5 Acupressure Points For Hives You Can Use To Relieve Itchy Skin

I pay serious attention to my skin, so I know almost every kind of skin issue that I could have from using bad skin products or neglecting my skincare regimen for a long time. Hives, however, was nothing I ever knew or expected could happen to me. I just realized one day after taking fresh […]

5 Acupressure Points For Eczema According To Expert

Skin conditions can be frustrating and very difficult to treat. Atopic eczema results in itchy skin and a number of other eczema symptoms that are a burden on a daily basis. My experience with eczema seemed endless and intolerable until I discovered these acupressure points for eczema. After years of doctor appointments and medications that […]

The Top 6 Most Effective Acupressure Points For Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a frustrating condition that can result from any number of causes. I remember how much of my life seemed to be less enjoyable or put on hold when I was facing chronic fatigue. Daily tasks were draining, and after a number of doctors visits, I still lacked answers to this constant problem. […]

Learn To Use These 5 Acupressure Points For Dry Skin Like A Pro

Regardless of where you live and how old you are, dry skin can plague you. For me, dry skin has been an issue I faced every winter, and as I got older, it only seemed to get worse. I would go from having healthy skin to flaky skin in a matter of days, and it […]

Are You Feeling Drowsy Now? Use These 5 Acupressure Points To Stay Awake

The average adult sleeps between 5 to 9 hours a night, but it turns out that the quality of your sleep may be just as important as the quantity of sleep you get. When I hip periods of low-quality sleep or have tiring days, I often notice myself getting drowsy at earlier hours. A bad […]

Acupressure For Swollen Hands: The Best Ever Solution For Edema

If you are experiencing symptoms of swelling in the hands, arms, or feet, it could be a sign of Edema. Nonetheless, I highly suggest that you speak with your doctor for an official diagnosis to determine if acupressure for swollen hands is suitable for you. So what exactly is Edema? Edema is the result of […]

4 Effective Pressure Points To Increase Energy Naturally

If you find your energy levels feeling a bit low, you have come to the right place! I’m excited to have you here because I have a little something that will help boost your energy. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most effective pressure points to increase energy.  Fatigue is not a […]

10 Best Calming Pressure Points On Babies Any Mother Needs To Know

When I had my first baby, a boy, I couldn’t contain my happiness. It was the second-best thing to happen to me after marriage. However, after the first few months of taking care of my baby, I became frustrated. If my baby wasn’t crying, he was yawning, rubbing his eyes, or tugging his ears. He […]