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12 Best Acupuncture Clinics In Lafayette LA

12 Best Acupuncture Clinics In Lafayette LA

Acupuncture has become very popular over the last decade or so. Many people are now using acupuncture to treat various ailments. But, what exactly is acupuncture and is it safe to use?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that involves inserting needles into specific points on the body to stimulate them. The theory behind acupuncture is that these points correspond to spiritual pathways called meridians.

These meridians run through the body and connect the organs and glands. When they are blocked or out of balance, illness occurs.

Acupuncture is a natural treatment that helps improve overall health. It is effective for treating pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility, and menstrual disorders.

So if you live in Lafayette and want to try acupuncture, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the 12 best acupuncture clinics in Lafayette LA so that you can find the best one to treat your condition.

Just take a look at our list and see which clinic meets your needs.

Modern Acupuncture

1. Modern Acupuncture

  • 9659 Antioch Rd Ste 102, Baton Rouge, LA 70817

This acupuncture clinic is located in Baton Rouge and features a team of licensed acupuncturists led by Allison Davis. The clinic offers a range of treatments including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, meditation, and herbal medicine.

It also features a full-service spa where you can sample a range of services such as facials and massages. We advise making an appointment beforehand, otherwise, you may not be able to see a specialist on the day.

Camelia House - Acupuncture Center of Acadiana

2. Camelia House – Acupuncture Center Of Acadiana

  • 708 Jefferson Blvd, Layfayette, LA 7050

Based in Lafayette and founded by Dr John Hebert – this clinic works to educate the local community about alternative medicine. It offers a wide range of treatments including acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs.

Their staff includes certified acupuncturists who work with their patients to help them overcome their conditions. The clinic is also home to numerous classes, where you can learn Pilates or the benefits of massage.

Hoover Family Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

3. Hoover Family Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

  • 2445 E Milton Ave, Youngsville, LA 70592

Founded by the Hoover family, this clinic offers a variety of treatments from acupuncture and herbal remedies to cupping and massage. You will be treated by a team of experienced practitioners who provide individualized care based on your needs.

The clinic also offers consultations, so you can get all the information you need before making any decisions. However, you will need to call ahead if you are interested in making an appointment with a specialist.

Marion Ringenbach Acupuncture

4. Marion Ringenbach Acupuncture

  • 708 Jefferson Blvd, Layfayette, LA 70501

This clinic was first established by Marion Ringenbach – a licensed acupuncturist with a passion for holistic medicine. She provides acupuncture and other treatments to her clients in order to help them recover from illnesses.

The clinic is based in the heart of Lafayette and offers treatment four days a week. You can also visit their website for advice and additional information.

Spirit Of Life Acupuncture

5. Spirit Of Life Acupuncture

  • 614 W Saint Mary Blvd, Layfayette, LA 70506

Located on St Mary Boulevard, this clinic was founded by Anne Huval. Anne wanted to provide alternative treatments to the surrounding area. Her team of acupuncturists offer a range of treatments including acupressure and herbal medicine.

The clinic is open five days a week and is only accessible by appointment. If you want to learn more about this clinic, then you can visit their website and get a quote.

Nouriche Wellness & Aesthetics

6. Nouriche Wellness & Aesthetics

  • 605 Silverstone Rd Ste 100, Layfayette, LA 70508

Based in Silverstone, this acupuncture clinic is the brainchild of Dr Kelly Cobb – who is a licensed physician with years of experience. The clinic has been designed to help people improve their health naturally through various therapies.

It offers a range of treatments from acupuncture and cupping to yoga and reflexology. The clinic is open seven days a week and even sells remedies and supplements on its website.

Shift Acupuncture & Wellness

7. Shift Acupuncture & Wellness

  • 1001 W Pinhook Rd Ste 219, Layfayette, LA 70503

Known for its beautiful location and spacious rooms, this clinic has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Headed by Dr Brittany Antoine, it specializes in offering acupuncture and oriental medical treatments.

The clinic also offers massage and beauty treatments, as well as cupping and herbal medicine. The center is open seven days a week, however, you will need an appointment when visiting on weekends.

Community Acupuncture Of Acadiana

8. Community Acupuncture Of Acadiana

  • 817-F Albertson Pkwy, Broussard, LA 70518

This clinic is based in Broussard and works to provide accessible acupuncture treatment to the local community. It was founded by Michael Cooper, a New Iberia resident with a passion for Chinese medicine and alternative treatments.

Since its conception, the clinic has offered affordable acupuncture to the public and welcomes new patients every week. You can either call and book an appointment or seek advice through their website, where you can learn more about the center’s owner.

Lafayette Massage Therapy

9. Lafayette Massage Therapy

  • 3205 Johnson St, Layfayette, LA 70503

Located on Johnson Street, this clinic is overseen by Mrs Chunying Li – a dedicated therapist with an interest in massage and holistic medicine. The clinic offers a wide range of treatments from traditional Chinese massage to deep tissue massages and sports massage.

It is open from Monday to Sunday and appointments are available upon request. Most treatments range from $15 – 100.

Corelief Center

10. Corelief Center

  • 913 S College Rd, Layfayette, LA 70503

Founded by Donald and Mina Snow, this clinic places integrated treatment at the forefront of its practices. They offer acupuncture, cupping therapy, dry needling, electromagnetic therapy and much more. The clinic is located in downtown Lafayette and is open five days a week.

Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are accepted if there’s no wait. You can even contact them via social media.

Lightfoot – Clinic of Chiropractic Care

11. Lightfoot – Clinic Of Chiropractic Care

  • 1304 Bertrand Dr Ste D-4, Layfayette, LA 70506

This clinic was founded by a trained chiropractor named Dr Tom Lightfoot, who wanted to make alternative treatments available to the community. The clinic focuses on natural healing methods that don’t use drugs or internal surgery.

It is open five days a week and only accepts appointments. So if you want to treat an ailment or condition, contact the clinic through its website.

Remedies For Life

12. Remedies For Life

  • 110 Rue Promenade Ste 102, Layfayette, LA 70508

Based on the Rue Promenade, this clinic offers a range of services from acupuncture to cupping therapy. The clinic was founded by a team of licensed acupuncturists, who studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Oriental Practices. The clinic is open throughout the week and accepts appointments and walk-ins.


There are many other clinics out there that offer similar services. But these 12 have stood out due to their unique locations, professional staff and welcoming environment. If you live in Lafayette LA and would like to try some of these treatments, then we recommend checking them out!

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