Stop Dementia in Its Tracks with This Simple Daily Habit

Consumption of Olive Oil Linked to Lower Risk of Dementia-Related Death Introduction Recent research published in JAMA Network Open reveals a compelling link between olive oil consumption and a reduced risk of dementia-related deaths. The study followed 92,383 adults over 28 years, finding that those who consumed more than 7 grams of olive oil daily […]

Is the FLiRT COVID Variant Set to Dominate This Summer? What You Need to Know!

New COVID-19 Variant “FLiRT” Raises Concerns Introduction As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, a new variant known as “FLiRT” has emerged as the dominant strain in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This variant has rapidly gained attention due to its prevalence and unique genetic characteristics, underscoring […]

Parents Warned About Major Candy and Snack Recall Amid Potential Health Risks

The recent recall of Palmer Candy Company’s white confectionary products has sent shockwaves through the food industry, reminding consumers once again of the importance of food safety and vigilance. The company has voluntarily recalled select confectionary items due to potential contamination with an undeclared allergen or pathogen, posing significant health risks to those with specific […]