12 Potent Acupressure Points For Vertigo

Where Are The Pressure Points For Vertigo? Acupressure points for vertigo offer a non-intrusive and scientifically backed method for managing your symptoms. This article delves into various pressure points that can help you find relief and improve your quality of life. Among these, PC-6 stands out as a commonly used point, located between the wrist […]

5 Acupressure Points For Back Pain In Hands That You Can Use Any Time

Back pain is so much more than uncomfortable, and in chronic cases, it can reduce your quality of life. Sometimes it comes on suddenly, resulting from an accident or poor posture. Other times, it is something that develops as we age. The back holds a lot of pressure every day, and regardless of age and […]

Neck Discomfort? Try These 4 Acupressure Points For Neck Pain In The Hands

Neck pain is one of those conditions I wish never existed. The last time it happened to me, it felt as if my neck was going to crumble, and my head would have to sit on my shoulders. The pain was there, but it wasn’t as severe as the general discomfort it brought. I knew […]

4 Hand Acupressure Points Chart For Headaches And Sneezing Due To Colds

Colds are an inevitable part of changing seasons and a social lifestyle. I have experienced my fair share of common colds, and more than anything, I find the symptoms to be the most annoying part. Persistent headaches and endless sneezing make it impossible to complete even the simplest chores when I have a cold, so […]

8 Quick And Easy Acupressure Points For Hearing Loss

This article discusses 8 quick and easy acupressure points for hearing loss, including sudden deafness, and better hearing. Can Acupuncture Help With Hearing Loss?  Yes, a study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine concluded that acupuncture therapy can significantly improve the hearing of patients with nerve deafness, and the efficacy of […]

18 Proven Acupressure Points For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Some time ago, a friend of mine came to me complaining about pains in several parts of her body. She couldn’t sleep well at night, she was having bowel issues, and she was tired most of the time. I asked her to see a doctor and the doctor told her she had fibromyalgia. He also […]

2 Effective Acupressure Points For Trigger Finger You Can Use At Home

Trigger finger is a situation no one prays for because it hurts badly. But if you work with your fingers for a long time, you have to expect trigger finger. The good news is, you don’t need to see a doctor once it comes if you know the two vital acupressure points for trigger finger […]

6 Effective Acupressure Points For Tinnitus You Must Try

According to Mayo Clinic, tinnitus is the experience of phantom noises in your ears with no external cause. Although most commonly reported as a ringing in the ears, tinnitus can also be experienced as buzzing, roaring, clicking, hissing, or humming. Common causes of tinnitus include hearing loss, ear infection or ear canal blockage, head or […]

10 Eustachian Tube Pressure Points For Congested Ear I Wish I Knew About

Unlock Relief for Ear Congestion: Eustachian Tube Pressure Points Explained If you’re struggling with uncomfortable ear pressure or blockage, you’re not alone. These issues are often linked to the eustachian tube, a crucial but sometimes problematic part of our ear’s anatomy. Thankfully, there’s a gentle yet effective approach to finding relief: eustachian tube pressure points. […]