What Every Parent Needs To Know About Baby Acupressure Points

Acupuncture is an efficient and gentle treatment that can treat various health issues in babies. The most common conditions that can be treated with baby acupressure points are colic, restlessness, sleep issues, pain, eczema, cough, constipation, asthma, allergies, etc. Acupuncture treatments for babies are done with minimal intervention and can be performed as early as […]

How Can I Help My Baby Turn Naturally? 3 Great Acupressure Points For Breech Baby

A breech baby is a condition that would make it difficult for you to give birth naturally because the baby is positioned feet or bottom first in the uterus. Most medical doctors can’t place an accurate cause of this condition, but in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a pregnancy is mostly breech because of qi stagnation […]

Acupressure For Stomach Pain In Children: An Effective And Natural Solution

Stomach pain is a common problem for parents who have toddlers and children at home. Things like diet, changes in routine, medications, and stress can cause blockage and pain in the stomach of children. In traditional Chinese medicine, stomach pain can be either caused by excessive eating, poisonous food, or insufficient Qi in the digestive […]

Can’t Sleep? 8 Quick Acupressure Points For Children With Cough

Soothing Cough Relief for Kids: Acupressure Points for Children’s Cough Management Seeing your child suffer from a persistent cough can be distressing, but acupressure offers a gentle way to provide relief. As a parent or caregiver, the health and comfort of your child is always a top priority, especially when they are unwell. Acupressure, rooted […]

Simple Acupressure For Children That Every Parent Needs To Know

Acupressure for children is not only a great method for treating minor ailments at home but also a fantastic way to start teaching children about natural healing and the powers of their own immune system. It’s also possible to teach children to perform acupressure on themselves, relieve minor ailments and pains, and encourage the body […]

Difficulty speaking? Try 6 Acupressure Points for Speech Development

A speech disorder is when an infant or an adult has problems producing speech sounds. People with delayed speech development may hesitate or even stutter while trying to talk. There isn’t a medical explanation for the occurrence of speech impairments. In TCM, speech disorders can be caused either by a congenital weak constitution,  blocked Qi, […]

Acupressure For A Hyperactive Child. How Does it work?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental health condition that leads to hyperactivity and difficulty maintaining focus and concentration. This often leads to disruptive behavior in children and problems at school, with frequent physical restlessness and feelings of frustration. The standard treatments for hyperactivity involve drugs with some serious adverse side effects. In contrast, […]

What I Wish I Knew A Year Ago About Acupuncture For Autism

The registered incidence of autism spectrum disorders has increased dramatically in the past decades. It’s estimated that at present days, 1 in 100 children worldwide is diagnosed with symptoms of autism. The conventional treatments available for children with autism are generally therapy-based behavioral interventions, as there is no medication that can cure all the symptoms […]