5 Acupressure Points For Numbness In The Hands That I Learned From TCM Practitioners

If you work on a computer all day, you might have experienced numbness in your wrists. I suffered from it for several months. The pain would come and go. It was more bothersome in the evening and even disrupted my sleep. I wore wrist splints during the day and when going to bed to help relieve the pain. I wish I had known about these acupressure points for numbness in the hands.

Carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t the only cause for numbness in hands. It can also be the result of nerve injury. According to Mayo Clinic, a common cause of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes, which makes sense because that numbness is usually the result of poor circulation. However, it can also be the result of injury, infection, or exposure to toxins. Oregon Health & Science University also cites thyroid disorders, certain auto-immune conditions, vitamin B12 deficiency, alcohol abuse and exposure to toxins such as heavy metals or chemotherapy drugs. HIV, other infections and certain types of cancer as causes for this type of pain.

Western medicine commonly treats it with antidepressants, pain medications, anti-seizure medications, and pain-relieving creams. However, these just treat the symptoms and can be addicting or have other dangerous side effects. It is important to find and treat the underlying cause as well.

Can Acupuncture Cure Hand Numbness?

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Acupuncture can’t cure hand numbness. However, it can be used to treat it and relieve some of the pain associated with it. A study in the Journal of Medical Acupuncture presented a standardized acupuncture protocol for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is experienced as weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage, usually in the hands and feet.

Of the points listed below, LI-11 was included in this study. Patients underwent at least six acupuncture sessions. They measured outcomes using a visual analogue scale (VAS) and clinical signs and symptoms. Results showed that all 10 patients reported improvement on the VAS and in clinical presentation.

According to this study, the standardized protocol appears to be effective in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. However, further studies with larger sample sizes and randomized trials would be of benefit to further determine if this protocol could be established as a guideline for peripheral neuropathy.

Acupressure For Numbness In Fingers

Acupoint: Ren-4 (Other Names: The Conception Vessel-4/Guan Yuan/Origin Pass)

Ren-4 is located on the anterior median line of the lower abdomen, 3 cun below the umbilicus.It is where the index finger is placed on the navel with four finger widths aligned and the pinky finger touches it. It is classified as the Front-Mu point of the Small Intestine Crossing point of the Ren Vessel and the Three Yin Meridians of the foot (Spleen, Liver, and Kidney).

It is one of the great acupressure points for bladder and is also indicated for impotence, spermatorrhea, enuresis, frequent micturition, retention of urine, irregular menstruation, metorrhagia, morbid leukorrhea, dysmenorrhea, prolapse of the uterus, infertility, postpartum hemorrhage, flaccidity of apoplexy, emaciation due to consumptive disease, diarrhea, prolapse of rectum, and dyspepsia.

It functions by strengthening and nourishing the kidneys (Qi, Yin and Yang), nourishing Essence, benefitting Original Qi, calming the Shen, and benefitting menstruation and the uterus. It also promotes blood circulation from the trunk of the body to the hands and feet.

Acupoint: HT-8 (Other Names: Heart-8/Shao Fu/Lesser Mansion)

HT-8 is located on the palm, between the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones. When making a fist, the point is where the tip of the little finger touches. It is classified as the Ying-Spring point of the Heart Meridian. Ying-Spring points are where the Qi drips down the meridian. Ying-Spring points are indicated for heat in the body and changes in the complexion. Ying-Spring points are known to clear heat from the meridian.

It is indicated for pruritus and pain of the external genitalia, spasmodic pain of the little finger, palpitation, and chest pain, as is the SP-5 acupuncture point.

It functions by calming the Shen, clearing Heat, and clearing Heat from the Heart and Small intestine.

In order to use this as one of the acupressure points for numbness in hands, you should push on it, then use the opposite thumb to push it with a little force. You can then press it by pinching it from the back of your hand with your index finger.

Acupressure For Numbness In The Hands

Acupoint: LI-11 (Other Names: Large Intestine-11/Qu Chi/Pool at the Crook)

With the elbow flexed, LI-11 is located on the lateral end of the transverse cubital crease, at midpoint between LU-5 and the lateral epicondyle of the humerus. It is classified as the He-Sea Point of the Large Intestine Meridian, which is where the qi of the meridian collects and goes deep into the body. They are known to treat rebellious qi and diarrhea. With so many uses, it is one of the top 10 acupressure points to relieve body pains & aches.

It functions by clearing heat, cooling blood, resolving dampness, expelling exterior wind, regulating Qi and blood, activating the Meridian, and relieving itch.

Acupoint: LI-13 (Other Names: Large Intestine-13/Shou Wu Li/Arm Five Miles)

LI-13 is located on the lateral side of the arm, on the line connecting LI-11 and LI-15, 3 cun above LI-11. It is indicated for spasm and pain of the elbow and arm, and scrofula.

It functions by activating the meridian, stopping pain, alleviating cough, and resolving dampness and phlegm.

Acupressure For Numbness In The Wrist

Acupoint: PC-7 (Other Names: Pericardium-7/Da Ling/Great Mound)

PC-7 is located in the middle of the transverse crease of the wrist, between the tendons of the palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis muscles. It is classified as the Yuan-Source point of the Pericardium Meridian and Shu-Stream point of the Pericardium Meridian. Being a Shu-Stream point makes it one of the great acupressure points for trigger finger because it eliminates pain. Yuan-Source points are important in treating diseases of internal organs and they are where the Yuan, or primary, qi of the Zang-Fu organs passes and stays.

It is indicated for cardiac pain, palpitation, pain in the chest and hypochondrium, gastric pain, vomiting, manic psychosis, and pain of the heel.

It functions by calming the Shen, clearing Heat in the Heart, opening the chest, regulating Heart Qi, and harmonizing the stomach.

This is one of the great acupressure points for numbness in hands. It is also a key point that prepares the autonomic nerves and makes you feel positive.

When using this as one of the pressure points for hand numbness, you should stimulate the point strongly, by slowly applying pressure and holding it for about five seconds. You can add additional stimulation by drawing a circle slowly on the point. It’ll be harder or hurt more as the condition worsens. You should try to do it daily so you can feel the changes.

Another method is to stick power tape on the acupressure points for numbness in hands, apply Metax lotion around it, and apply acupressure from the top of the tape.

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