Why It’s Absolutely Okay To See Bruising After A Massage Treatment

Deep tissue massages feel amazing. They relieve stress, lower your blood pressure, rehabilitate muscles, and can help treat chronic pain. It uses firm pressure with slow strokes to reach the deep layers of muscle and fascia and break up scar tissue and muscle knots. After a deep tissue massage, you might feel on cloud nine, […]

Reasons To Love Ginger Tea Intermittent Fasting

Ginger, tea, and intermittent fasting are three historically based ways to improve your health that have been joined in a modern formulation. I first heard of this trinity of health while researching my favorite natural supplement, ginger. Since I love everything and anything to do with this delicious root, I decided to give ginger tea […]

Kidney 1 Acupuncture Point Is The Best Foot Reflexology Point According To Experts

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has identified twelve major meridians governing the human body. These meridians, also known as “primary” meridians, are considered pathways for Qi and Xue of the human body. These meridians contain acupuncture points that provide access to different parts or organs of the body to provide relief through acupressure or acupuncture. Most […]

KD 7 Acupuncture Point Is The Proven Acupoint On Maintaining Vivid Black Hair

What Is The KD 7 Acupuncture Point? The acupoint gets its abbreviated name from it’s relation to kidney health. It is also known by its Chinese name Fuliu and its English-translated name returning current/recover flow. These names allude to the power the KD 7 acupuncture point has over energy flow through the body. In Chinese […]

How To Relieve Pain After A Massage According To My Masseuse

Introduction I had always heard of deep tissue massages being relaxing and curative, but I never realized how sore, and quite frankly, painful they felt afterward. Several days of pain, discomfort, redness, and bruising seems like a high price to pay for a massage that should feel relaxing. What many people don’t know is how […]

What Are The Best Gua Sha Tool Shapes And How Do You Pick A Gua Sha Tool?

Introduction Gua sha is a massage technique that uses a tool to sweep the body for a therapeutic and relaxing effect. Gua sha tools create petechiae, or sha, which reduces inflammation, circulates stagnated blood, treats pain, tension, stiffness, migraine headaches, and boosts the immune system. Gua sha facials also have anti-aging benefits like skin tightening, […]