10 Eustachian Tube Pressure Points For Congested Ear I Wish I Knew About

As you probably know, I love using reflexology and acupressure to soothe just about any health issue that I face on a day-to-day basis. It is not so different when speaking of my blocked sinuses and painful eustachian tube. These two issues have been giving me quite a headache, pressure, and pain around my eyes. Luckily, I have acupressure to rely on.

And so today, I am bringing you the eustachian tube pressure points that you need to know about. Through these eustachian tube pressure points, you will be able to relieve some of that pain and pressure and breathe normally for a change.

Should You Try Reflexology For Ear Drainage?

Reflexology refers to a particular type of massage therapy. During a reflexology session, the therapist applies different amounts of pressure on special acupoints located on your feet, hands, or ear. Which acupoints will they decide to stimulate depends on the origin of the problem itself.

I, personally, love reflexology. Since discovering it, not so long ago, I started using the principles of reflexology for just about any health issue that I have encountered. Nowadays, reflexology is my go-to for even a slight headache.

Lately, I have noticed that my sinuses and ears are somewhat blocked. And so, I am dealing with a lot of earaches, headaches, and a stuffy nose. Due to the present blockage in the eustachian tube, I also experience ear pressure and even dizziness and ringing in my ears. Naturally, I referred to acupressure and reflexology for ear drainage.

Using acupressure and massage therapy to treat these issues is not something new. These alternative treatment techniques have been around for quite some time now. Over the years, there has even been actual scientific research that supports the use of massage therapy in the treatment of headaches, ear, and sinus problems. Acupressure and acupuncture, too, have been proven to help treat sinus issues as well.

When done right, acupressure can help improve blood flow. Simultaneously, it can relax your muscles, relieve tension, and, most importantly, help drain mucus from your sinuses. If your sinus and ear blockage has been caused by allergies, stress, or any other cause, acupressure is sure worth the try.

The Ten Pressure Points For Ear Congestion That You Need To Know About

While acupuncture needs to be done by a professional practitioner, you are free to do acupressure and reflexology on your own. Knowing the right pressure points for ear congestion is vital. And that is what I am here for. In the following, I will share the ten best acupoints so that you, too, can enjoy the benefits of acupressure for ear congestion from the comfort of your own home!

Acupoint: TE-3 (Other Names: Triple Energizer-3/Zhong Zhu/Central Islet)

The Triple Energizer-3 is a very important acupoint that supports sinus and ear health. You may find it strange that an acupoint supposed to benefit your ears is not located anywhere near them. That, however, is not a rare occasion in the practice of acupressure and reflexology. We often see acupoints with multiple benefits, many of which refer to body organs that are far away from the actual acupoint. But, where exactly will you find the TE-3?

The TE-3 is located on the groove formed by the tendons of your fourth and fifth fingers. To find this acupoint and apply pressure, it is best to use your pointer finger. My advice would be to apply a firm, deep pressure for 4-5 seconds. Do not forget to stimulate the TE-3 on your other hand as well. This will help relieve any headache that has been caused by your blocked sinuses.

Acupoint: TE-17 (Other Names: Triple Energizer-17/Yi Feng/Wind Screen)

Stimulating the TE-17 will, perhaps, make more sense since it is located near your ears. You can identify the TE-17 by palpating the depression between the mandibula’s angle and the mastoid process. Its stimulation can help soothe any ear issues, tension, and pain around the face. Applying deep pressure for 4-5 seconds on each side will provide almost immediate relief.

Acupoint: TE-18 (Other Names: Triple Energizer-18/Qi Mai/Spasm Vessel)

The TE-18 is another acupoint found near the ear. It is located in the center of the mastoid process behind the TE-17. Headache, tinnitus, and deafness are some of the common issues treated with the help of TE-18. Again, make sure to apply mild pressure for 4-5 seconds on each side to improve your ear blockage.

