Chinese Herbs For Hair Growth

Chinese Herbs for Hair Growth

Chinese herbs are the basis for modern medicine, and they are very powerful. One of the uses is in encouraging hair growth. Chinese medicine has been used for centuries and can be credited for providing the basis for some of the most significant medical advances. Herbs that are native to the Chinese countryside are widely […]

Qigong: What Can It Do For Ovarian Cysts?

Qigong - What Can it Do for Ovarian Cysts

Qigong, pronounced ‘chi-gong‘, is an ancient Chinese method that focuses on meditation, breathing techniques, and directed exercises that have been proved to aid relaxation, stress reduction, greater immune systems, and increased alertness. These are just a couple of minor numerous benefits that make Qigong such a popular approach to healing.  Qigong is an ancient but […]

5 Pressure Points For Thigh Pain

Our thighs are packed with nerves, muscles, and tendons because they facilitate much of the body’s movement. Having been a distance runner, rock climber, and having worked a desk job meant that my thighs were almost constantly exhausted. I wondered how to soothe thigh pain for years as it impeded my athletics and caused a […]

5 Pressure Points For Thigh Cramps

The human body is a vessel of power that should be protected and nurtured for a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, however, the human body can sometimes undergo discomforts such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, leg pain, cramps, and more. Keep reading for a list of the best pressure points for thigh cramps. How To Relieve […]

Tui Na Massage For Cough

Tui na massage for cough

Tui Na massage is a central treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine and boasts an array of benefits within this field. In addition to improving quality of life more generally, it has also been known to help alleviate the symptoms of a wide variety of medical concerns, from digestive issues to depression. In particular, Tui Na […]

Why The Small Intestine 18 Acupuncture Point Is Popular Nowadays

The human body is covered in hundreds of acupuncture points, so why are some more popular than others? I noticed that the small intestine 18 acupressure point has received a lot of attention compared to other acupressure points, and for a good reason. The small intestine 18 pressure point is versatile and can be combined […]

4 Acupuncture Points For Relaxation And Comfort

Most of the time I’ve been sick, the doctor usually leaves me with a final instruction after diagnosis and prescription. The instruction is, “Please relax.” You need relaxation to live a healthy life. Stress is everywhere. Sometimes, it makes us anxious; other times, it leaves us depressed. When you can’t relax from anxiety, it’s time […]

Foot Reflexology For Fertility

Foot Reflexology For Fertility

Trying to become pregnant? Wondering what steps you can take to increase your chances? Read on to discover how reflexology can help to boost your fertility! The process of becoming pregnant can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. You might have tried a variety of methods including overly tracking your menstrual cycle or adapting your diet […]

Best Moxa Heat Pack

Best moxa heat pack

Moxibustion is a well-respected and particularly important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This treatment involves the burning of Mugwort, a Chinese herb, with the goal of promoting healing and invigorating the body’s flow of Qi. Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, moxibustion is considered to have a vast array of health and well-being benefits. For instance, it […]

4 Important Uses Of The Heavenly Pillar Acupressure Point

One of the things I’m most grateful for in this life is acupressure points. Not only do they save you the cost and time of visiting the doctor, but they also are simple to use and convenient. Knowing most of the acupoints, what they are used for, and when to use them has kept me […]