While At Home, Keep Up Your Beauty Routine With These 8 Calf Acupuncture Points

Lockdown is fast becoming part of our life, and often, I have to cancel or postpone scheduled appointments with beauty salons. To keep up with my beauty routine, I have compiled a list of acupuncture points that anyone can use at home. I intentionally pick acupuncture points in the calf so that you can massage […]

The 6 Best Acupoints, Including GV 16 Acupuncture Point, For Any Office Worker

Believe it or not, offices can be bad for your body’s health and well-being. Sitting in a chair all day in front of a computer screen can lead to health issues like back pain, stress, colds, eye strain, frequent headaches, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Office spaces can contain up to 400 times as many microbes […]

3 Tips For Effortless Reflexology For Hip Pain

Joint pain is widely prevalent. While pain can affect any joint in the body, in most cases, weight-bearing joints such as hips cause pain, discomfort, and stiffness. Numbers show that chronic hip pain in adults who play sports is 30% to 40%. In all adults over 60, the incidence of hip pain is 12% to […]

3 Acupressure Points For Pancreas That Any Diabetic Patient Must Know

Acupuncture and acupressure points for the pancreas are convenient to use when it comes to improving your pancreas health. The pancreas is located behind the stomach in the upper left abdomen, surrounded by the other organs like the small intestine, liver, spleen. Its shape is like a flat pear, or a fish extended horizontally across […]