Acupuncture for Constipation: A TCM Doctor’s Guide to Relieve Your Symptoms at Home

In this article, we sit down with Dr. Yuan, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor, to discuss a natural way to relieve one of the most common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): constipation. As a chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide, it’s essential to find effective treatment options that can improve your […]

Expert Insight: A Traditional Chinese Doctor’s Take On Acupuncture Bruises

Are you curious about the mystery behind acupuncture bruises? Welcome to our interview with a traditional Chinese doctor! We dive into the world of acupuncture and talk about the mysterious bruises that sometimes appear after treatment. From causes to prevention methods and recovery time, our expert shares their knowledge on the topic, giving you a […]

What It Is Like To Use Acupressure For Carpal Tunnel

Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for playing the piano. Every moment I could, I would be filling the room with the beautiful and graceful sounds of classical music. But little did I know that one day I would never be able to do that again. As I was intensely practicing Beethoven’s Piano Sonata […]

3 Acupressure Points For High Blood Pressure That Delivers Instant Result

According to WHO, about 18 million people each year from heart diseases. It is estimated that heart diseases account for 35% of the total global deaths and threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands. Today, most cardiovascular diseases are caused by chronic hypertension or high blood pressure, and our poor lifestyles trigger them. Luckily, there […]

5 Acupressure Points For Restless Leg Syndrome That Few People Know About

These Acupressure Points For Restless Leg Syndrome Could Be Your Key To Natural Comfort To those who have not experienced it, restless leg syndrome may sound harmless. However, those who have experienced restless leg syndrome know of the sleepless nights and endless discomfort this condition causes. As the condition does not have a cure, you […]

Kidney 1 Acupuncture Point Is The Best Foot Reflexology Point According To Experts

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has identified twelve major meridians governing the human body. These meridians, also known as “primary” meridians, are considered pathways for Qi and Xue of the human body. These meridians contain acupuncture points that provide access to different parts or organs of the body to provide relief through acupressure or acupuncture. Most […]

According To TCM, The SP5 Acupuncture Point Is Used To Detox The Spleen. How About Other Organs?

Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), “Toxins” are the substances that affect the body and its Qi. These toxins are acquired daily from air pollution, water pollution, and metabolic waste produced in the body. If these toxins are not flushed out, some of its adverse effects include the manifestation of intense emotions and accelerated aging […]

When You Feel Pain At The GB39 Acupuncture Point, Your Health Could Be In Serious Trouble

What Is The GB39 Acupuncture Point? The GB39 acupuncture point gets its name due to its relationship with the gall bladder. This point is also known by its traditional Chinese name, Xuanzhong, and its English name, the hanging bell point. This acupuncture point has influence over disfunction in the gall bladder as well as many […]

Ren 12 Acupuncture Point Is The Natural Medicine For Your Stomach

Ren 12 acupuncture point (also known as CV 12 or Ren 12) is the perfect spot linked to digestion. It is located on the anterior median line of the upper abdomen, just over the belly button. This powerful acupoint can help with constipation, bloating, and more. If you want to learn everything the CV 12 […]

Use Bl 40 Acupuncture Point And These 5 Others Common Acupoints To Maintain Good Health Easily

Acupressure and acupuncture affect the health of your mind and body in numerous ways. Chinese have been using these healing practices since ancient times. According to NCBI Study (National Center for Biotechnology Information), these complementary techniques are used for over 2000 years for digestive disorders, menstrual disorders, fatigue, anxiety, hay fever, asthma, headache, arthritis, and […]