Acupoint: TE-19 (Other Names: Triple Energizer-19/Lu Xi/Skull’s Rest)

The next important acupoint is TE-19, just above TE-18. The Luxi acupoint is supposed to alleviate pain around this area, including tinnitus and headaches. Stimulating the TE-19 will significantly benefit your ears and improve any symptoms that you may be dealing with. Like with the previous acupoints, a short stimulation of 4-5 seconds will be enough for you to experience symptom relief.

Acupoint: TE-20 (Other Names: Triple Energizer-20/Jiao Sun/Minute Angle)

The next acupoint is TE-20. The daily stimulation of the TE-20 can significantly help improve your hearing and vision. Loss of hearing, tinnitus, headaches, and eye problems are some of the most common issues treated with the help of TE-20. This acupoint is located in the temporal region and corresponds to the apex of the ear. Make sure to apply deep pressure for 10-15 seconds on each side to get the most out of this acupoint.

Acupoint: TE-21 (Other Names: Triple Energizer-21/Er Men/Ear Gate)

The TE-21 or also known as the Ear Gate acupoint is located where your earlobe begins. To better find this acupoint, open your mouth. Next, using your pointer finger, palpate the depression in this area. This is where the TE-21 is located. Applying mild pressure for 5-10 seconds on each side will help soothe any pain linked to the temporomandibular syndrome, tinnitus, and otorrhea. It will also relieve some of the pressure inside your ears and sinuses and stimulate their drainage.

Acupoint: LU-5 (Other Names: Lung-5/Chi Ze/Cubit Marsh)

If you were to palpate the cubital crease on the radial side of the forearm, on the inside of each elbow, you would be applying pressure to the LU-5 acupoint. The LU-5 acupoint can significantly improve your sinus congestion and relieve any symptoms such as the runny nose, headache, and sinus pressure. This is, in fact, one of my favorite acupoints to treat my painful sinuses. If you, too, will apply reflexology for ear drainage, do not forget the LU-5. Simply apply mild pressure for 10 seconds and switch sides, stimulating the LU-5 on both sides.

Acupoint: LU-9 (Other Names: Lung-9/Tai Yuan/Supreme Abyss)

The LU-9 is found on the inside of each wrist. To be more precise, you would palpate the transverse crease of the wrist on its radial side. Apply deep pressure and massage the area on each side to stimulate the LU-9. This is an excellent acupoint that can relieve cough, asthma, and a sore throat other than sinus issues.

Acupoint: Liv-3 (Other Names: Liver-3/Tai Chong/Supreme Rush)

Acupoint: Liv-3 (Other Names: Liver-3/Tai Chong/Supreme Rush)

My blocked sinuses often cause me pain around my eyes. In that case, I love to refer to the Liv-3 acupoint for help. The Liv-3 is located on your foot. Approximately two finger-widths above the place where your big toe and the second toe meet, you will find the Liv-3. This is genuinely a fantastic acupoint. With the simple stimulation of the Liv-3, you will be able to relieve just about any issue – from menstrual cramps, painful sinuses, and stress to lower back pain and more. Just make sure to massage the area for 4-5 seconds, applying deep pressure.

Acupoint: LI-4 (Other Names: Large Intestine-4/He Gu/Joining Valley)

He Gu

And the last acupoint on today’s list is the LI-4. The LI-4 is located on your hand, far away from the ears. Despite that, it will help soothe any toothache, headache, stress, and facial pain. To palpate the LI-4, use your thumb to locate this point between the web of the first and the second finger. Apply deep pressure and massage the area for 4-5 seconds.

This acupoint is one of the favorite acupressure points together with PC 9 acupuncture point for many office workers in case you do not know.

LI-4 is also one of the top 10 acupressure points to relieve body pains & aches.


As we learned today, acupressure truly is the answer to any health issue, including your troubling blocked sinuses. If you were to use acupressure for ear congestion and sinuses problems, you would be able to help your condition significantly. Not to mention that acupressure is easily done on your own, wherever you may be. Whether it is in your bedroom or a hotel room, acupressure offers almost instant relief for your troubles. Give these eustachian tube pressure points a try and feel the difference afterward.

Photo by Hayes Potter on Unsplash, Mk2010

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