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The Five Best Acupuncture Clinics In Riverside, California

5 Best Acupuncture Clinics In Riverside, California

Acupuncture has become very popular in recent years, with so many people swearing by its benefits, especially for pain relief and stress. There is a whole range of health conditions that acupuncture can treat. If you want to try out acupuncture, where should you go in Riverside, California?

Acupuncturists are trained medical professionals who practice traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). They diagnose and treat patients using various techniques such as acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, herbal medicine, tui na massage, tuina, and several others.

The main goal of acupuncture treatment is to restore the balance between body and mind. If you want to try it in Riverside, then here are the places you should go.

Healing Tree Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Healing Tree Acupuncture & Wellness Center

  • Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center, 3975 Jackson St, Riverside, CA 92503

As a clinic that offers 24 hours emergency service, there is peace of mind that comes from knowing that the Healing Tree Acupuncture & Wellness Center will be ready for you. Katherine Cheon is their licensed acupuncturist and qualified after earning her Medical Degree from South Baylo University.

She manages the team to ensure that the clinic works together for the individual’s health goals.

The clinic specializes in anxiety, sciatica, weight loss, fertility, tinnitus, skin rejuvenation, migraine, knee pain, and pregnancy care. Another specialization is pain management, and the practice excels in making the individual feel comfortable and at ease.

As well as acupuncture, the clinic also offers massage therapy as another holistic approach.

Inland Empire Acupuncture & Herbs

Inland Empire Acupuncture & Herbs

  • 7177 Brockton Ave #333, Riverside, CA 92506

Another clinic offering acupuncture and holistic healthcare is Inland Empire Acupuncture & Herbs. They have classified themselves as a full-service alternative healthcare facility and it is easy to see how.

For dealing with chronic pain or to provide a natural treatment plan for gastro-digestive disorders, this is the place.

The primary practitioner is Edward Choi who has a Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Davis in Exercise Biology with an emphasis in Physiology.

Their list of treatments includes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which incorporates acupuncture alongside eastern nutrition, massage therapy, herbal remedies, and adjunct therapies. With an emphasis on improving an individual’s quality of life as well as their overall health, the clinic is well worth a visit.

Eastern Medicine Center

Eastern Medicine Center

  • 4622 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92504

Located on Arlington Avenue, you can find Eastern Medicine Center, and you should be glad that you did. The Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine clinic specialize in acupuncture, cupping, and herbal therapy to help with several chronic and acute health conditions.

This Medicine Center is renowned for happy customers. With such a peaceful environment, patients have been known to fall asleep during their treatment only to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The clinic can treat a range of conditions, including women’s health, such as irregular menstrual periods and a diminishing sex drive. Their use of acupuncture has been known to relieve stress, dissipate muscle tension, and tap into an individual’s basic biological systems.

Pain management is also one of their specialisms, alongside a thorough commitment to wellness for your health and lifestyle.

Twins Chiropractic And Physical Medicine

Twins Chiropractic And Physical Medicine

  • 6927 Brockton Ave Ste 1B Riverside, CA 92506

At Twins Chiropractic and Physical Medicine, you can simply book an appointment online as a new patient which is just so convenient. As well as their Riverside location, there are further practices in Costa Mesa, Placentia, Garden Grove, and Irvine.

The practice not only provides acupuncture, but also regenerative medicine, physical medicine, massage therapy, and chiropractic care.

Their acupuncturist is Kenny Phan, who achieved a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from South Baylo University.

Their application of acupuncture merges ancient and modern techniques and then tailors them to an individual’s needs. Applying their acupuncture, they can treat a range of various health conditions which include chronic pain, arthritis, hip pain, stress, tennis elbow, sciatica, and stress.

Whichever conditions you may want to be treated, your first acupuncture visit would be a 60-minute session to understand your health concerns and then customize a treatment plan to reach your health and wellness goals.

Zen Acupuncture

Zen Acupuncture

  • 1780 Town And Country Dr, Suite A102, Norco, CA 92860

Zen Acupuncture provides a holistic approach to returning an individual’s body to balance. This can mean strengthening your internal organs, cleansing your body, and normalizing bodily functions. After a visit here, you will feel completely regenerated and refreshed.

With professional and tailored advice with the right sort of guidance, individuals are steered towards a holistic and natural healthy lifestyle. Their acupuncture treatments include electro-acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, moxibustion, and herbal therapies.

You may also be interested in their V-Steam treatment which is an elegant Korean therapy for purifying the womb.

This may sound sleek and modern, yet is inspired by ancient Korean rituals and strengthened by modern techniques though it is not advised for pregnant women or those after ovulation when attempts have been made to conceive.

Final Thoughts

Riverside has several acupuncture clinics that you can consider. Depending on the health conditions that you want to relieve, it may be best to contact them first to agree on a treatment plan.

You can benefit from tailored advice from professionals so you find out how many sessions you may require. Once you have chosen your clinic, you can soon enjoy the health and lifestyle benefits that the treatment can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Side Effects Of Acupuncture?

There may be a few side effects from acupuncture, yet these are limited and soon relieve themselves shortly after the treatment has been completed. These can include bruising around the puncture site as well as light bleeding and bumps.

What Exercise Should I Do After An Acupuncture Treatment?

Recommended exercises include light yoga and stretching, which can be beneficial after acupuncture treatment. However, you should take it easy and relax after the treatment with exercise limited to before the acupuncture session and the day after.

What Diseases Can Acupuncture Treat?

There is a vast range of conditions that can benefit from acupuncture treatment. However, there are many clinical studies that suggest that acupuncture can successfully treat and help heal musculoskeletal issues such as neck pain, back pain, spinal complaints, and others.

In addition, this literature also suggests that acupuncture is also beneficial for other conditions like nausea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and headaches, just to name a few.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture is done with needles. As you can imagine, this can be unnerving for many people. However, the needles are very thin and cause very little discomfort. The only time you may feel pain or a tingling sensation is if they hit a small nerve, muscle, or blood vessel.

Most of the time, the feeling is more of a dull ache or tingly experience. You may feel sore in the days after your session, but most clients agree that they feel completely revitalized and full of energy post-acupuncture.


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