[Wellness] Say BYE to constant dizziness the TCM way

Dizziness in TCM is defined by the feeling that the whole world is spinning, often accompanied by nausea or puking. A person can’t stand up properly and his hearing may be affected.

There are four common causes of dizziness.

Type 1: Hyperactive Yang in Liver
Symptoms: emotionally tense, anger easily, mouth feels bitter
Commonly observed in patients who are impatient, with high blood pressure Type 2: Deficiency in both blood and ‘qi’
Symptoms: pale face, feeling extreme fatigue
Commonly observed in women and busy office workers Type 3: Congested mucus
Symptoms: Feel tightness at the chest, poor appetite, and fatigue
Commonly observed in patients who drink a lot of cold beverages Type 4: Insufficient kidney energy
Symptoms: lots of dreams, forgetful, feeling weak and pain around waist and knee areas
Commonly observed in patients who work through the nights, old people

TCM thinks dizziness is heavily related to extreme emotion yo-yo, heavy tasted diets, and fatigue.

Ways to control dizziness:
1. Do not drink alcohol and coffee. Do not smoke. Cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee cause the blood vessels to lose elasticity and in turn affect blood circulation, resulting in dizziness.
2. Limit both oil and salt intake in the diet. A diet with too much salt causes water retention and aggravates dizziness.
3. Take breaks during work and do not use the computer for a prolonged time
4. Avoid extreme emotion yo-yo. Learn how to relax and reduce stress by engaging in activities such as sports, painting, etc.
5. Get plenty of sleep and avoid late nights

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