What Does A Moxa Box Do? This Is How You Create The Perfect Moxa Therapy Experience At Home

Moxibustion has become a go-to treatment for many health issues. That’s why a lot of people use it at home. If you want to try it out yourself, you probably thought about buying your moxa box. The question is, what does a moxa box do? How do you use it?

Here we will answer all your questions for you. This is a detailed guide to using a moxa box for a beginner.

What Does a Moxa Box Do?

People use the moxa box to warm specific regions on their bodies, particularly tricky acupoints. When working with meridians, it’s crucial to leave the moxa stick to do its work for at least 30 min.

That way, you can give the heat enough time to penetrate the skin (without actually piercing the skin) and work its way through the meridians. With it, you can stimulate blood flow, balance out the flow of Qi, improve your immune system, and work out the issues with the internal organs.

To save yourself the trouble from holding the moxa stick, you can get a moxa box to do it for you. It is a convenient option for daily use.

How to Use a Moxa Box?

To feel the benefits of moxibustion, you need to use a moxa box the right way. First of all, you need to buy one. If you don’t know what to pick, you can try the Krismya Bambool Two Hole Box. It’s an excellent quality product, and it works perfectly for regular moxibustion.

Now, the first thing you will notice with a moxa box is that it has a lid with holes and an inner section with a mesh attached to it. The holes are designed to hold the stick in place, while the mesh will collect all the ash that falls down from the stick.

It will also have straps that you can hook onto the side. These straps are meant to hold the box in place if you want to put it on the leg or the arm.

Using the moxa box may seem tricky at first. But it is super easy to do. Just follow the steps below, and you will have a moxa box ready for heat therapy in no-time. Here is how you can do it.

·         Step 1: Stick the Moxa Stick Inside the Box

Take your favorite moxa stick. Start by removing the outer covering and strip the stick. If you like a 30 min treatment, break the stick in half and position each half inside the holes in the lid. For a longer treatment, use two complete sticks in each hole.

Make sure not to put the sticks too deep. The closer the moxa stick is to the mesh, the higher the temperature will be. So, if you want hotter moxibustion, push the moxa stick further down until it gets closer to the mesh. If it’s too hot, pull it up a bit.

·         Step 2: Light the Moxa Sticks

Light the sticks with a lighter or a candle. Wait a bit until you notice the smoke coming out. Then, blow on the lit end to make sure it burns evenly. Then, close the lid of the box.

·         Step 3: Light the Moxa Sticks

Secure the box properly.

·         Step 4: Place the Box on the Affected Area

Position the box on the area you want to treat with the mesh facing the skin. Let the box do the magic.


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