Top 2 Acupressure Points For Congestive Heart Failure

At present days in the West, it’s known that congestive heart failure is a cardiovascular disease that affects a big portion of the population, causing the death of thousands of people every year. What not many people know is that they can use acupressure points for congestive heart failure, which can significantly improve their cardiac function and overall health condition.

The use of acupressure for heart failure has been successfully employed for a really long time in China. Just how long is difficult to say, as the diagnosis method in Chinese medicine is different from Western approaches.

Nowadays, there are scientific studies that endorse the practice of stimulating acupressure points for congestive heart failure. One specific study carried out by the Healthcare Medicine Institute shows how heart failure treatment through acupuncture provides a useful adjunct to the treatment of congestive heart failure. The treatment applied in this study was proved to improve cardiac and renal function and improved patients’ capacity to exercise as well.

Symptoms Of Congestive Heart Failure 

According to this article on, the most frequent symptoms observed in patients with congestive heart failure are:

⦁ Fatigue

⦁ Shortness of breath

⦁ Weight gain

⦁ Increased need to urinate at night

⦁ Irregular heartbeat

⦁ Swelling of the ankles, feet, and legs

⦁ Congested lungs

⦁ Fainting

⦁ Cough

⦁ Wheezing

⦁ Chest pain

⦁ Rapid breathing

⦁ Bluish skin

⦁ Feeling confused or disoriented

⦁ Lack of appetite

⦁ Feeling nauseated

These are the symptoms that are associated with the diminution of cardiac function that affects all the other systems of the body, not only the circulatory. These symptoms will vary according to the stage of evolution of the disease and also according to factors like age, sex, habits, and the health condition of the patient.

In TCM, the symptoms mentioned above correspond to several different syndromes, as shown below, that are traditionally treated with the use of acupressure points to strengthen the heart,  kidneys, and the Qi as well.

Congestive Heart Failure According To Traditional Chinese Medicine

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TCM diagnosis is carried out through methods that include interrogation about subjective symptoms that the patient might feel, but also the palpation of the pulse, observation of the tongue and eyes, listening to the voice and breath of the patient, and so forth.

According to Chinese medicine, the symptoms that can be treated using acupressure points for congestive heart failure can be classified into the following syndromes:

⦁ Yang Deficiency

Fatigue, irregular heartbeat, congested lungs, Swelling of the ankles, feet, and legs, and an increased need to urinate at night.

⦁ Qi deficiency

Wheezing, cough, weight gain, shortness of breath, and lack of appetite.

⦁ Blood stasis

Chest pain and bluish skin.

⦁ Yin deficiency

Rapid breathing and feeling confused or disoriented.

⦁ Turbid phlegm

Irregular heartbeat, chest pain, fainting, lack of appetite, and feeling nauseated.

As you can see, heart failure treatment through acupuncture will depend on the TCM diagnosis. Nonetheless, there are some acupoints that everyone can use to improve their condition and whose application does not imply any side effects.

Acupressure Points To Improve Heart Failure Symptoms

Among all the acupressure points for congestive heart failure that are clinically used, these are the top 2:

Acupoint: M-UE-9 (Other Names: Ba Xie/Eight Evils)

The stimulation of Baxie, is beneficial to reduce inflammation and swelling. This acupoint is included in the prescribed acupressure points for arthritis in fingers.

It’s located on the dorsum of the hand, on the webs between the five fingers of both hands.

To stimulate M-UE-9, fold your fingers, use the other hand to apply a firm pressure and movement. Do it on all four points where of the hand except the thumbs for at least five minutes each.

Acupoint: LI-2 (Other Names: Large Intestine-2/Er Jian/Second Point)

This point is also called Erjian. By slightly closing the hand, we locate the point on the side of the index finger that meets with the thumb. You can find the acupoint at the junction of the red and white skin, in the depression anterior to the metacarpophalangeal joint of the second finger on the lateral side.

Once you have correctly located the point on your index finger, use your thumb or index finger of the other hand to apply a firm pressure and rub it vigorously, applying as much pressure as you can for as long as you can. It’s recommended to do a minimum of five minutes of massage on each finger and that you are concentrated on de movement while you’re applying the pressure.

The stimulation of this acupoint helps to alleviate pain, improve circulation and the feeling of confusion and disorientation, as well as improve cardiac function. Its continued stimulation over the course of a couple of days will gradually help to recover the proper flow of Qi in the heart and meridians.

The therapy with acupressure points for congestive heart failure is the perfect auxiliary practice along with other medical treatments.

The Benefits Of Acupressure In The Treatment Of Heart Failure

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The stimulation of acupressure points in heart failure treatment through acupuncture is largely practiced in many countries worldwide. It might sound counter instinctive to recur to such a mild therapy when it comes to severe health conditions and heart health, but since it is a non-invasive and side-effect free treatment that doesn’t require any big investment, you may as well give it a chance.

The more consistent you are, the better the effects of acupressure. What will determine if your therapy will satisfactorily improve your cardiac function or just become a trick that didn’t work is the consistency of the sessions and the accuracy of the massage.

I recommend that you systematically stimulate your acupressure points for congestive heart failure. It will help if you choose a proper place in your home where you feel comfortable yet motivated enough to keep consistency in order to get the full benefits from this ancient practice.

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