first thing that comes to mind is medicinal marihuana.

It’s true that when you light up a moxa punk, it looks and smells like a marihuana blunt. But, the thing is, the two don’t even have the same effects or properties.

To get therapeutic properties, people rely on dried mugwort. This is the key to the effects of heat therapy. The mugwort created for burning is referred to as the moxa herb. When the moxa herb is in its natural state, it resembles a stack of green herbal fluff. It’s no wonder why so many people mistake it for marihuana. This is, in fact, what we call the “moxa punk.”


The punk is then condensed into sticks, tougher grades of moxa punk for bathing, and cones, like the Homemelinda Moxa Cones, for example. In other words, the loose herb is the moxa punk.

How Do People Use Moxa Punk?

Moxa has multiple uses, depending on the type of treatment. The two main uses are indirect and direct moxa. But, when it comes to using a moxa punk, you will see three different main forms. The moxa punk can be:

  • Stuck to a needle that a therapist can warm.
  • Rolled into a tiny cone for direct acupoint treatment.
  • Rolled into a cigar that people will hold above an acupoint.

What you may not be aware of is that the herb will be sticking out of the moxa punk’s head.

The treatment might seem less effective than acupuncture or acupressure, but it is designed to stimulate the flow of Qi and provide systematic effects. In other words, with a simple warmth, the therapy can go a long way.

What Makes Green Moxa Punk So Good?

The primary application for moxa is to treat the body when cold has invaded the system. If, for example, a patient experiences cold-obstruction type of pain and they need to warm the muscles and stimulate the flow of Qi, that’s when they use moxa.

In many cases, this could happen due to the lack of yang. The moxa punk, no matter the form, will promote healthy blood flow and speed up the body’s natural rejuvenation process. When paired with acupuncture, it can have even more promising effects.

With heat, the moxa punk targets the acupoints and promotes the system’s inflammatory response. This is how it works with the blood vessels and inhibits the blood supply.

If you are interested in moxibustion, you should consult with an experienced practitioner in Chinese medicine. Check to see if the treatment will be appropriate for your health state. Now that you know all there is about green moxa punk, you will know exactly what to expect.

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