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Six Acupressure Kidney Points That Will Change Your Life

There are several organs. Each organ has a specific role to play in the maintenance of your health. When any of these organs fail to function normally, you may find that you start to experience side-effects. The kidneys are part of the renal system. This is a collection of two organs. Both of the organs feature a shape that is often associated with a bean.

The kidneys act as a filtration system for your body. They help to take waste materials out of your body. The waste materials are then transported to the bladder, along with fluids, and then finally expelled from your body in the form of urine. The kidneys also help to filter the blood circulatory system. This helps to prevent toxins from reaching your heart.

With the right acupressure kidney point, you can effectively reduce certain symptoms associated with your kidneys and bladder. This would often include a range of urinary symptoms, due to the connection that the kidneys play with the bladder and entire renal system. We look at the best pressure point for the kidneys in this post.

Why Consider Learning About An Acupressure Kidney Point?

Before we look at where you can find a kidney point to stimulate and massage, we should consider why you want to do this in the first place. As previously mentioned, the kidneys are the filtration system of your body. They help to eliminate toxins from your body. Your kidneys also help to clean your blood – by removing toxins from your blood; they benefit the heart as well.

Unfortunately, this constant stress on the kidneys can lead to damage. Over time, the function of your kidneys tends to become weaker. As they are damaged by all of the toxins they remove from your body, some toxins can start to accumulate in your kidneys.

When toxins accumulate in the kidneys, they become less effective at removing harmful substances from your blood and other parts of your body. This means toxins can start to build up in your blood too. Additionally, an imbalance in minerals and salts in your blood can develop when this happens.

Toxins and other waste materials do not only collect in the kidneys. Since the kidneys can no longer effectively filter blood, these toxic materials can also accumulate in other areas of your body. Ineffective filtration of the kidneys may also lead to an increase in fluid accumulation throughout your body.

All of these effects can lead to adverse events with your health. You may experience these symptoms as your kidneys become less effective:

  • Vomiting
  • General weakness
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sleeping problems, such as insomnia

In some cases, there may also be swelling in the area of your ankles. The swell is usually a sign of fluid accumulation. It is sometimes also referred to as edema. This swelling can also sometimes affect your feet and not just your ankles.

These signs can sometimes develop even when the kidney disease is not present. They may be a sign that your kidneys are having a difficult time filtering toxins and fluids out of your system. The reason behind this may be an accumulation of too many toxins in your kidneys.

This is where an acupressure kidney point comes in. By finding the right point, you could use certain techniques to help improve the health of your kidneys potentially. In turn, this may help to improve the efficacy of the kidneys to flush out more toxins from your body.

It is important to take note that these kidney-related problems can also lead to issues with your bladder. In turn, you could potentially experience certain urinary symptoms, such as incontinence.

What Is An Acupressure Kidney Point

Ancient Chinese medicine theories have suggested that the entire body relies on Qi. The term “Qi” really refers to waves of energy that flows in the body. When there is a disruption in the flow of Qi in your body, it is believed that systems and organs attached to the Qi will be affected negatively.

The kidneys and bladder are two particular systems often associated with a disruption in the energy, or Qi, in your body.

The bladder is considered a gate of the body. It is responsible for ensuring your body can get rid of the toxins released by the kidneys. Remember that the bladder and kidneys are directly connected. A problem with the kidneys may have an impact on the bladder. At the same time, a problem that develops with the bladder may adversely affect the kidneys too.

When there is a disruption in the energy needed to maintain the bladder and kidneys, problems like incontinence and other urinary symptoms develop.

An acupuncture kidney point refers to specific pressure points on your body that is connected to the Qi or energy channels that regulate the kidneys. Many of these pressure points overlap with both the kidneys and the bladder.

The idea is to stimulate these particular points. In turn, you would stimulate the Qi channels that are connected to these particular organs – which would be the kidneys, as well as the bladder, in this case. When you stimulate these channels, you have an opportunity to restore the flow of energy to normal. This gets rid of the energy disruption that is currently affecting your kidneys.

It is important to take note here that acupressure is different from acupuncture. With acupuncture, one uses needles to stimulate these Qi channels. When you turn to acupressure, a massage is used instead. This makes the procedure less invasive. Studies have previously shown that acupressure is effective for relieving headaches and many other symptoms too.

The Benefits Of Acupressure For The Kidneys

The main aim of finding a kidney point is to help restore the Qi channel. This, in turn, would help to improve the function of the kidneys. The idea here is to help the kidneys restore the damage that was dealt with the organs. This would also stimulate an increase in the removal of waste materials from the body – including both fluids and toxins.

Improvement in kidney function may help to reduce the build-up of fluids in your body. This could be a potential solution for a problem like an edema. It could also potentially help to improve urinary symptoms you experience – particularly in cases where your urinary symptoms are caused by a problem that affects your kidneys.

The specific pressure points that are used to stimulate the kidneys are also known to yield additional benefits for your body. The most popular pressure point is known as Kidney 3, or KI3 for short. This point helps to strengthen your kidneys. It also helps the kidneys filter the blood more efficiently.

This particular point is also known to help reduce night sweats. It may also improve symptoms of knee pain and weakness. There may also be a reduction in heel pain. The same pressure point is often indicated for these problems:

  • Menopause symptoms
  • Symptoms of tinnitus
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Fluid accumulation

Finding The Right Acupressure Kidney Point

There are multiple points that can be focused on relieving problems with your kidneys. Each of these points focuses on helping to reduce disruption with the Qi flow that is linked to your kidneys. You should recognize the most important points and focus on stimulating these points every day – this would yield the most significant benefits.


Kidney Point 3 is the first to be noted here. The point is located in the inner area of your ankle bone.

Other points that you should take note of too include:

  • Kidney Point 6: Located between your two ankle tendons. This one is also on the inner area of the ankle bone. Flex your foot to find this acupressure kidney point.
  • Kidney Point 7: This pressure point sits above the ankle bone. Locate your ankle bone and move up about two inches. Kidney Point 7 is perfectly aligned with another pressure point, known as Kidney Point 3.
  • Kidney Point 3: Located at the medial of your ankle. Find the inner surface of the ankle – the specific point is closer to the Achilles tendon.
  • Kidney Point 4: Also located at the media or inner surface region of the ankle. The point is at the front edge of your Achilles tendon. It is located below the previous Kidney Point we discussed.
  • Kidney Point 5: This kidney point is located just beneath the surface region of your ankle.


Acupressure is an effective way of relieving certain symptoms in your body. This ancient Chinese practice has shown that there are specific pressure points in the body that are connected to organs. We looked at how you can find the right acupressure kidney point. This pressure point may assist in relieving certain signs that the kidneys are out of balance. In turn, you may experience an improvement in renal function. There may also be a reduction in urinary symptoms that you may be suffering from.

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