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Angled curved ear and body point probe stimulator acupressure bonus pocket ear chart and pouch

Anti-aging facial gua sha scraping tool | acupressure massage | problem-specific instructions

Dual head tip acupuncture ear and body point probe bonus pocket ear chart and pouch

Ear seed 600 counts refill pack

Ear seed kit for multi-conditions with clear placement instructions (recommended for beginners)

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Danae on Mar 08, 2022

Amazing Tool for Selfhealing - A Treasure!
This is an ancient TCM tool which allows the causal energies to harmonize. It needs us to learn and to tune in to our being and in doing so empowers us to become aware of our health and how to create balance and well being.

The ear seeds are fantastic - the stick well and even when worn in bed they do not fall of neither on my feet/legs nor on my face.

I can feel the energies streams in my legs being activated over night. I learned about the effectiveness of TCM Acupressure when using it on my better half. He loves facial acupressure and we take the little book even with us on holidays as we can treat so many things simply through facial acupressure massages, from an upset stomach to fever to a hangover to headaches. For me the ear seeds are my solution I can apply them at night and sleep without a longer facial massage stimulation.

Thank you for making this available in the west!

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