Treat Your Legs And Improve Your Health: Gua Sha Feet

Healthy Legs And Feet Are Important To Our Overall Well-being, And This Method Of Treatment Will Show You How To Achieve True Comfort. Our legs and feet work hard to support us every day. As a result, people commonly experience pain, fatigue, and edema in these parts of the body. When it comes to treating […]

An Ancient Treatment & Its Modern Match: Gua Sha Vs. Graston

How do these two external treatments for internal healing compare, and are they worth the gua sha marks? Muscle tension, internal tissue damage, toxins, and superficial marks are nothing new. Most people suffer from at least one of these complications at some point in their life, and these problems have existed throughout human history. Luckily, […]

Watch Your Acne Roll Away: Jade Roller Benefits Acne

Jade rollers are the natural acne cure that you have been looking for! Waking up to a new pimple and breathing a sigh of disappointment was a regular part of my morning routine for years. When I first started getting acne at the age of 16, over-the-counter treatments and washes were my first attempt at […]

What Are The Best Gua Sha Tool Shapes And How Do You Pick A Gua Sha Tool?

Introduction Gua sha is a massage technique that uses a tool to sweep the body for a therapeutic and relaxing effect. Gua sha tools create petechiae, or sha, which reduces inflammation, circulates stagnated blood, treats pain, tension, stiffness, migraine headaches, and boosts the immune system. Gua sha facials also have anti-aging benefits like skin tightening, […]