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5 Shoulder Pressure Points You Must Know

Whether it’s an acute pain or a mild stiffness, shoulder aches can significantly reduce our range of motion. They can also make every action painful.

If you’ve been experiencing shoulder pains, then considering medication and clinical treatment is one way of finding relief. But before you opt for habit-forming medicines, consider alternate treatment options like physical therapy.

Yes, you can find relief through East-West medicine. For instance, did you know that simply applying firm pressure and deep pressure to shoulder pressure points can help to make your shoulder feel much better and relieve intense pain? 

Read on to know about these top shoulder pressure points.

Can Acupressure Relieve Shoulder Pain?

Acupressure, a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, can relieve all kinds of aches, including shoulder pains. To do so, gentle pressure is applied to pressure points, resulting in the release of built-up tension in the area. Acupressure also stimulates blood flow, restoring the body’s balance and offering maximum relief from pain. 

Another related method of relieving shoulder pain is through acupuncture. An acupuncturist helps release pain by interesting thin needles at pressure points across your body. Motion style acupuncture therapy (MSAT), conventional acupuncture, and minimal motion style acupunctures are the different types of acupuncture therapy available today. Research has found that for shoulder pain, MSAT fared the best.

How To Find The Shoulder Pressure Point?

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Since there are over 361 acupuncture points in the human body, it can be daunting to try and remember them all. What makes locating pressure points even more challenging is that their absolute location varies from person to person based on physical differences. 

So what can help? For DIY purposes, pair charts and pictures with sensory input. Not sure what this means? Simple. Trust a diagram (or my guide) to show you the relative location of a pressure point, and when you apply pressure, you should feel a little pain. If you don’t, shift a centimeter left and right until you find your pressure point. Don’t hesitate to increase or decrease the pressure you’re applying to get the relief you need. 

For best results, stimulate acupressure points on both sides of your body—not just the side that hurts.

Is There A Pressure Point On The Shoulder?

Yes, there are five pressure points for shoulder pain. Here are the three easiest to find shoulder acupoints:

  • The GB 21 is at the shoulder’s uppermost point
  • The SI-14 is located at the corner of the upper shoulder blade, between the shoulder tip and the spine.
  • The LI-15 is situated at the shoulder tip in a hollow created when you raise your arm and bring it to the side.

Acupressure Point For Insomnia And Shoulder Pain

Acupoint: GB-21 (Other Names: Gallbladder-21/Jian Jing/Shoulder Well)

The Jian Jing, Shoulder Well, or the GB-21 pressure point relieves stress and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. It is the primary pressure point for shoulder pain because it’s where maximum muscle tension accumulates.

Acupressure here can help if you have acute or chronic shoulder pain. It is also one of the top acupressure points for trapezius pain. If you’re suffering from insomnia and body balance issues, then you’ll find relief by stimulating GB-21.

Not sure where to find it? GB-21 is located at the highest point on the shoulder. Use your opposite hand’s ring and middle finger to access this pressure point in the shoulder blade and exert pressure. For better results, gently move your arms in a circular motion for about a minute.

Pregnant women must avoid stimulating GB-21 as it can induce labor.

Acupressure Point For Stiff Shoulders Back Pain And Stiff Neck

Acupoint: SI-14 (Other Names: Small Intestine-14/Jian Wai Shu/Outer Shoulder Transporter)

The Jianwaishu, Outer Shoulder Transporter, or Small Intestine-14, is the best pressure point in the shoulder blade for relieving stiff shoulders, back pain, and stiff neck. It’s also one of the best acupressure points for shoulder blade pain

Upon stimulating SI-14, the heaviness and pain from the shoulder reduce significantly as pressure and tension are transferred towards the outer scapula. A quick 3-4 second massage here can also relieve eye strain caused by stiff shoulders.

SI-14 is located at the upper shoulder blade corner directly above the superior angle of the scapula, a little distance away from the 7th cervical vertebra. 

Acupressure Point For Back Shoulder Pain

Acupoint: TE-14 (Other Names: Triple Energizer-14/Jian liao/Shoulder Crevice)

Also known as Jianliao or Shoulder Bone Hole, or Triple Energizer, TE-14 is a pressure point in the shoulder blade and a prominent pressure point for back shoulder pain.

It’s also a pressure point for frozen shoulders. Not sure what this means? Frozen shoulders cause restricted shoulder movements. So, you tend to experience severe pain when you try to raise your hand or sleep on your side at night. TE-14 is also one of the best acupressure points for shoulder and arm pain.

It is located at the origin of the deltoid muscle, posterior to Jianyu (LI-15), on the lateral acromion border when the arm is abducted 90 degrees.

Acupressure Point For Pimples

Acupoint: LI-15 (Other Names: Large Intestine-15/Jian Yu/Shoulder Bone)

LI-15 is also called Jian Yu, Shoulder Bone, or Large Intestine-15 and is a great shoulder pressure point for pimples. Acupressure at LI-15 can even resolve acne resulting from stress. It is also used to treat paralysis of the upper extremities and rubella.

LI-15 is also one of the most effective acupressure points for hives. The pressure point is located at the tip of the shoulder in a dent created when you raise your arm and level it to the side.

Aside from exerting pressure at LI-15 to relieve the tension in your shoulder, maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding excessive eating and drinking will keep your vital organs healthy, resulting in fewer pimples, acne, and stress.

Acupressure Point For Headache

Acupoint: SI-15 (Other Names: Small Intestine-15/Jian Zhong Shu/Middle Shoulder Transporter)

Also called Jianzhongshu, Middle Shoulder Transporter or Small Intestine-15, SI-15 is the pressure point at the top of the shoulder.

Since the neck and shoulders support the arms and the head, their muscles can sometimes get stiff and painful due to the blood and qi stagnation in the area. Applying pressure relieves the tension and facilitates the flow of blood, thus effectively relieving headaches. You’ll know you’re stimulating the correct acupressure point when you press with your thumb and middle finger and feel a little pain. As you stroke the area with your palm, the stimulus will provide you with relief.

SI-15 is located on the upper back, at the same level as the 7th cervical vertebra, and 2 inches external to the posterior median line. It is situated on both sides of the spine at a distance of two fingers separation from its center.

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