Ear Seeds For Weight Loss: The Surprising Solution to Curb Cravings and Boost Metabolism

What Are Ear Seeds For Weight Loss? Ear seeds are tiny seeds, typically made from vaccaria plants, that are placed on specific acupressure points on the ear. These points correspond to various organs and systems within the body, and stimulating them can have therapeutic effects. When it comes to weight loss, ear seeds are strategically […]

Ear Seeds for Knee Pain: Explore Natural Relief Techniques

Harnessing Ear Seeds for Effective Knee Pain Management Suffering from knee pain can greatly impact daily life, but there’s a non-invasive solution that might offer relief: ear seeds for knee pain. Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, these tiny seeds are part of auriculotherapy, targeting specific points on the ear to alleviate discomfort. This guide delves […]

Ear Seeds for Anxiety: Placement Diagram & Quick Guide

Ear seeds for anxiety, an innovative approach within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), provide a gentle yet effective method for managing stress and enhancing mental well-being. This technique is a key component of auriculotherapy, a specialized practice in TCM that recognizes the ear as a focal point for health and healing. By placing tiny seeds at […]

Ear Pressure Points for Constipation

Ear Pressure Points for Constipation offer you a holistic and non-invasive approach to alleviate digestive discomforts. This technique, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, involves stimulating specific areas in your ear, closely linked to the practice of using ear seeds. Ear seeds are tiny seeds or beads placed on pressure points in your ear to target […]

How To Use Ear Seeds For Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Pain Relief

Frank, a customer who recently purchased our Dragon Acupuncture ear seeds product, reached out to us for guidance on how to position the ear seeds for his condition, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. This virus caused nerve damage in Frank’s left ear, resulting in hearing loss, dizziness, and a light-headed condition. Despite trying several ear seed positions, […]

The Power of Ear Seeds for Sore Throat: Plus, a Free Placement Chart

In response to our reader Gaia’s question on how to treat dry cough and sore throat with ear seeds and acupuncture points, we’ve put together an article with the ear seeds for sore throat as the primary focus. If you’re familiar with the basics of ear seeds and acupressure, then read on to learn how […]

Unlocking the Power of Ear Seeds for Tinnitus Relief

As you may know, we love taking your questions and turning them into helpful blog posts for our weekly newsletter. This week, we received a question from one of our subscribers, Gina, who asked about ear seed placement for tinnitus. If you’re experiencing tinnitus and have ear seeds at home, you’re in luck! Let’s dive […]

Ear Seed Placement for Persistent Coughs: A Reader’s Question and Our Expert’s Advice

Recently, we had a conversation with one of our customers, Vicky, who was seeking advice on ear seed placement for her husband’s persistent cough. Vicky’s husband is a smoker and has been experiencing a lot of coughing and has to sleep sitting up. In my response, I first asked Vicky if her husband’s coughing had […]

How To Stimulate Saliva Gland With Ear Seeds

A customer asks: Is there a way of placing ear seeds to stimulate the saliva gland? Is there a chart showing how to place the seeds? Hey there! Thanks for reaching out and asking about ear seed placement for saliva gland. We’re glad you’re interested in learning more about this topic and we’re happy to […]

Ear Seed Placement Chart For Menopause Weight Loss

Are you struggling with weight gain due to menopause? A reader recently wrote to us with a question about how to use ear seeds for weight loss and liver detoxification. If you’re experiencing similar issues, this placement chart may be able to help. Based on what the reader described, we’ve prepared a placement chart that […]

14 Pressure Points for Female Arousal: Boost Libido, Enhance Pleasure, and Unleash Sensual Bliss – Explore the Best Massage Points Now

Where Are The Pressure Points To Increase Arousal? Pressure points for female arousal are gateways to new levels of intimacy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these acupoints unlock untapped sensual potential. Our guide focuses on 14 key acupoints. These are summarized in the table below for quick reference. Dive in to elevate your libido and […]