5 Simple Acupressure Points For Fever And Headache You Can Learn In 5 minutes

We have all suffered from migraines and fevers – it’s a part of being human! They are incredibly inconvenient and can drastically inhibit us from partaking in our day-to-day activities. Thankfully, acupressure can help relieve the symptoms and cure them immediately.

Acupressure is a practice from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that’s closely related to acupuncture. Acupressure is the use of fingers and hands (instead of needles) to stimulate pressure points located all throughout the body. These points are located on meridians, or pathways, that carry energy and blood in the body. Stimulating acupoints will stimulate blood and energy flow, thus promoting healing and tranquility in the body. The benefits of acupressure are endless – it can help with ailments from TMJ to sore muscles to digestion to infertility. 

Acupressure is easy to do at home by yourself, which is incredibly convenient. In this article, we are breaking down the best acupressure points for fever and headache, showing you how to stimulate them and all the incredible benefits they have. If you currently have a fever or headache, this article could help you relieve it immediately. 

Can Acupressure Cure A Fever?

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Short answer: yes. One study looks into the immediate effects of acupuncture and fevers. They used acupoint Gv-14 (which we discuss below) and showed an immediate reduction in body temperature of 0.5 Celsius. They show that patients receiving acupuncture are restored to normal body temperature in 75.9% of cases. So yes, acupressure can definitely cure a fever.

Can Acupressure Help A Headache?

Again, short answer: yes! One study tested several different acupoints on a man who has suffered from cluster headaches for virtually his whole life. After consistent treatments for several weeks and a few follow-up appointments, the man was completely free of headaches for a year. 

Another study evaluates the effect of one acupoint, in particular, Gb-20 (which we discuss below), on migraines. The scientists used animals in their studies, finding Gb-20 can treat and relieve migraine headaches by regulating the chemicals and reactions in the body that cause migraines. 

People who suffer from cluster headaches, migraines, and even just the average headache can greatly benefit from acupressure – it can help in the long-term and short-term.

What Is The Acupressure Point For Fever?

There are several acupoints that can help dispel a fever. We recommend Lu-10, Gv-14 (which was used in the study mentioned above), and Li-11. We discuss these acupoints in greater detail, including how to stimulate them, below.

Acupoint: LI-11 (Other Names: Large Intestine-11/Qu Chi/Pool at the Crook)

The Pool at the Bend acupoint is located on the liver meridian. Primarily used for fever and included on our list of acupressure points for menstrual cramps, Li-11 can also help with a sore throat, pain in the shoulder, irregular menstruation, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, and so much more. 

Li-11 is easy to find and stimulate by yourself. Bend your arm and find at the crease made between your forearm and bicep (by your elbow). Press just below the crease (towards your elbow) to successfully and effectively stimulate this acupressure point.

Acupoint: LU-10 (Other Names: Lung-10/Yu Ji/Fish Border)

Located on the lung meridian, Lu-10 is a great acupoint for dispelling a fever. It can also help with asthma, sore throat, hoarseness, and cough. We include Lu-10 on our hand acupressure points chart, where we discuss good acupoints for everyday problems. Lu-10 is able to accomplish these feats by dispelling lung heat and nourishing the throat.

The Fish Border is located on the hand. Find the fleshy part of your hand, below your thumb, and place your finger in the middle. Then move your finger directly to the outside, but not all the way to the side, of your hand. You should feel a small divot and tell you are stimulating this acupoint.

Acupoint: GV-14 (Other Names: The Governing Vessel-14/Da Zhui/Great Vertebra)

Gv-14 is located on the governing vessel meridian, providing many benefits by regulating heat and dispelling wind in the body. Gv-14 is particularly helpful with a fever, as well as malaria, night sweats, cough, epilepsy, swelling and pain in the eye, a common cold, and more. We even include Gv-14 on our list of acupressure points for lungs.

Gv-14 is located on your back – it is best to have someone help you stimulate this acupoint. Find the large knobby bone right at the nape of your neck. Press on the spot directly below this bone to stimulate Gv-14.  Stimulating this acupoint while warming it, perhaps with a warm towel or heating pad.

Which Pressure Points Relieve Headaches?

Again, there are a handful of acupoints that can greatly help with headaches. We recommend Em-5 and Gb-20 (mentioned in the study above), which are discussed in greater detail below. 

Acupoint: EM-5 (Other Names: /Tai Yang/)

Em-5, though not located on a traditional meridian of the body, can provide incredible benefits. Specifically for this article, Em-5 is an effective acupoint to relieve headaches. We also discuss Em-5 in our article on acupressure points for eyes – be sure to check that out for ways to nourish and strengthen your eyes.

Em-5 is one of the easiest acupressure points to find and stimulate – it is located on your temple, a place many people already massage. Move your finger directly outward from your eyebrow until you hit the small divot on the side of your head. Applying pressure slowly, for 10 seconds. Repeat this 10 times on each side.

Acupoint: GB-20 (Other Names: Gallbladder-20/Feng Chi/Wind Pool)

Final in our article on acupressure for headache and fever is Gb-20, which is particularly good at relieving headaches. Gb-20 will dispel heat from the head, resulting in relief from the common cold, pain in and around the eyes, dizziness, neck pain, epilepsy, vertigo, and much more. Check out our article on acupressure points for back pain, where we discuss Gb-20 and other acupoints that benefit the back. 

Gb-20 is a great acupoint to stimulate yourself. Place your two thumbs on the nape of your neck, right in the center on your spine. Move your two thumbs outward (in opposite directions) until you hit a small divot. This will be about equidistant between the center of your neck and the very outside of your neck. Apply pressure gradually to stimulate.

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