3 Acupressure Points for Fever and Cold

This article focuses on acupressure points for fever and cold, offering readers valuable insights and practical techniques for natural relief. Ms. Mai Sogawa, a TCM Therapist, provides expert guidance on specific acupressure points that benefit these common health issues. By understanding and applying these methods, readers can effectively manage symptoms at home. For a broader […]

Acupressure for Headaches: 30 Pressure Points For Headaches Relief

Acupressure for headaches is an ancient technique rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, offering a non-invasive approach to headache relief. This article provides a comprehensive guide to using acupressure to alleviate various types of headaches, from tension headaches to migraines. You’ll learn about the specific acupressure points recommended by senior TCM therapist Ms. Mai Sogawa and […]

7 Acupressure Points For Fever That Work Every Time

Discover Natural Fever Relief: 7 Key Acupressure Points for Effective Symptom Management Any body temperature above the normal range of 36–37°C (98–100°F) is defined as fever. A high body temperature is part of the body’s immune response to fighting the infection and is not usually dangerous. Fever is often accompanied by alternating sweats and chills, […]

4 Best Acupressure Points For Arthritis In Fingers

Ease Joint Pain: The 4 Best Acupressure Points For Arthritis Relief in Fingers Some time ago, I had a friend who came to me complaining of pains and stiffness in her fingers. I looked at the fingers and saw how misshapen and swollen they were, and I knew immediately that she had arthritis of the […]

15 Acupressure Points for Sore Throat: DIY Relief Techniques

Discovering Effective Acupressure Points for Soothing Sore Throats A sore throat can be more than just an annoyance; it disrupts your day. Thankfully, acupressure points for sore throat offer a natural and effective way to alleviate this discomfort. Acupressure, a key aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a non-invasive method that has been used for […]

5 Acupressure Points For Sciatica According To Experts

If you’ve ever experienced it yourself, you know that sciatica pain can be debilitating. The sciatic nerve, after all, is the largest in the body. Acupressure points for sciatica provide a safe and accessible treatment for this very common pain. This list includes a list of five sciatica pressure points for relief. Affecting more than […]

10 Eustachian Tube Pressure Points For Congested Ear I Wish I Knew About

Unlock Relief for Ear Congestion: Eustachian Tube Pressure Points Explained If you’re struggling with uncomfortable ear pressure or blockage, you’re not alone. These issues are often linked to the eustachian tube, a crucial but sometimes problematic part of our ear’s anatomy. Thankfully, there’s a gentle yet effective approach to finding relief: eustachian tube pressure points. […]