How To Unblock The Bladder Meridian To Detox Your Body Naturally

The bladder meridian is the longest meridian and the largest detoxification channel, which starts from the eye and extends down the head to the back, legs, and ends at the small toe. It helps eliminate phlegm and harmful toxins from the body. If the bladder meridian is blocked, moisture and toxins cannot be excreted from the body, leading to the stagnation of blood and causing pain. So, you must be thinking about how to unblock the bladder meridian.

Apart from moderate exercise and avoid eating cold foods, there are other ways through which you can clear the bladder meridian and expel waste from your body.

Many people suffer from backaches not because of spine disorders, but from obstruction of the bladder channel. If there is a problem in the bladder meridian, fatigue and backache symptoms will be the most obvious signs.

The Bladder Channel

The initial starting point of the Bladder meridian (BL-1) is positioned on the inside corner of the eye. From here, the outer path goes up and down the head and the whole backside of the body, stopping at BL-67 acupoint, the tip of the small toe.

The bladder channel is closely linked with the autonomic nervous system, a part of the central nervous system. It controls the human body’s visceral functions, such as blood pressure, gut motility, emptying the urinary bladder, and regulating body temperature. This is because it passes from the eyes to the little toe along the back of the body, with two parallel branches running along each side of the spine. These four branches of the bladder meridian directly influence the autonomous nervous system, regulating our acute stress response and, in turn, all the body’s vital functions.

The bladder meridian is also very useful to relieve headaches, eye strain, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and ankle pain. Massaging the Bladder meridian and many of the points along the back can help control pain and improve energy and vitality throughout the body, including the mind.

How to Unblock Bladder Meridian

Regular maintenance of the bladder meridian can increase the metabolism and excretion of dampness and toxins from the body through urine, and as a result, reduce body pain.

Due to the pressures of modern life, most people today suffer from an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which leads to a long-term state of anxiety, fear, or stress. This stress can also cause pain along the spine and its outer edge. Over time, this stress converts into a chronic state of fear, causing chronic high blood pressure, ADHD, bipolar disorder, heart disease, panic attacks, and low libido.

Back stiffness or pain can be eased by enhancing the energy flow along the spinal branches of the bladder meridian. Such activation offers complete relaxation by switching the autonomic nervous system to the calming and restorative parasympathetic state.

Here are some simple and healthy ways to unblock the bladder meridian:

  • Try to drink plain water instead of carbonated beverages or drinks so that the bladder channel can vaporize the water, produce more urine, and detox the body.
  • Eat more of the “black” foods such as black beans, black dates, seaweed, black sesame seeds, black fungus, etc. to promote proper functioning and provide the right nutrition to the bladder and kidney meridian.
  • Massage the bladder and the kidney meridian, both external and internal, and complement each other. For optimal effect, please try these 2 methods:

Method 1: Acupoint: Bl-40 (Other Names: Urinary Bladder-40/Wei Zhong/Middle of the Crook)

Bl 40 acupuncture point or bladder 40 is the main point for detoxification of the bladder meridian. It can be found at the center of the transverse crease of the popliteal fossa, between the tendons of biceps femoris and semitendinosus.

Frequent stimulation of BL-40 can help detoxify and clear the bladder meridian and also relieve back pain. All waist and back problems can be resolved through this acupuncture point. People who often sit in the office frequently suffer from neck and back issues. Activating the BL-40 acupoint can promote the flow of blood, especially in these parts.

You can also stimulate this point yourself by sitting on a chair and patting the BL-40 acupoint with your palm.

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Method 2: Baliao Acupoints (The 8 Crevices)

According to Chinese medicine, the Baliao acupoints consist of 4 pairs of acupoints, including BL-31 Shang Liao, BL-32 Ci Liao, BL-33 Zhong Liao, and BL-34 Xia Liao. The Baliao acupuncture points are renowned for their excellent benefits on the lower pelvic region and its surrounding areas, including the colon, bladder, uterus & ovaries. They can help unblock and clear the bladder meridian and strengthen the kidneys. Stimulating the Baliao acupoints can remove toxins from the upper body and improve back pain, sciatica, hemorrhoids, and other problems.

To unblock the bladder meridian, use your first to tap the Baliao points gently above the tailbone and below the lumbar spine.

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