Acupuncture For Hair Thinning. Does It Work?

Whereas the loss of hair isn’t the worse hair condition someone can be faced with, it’s one that can deeply affect a person’s self-confidence and cause emotional distress to many. Hair loss can start as early as the twenties for males, and it’s aggravated by factors such as stress and one’s overall physical condition. Among […]

5 Key Acupressure Points For Hair Growth (Plus 2 Bonus Acupoints To Prevent Hair Loss)

Not all of us are blessed with lush hair, so those who are not blessed with lush hair supplement with hair products. This has proved successful for some but disastrous for others. You can’t trust any and every hair care product out there, but you can trust acupressure. There are certain acupressure points for hair […]

KD 7 Acupuncture Point Is The Proven Acupoint On Maintaining Vivid Black Hair

What Is The KD 7 Acupuncture Point? The acupoint gets its abbreviated name from it’s relation to kidney health. It is also known by its Chinese name Fuliu and its English-translated name returning current/recover flow. These names allude to the power the KD 7 acupuncture point has over energy flow through the body. In Chinese […]

Barely 40 but Lots of Grey Hair? You Can Fix It With GB 32 Acupuncture Point And Others

Found on the thigh’s outer side, between the biggest muscle (vastus lateralis) and the long muscle (biceps femoris), the GB 32 acupuncture point has a vital role in getting rid of grey hair. GB-32 is exactly two cun below GB-31 (see diagram below). It’s normal for your hair to turn grey with age. But, when […]